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Chapter 348 - Life-forbidding Prison, Putting An End to My Past Life and the Chance of Reincarnation!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 348: Life-forbidding Prison, Putting An End to My Past Life and the Chance of Reincarnation!

    Ye Chen could not help but reveal a stunned expression on his face upon hearing the explanation of the lightning-stricken napkin. He was a cultivator himself with wide knowledge, but it was his first time hearing about the lightning-stricken napkin.

    “Menstrual blood is the filthiest thing in heaven and hell!” Hu Meiling paused and proceeded, “It happened to suppress the thunder’s powerful strength, which was how I managed to survive!”

    She had fear on her gorgeous face as she spoke to this point.

    One night 1,000 years ago, the Heavenly Thunder was rumbling. The power coming from the sky was unpredictable. An injured white fox was shaking on the ground. Subsequently, she raised a sanitary pad on her head to dodge all of the lightning that was striking her. Her hair was burned, and she was a mess.

    Ye Chen came to a realization, then he said, “If I’m not mistaken, the infant that survived is the ancestor of the Hu family of the northeast, isn’t it?”

    “That’s right. After all, his parents were killed because of me and they saved my life. Therefore, I took care of the baby and caught five goats to feed him goat’s milk. I gave him the family name of Hu.” Hu Meiling nodded lightly and said, “When he turned six, I brought him out of the mountain and gave him to the Yin family. I gave him a painting containing my spiritual power. It can remove troubles for him.”

    Hearing that, Ye Chen finally understood the relationship between the Hu family and her. She was the reason why the Hu family had been standing tall for 1,000 years. Judging by that, she was a person with gratitude.

    “Then, why are you stuck here?”

    Ye Chen looked deep at the cuffs and chains on her hands. Since getting here, he noticed that the cuffs and chains on Hu Meiling’s hands were made of unique materials. The chains would shrink whenever she attempted to leave the stone pavilion.

    Meanwhile, perhaps the peach blossom grove that stretched 16 kilometers was beautiful for outsiders, but to her, it was a formation. It was a prison that kept her away from the outside world.

    “I suppose you come from Shang Santian, don’t you, Immortal Master?” Hu Meiling asked a question instead of answering him.

    Ye Chen shook his head. “No!”

    It was not his first time hearing about Shang Santian. Bai Zhanyuan had mentioned that he came from Shang Santian before he died. Yang Junlin, who ranked No. 2 on the Heaven Leaderboard, spoke about Shang Santian too.

    Hu Meiling glanced at him with utter surprise and said after noticing that Ye Chen did not seem like he was lying, “800 years ago, someone set up a formation and kept me here. The person came from Shang Santian.”

    She took a step forward. When she was about to get out of the stone pavilion, the peach blossom grove shook, which activated the chains on her hands to shrink at a high speed. She was dragged back to the stone pavilion.

    She said, opening her red lips softly, “This formation is called the Life-forbidding Prison!”

    “The Life-forbidding Prison?” Ye Chen was surprised.

    Hu Meiling nodded and said, “The Life-forbidding Prison put an end to my past life and the chance of reincarnation. I’ve been stuck for 800 years. Apart from playing the  while being surrounded by peach blossoms, I kill time by comprehending some minor spells. The white box that Immortal Master Ye saw earlier was my little trick.

    “I’ve comprehended that little trick 500 years ago, whereby I made a clone to get out of the Life-forbidding Prison. That was when I met Xiaonie, Xiaoliu, Xiaobai, and the rest. I casually enlightened them back then, which created the seven kings whose names are known to the northeast 500 years later…”

    “The seven kings?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Hu Meiling nodded and said, “That’s right, seven kings. I enlightened a total of seven of them. Apart from the five kings, the other two were No. 4 and No. 7. No. 4 is a monkey that someone from Shang Santian captured. No. 7 is an eagle, but it died when it failed to pass the tribulation.”

    She got up and bowed at Ye Chen as she spoke, “Immortal Master Ye, although Xiaonie and the rest are at fault, they don’t deserve to be killed. Since they stepped onto the path of cultivation, they’ve accumulated a lot of good karma. When the northeast fell, many people hid in the secondary forest. It was Xiaonie and the rest who secretly helped them to hide from the Kwantung Army.”

    Back when the Kwantung Army entered the mountain to capture those people, many strange things happened in the secondary forest. Eventually, they even used cannons and planes to bomb the forest, but it only brought minor destruction to the forest.

    So, that was the work of the Five Immortals.

    “Therefore, I’m begging you to spare their lives. Of course, you can name whatever demands you might have.” She bent her thin waist completely to bow.

    Ye Chen took a good look at her for a few seconds and suddenly smiled as he spoke, “I’m curious. You should know that I want the beast cores of the useless things out there, so why did you let me into this formation? You must know that you’re stuck here. It’s a piece of cake for me to kill you!”

    “Of course, I knew that.” Hu Meiling sighed softly. “I’ve lost my freedom since being stuck here for 800 years. It makes no difference to me whether I’m dead or alive. If you want to kill me, Immortal Master Ye, I definitely won’t resist it!”

    “Don’t you want to get out?” Ye Chen said.

    “Get out?” Hu Meiling was slightly stunned, then she said, “It’s an era that I am no longer familiar with out there. Even if I manage to get out, I won’t know where to go since the world is so big out there. Moreover, I’m trapped in this prison. It’s impossible for me to escape.”

    Ye Chen scanned a range of almost two kilometers with his Divine Consciousness. He said after a moment of thought, “It’s easy to get out of here. This so-called Life-forbidding Prison is set up above the peach blossoms. The formation will be destroyed as soon as the peach blossoms are destroyed entirely.”

    Hu Meiling forced a smile. “Go ahead and try, Mr. Ye!”

    Ye Chen performed the Fireball Tactic on the peach blossoms nearby. However, the flowers did not burn when the fireball landed. Nothing happened.

    Surprise flashed through his face. One must know that if he were to perform the Fireball Tactic on a river, there would be a hole in the river. However, it did nothing to the peach blossoms before him. That was rather interesting.

    When he was going to charge his flying sword, Hu Meiling spoke without any surprise at all, “It’s futile. It was a Formation Master who set up the formation. Whoever started the trouble should end it. Moreover, I don’t want to get out.”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly upon hearing that she wanted to stay. He said, “Considering that you seem sincere, I can spare their lives. However, you must agree with my three conditions.”

    “Do tell what they are, Immortal Master Ye.”

    Ye Chen said slowly, “The first condition is that the three of them out there can’t help their  disciples to commit evil in the outside world. Secondly, I’ll use whatever materials there are in the secondary forest.”

    “Sure!” Hu Meiling nodded and said, “What about the third condition?”

    “I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’ll tell you when I’ve thought of it,” Ye Chen said with a calm smile on his face.

    Hu Meiling said after a moment of hesitation, “Immortal Master Ye, can you give me the two beast cores that you’ve retrieved?”