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Chapter 347 - Peach Blossoms that Stretched 16 Kilometers, White Fox of 2,000 Years!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 347: Peach Blossoms that Stretched 16 Kilometers, White Fox of 2,000 Years!

    Ye Chen noticed something odd with the ancient painting on the wall when he was at the Hu residence. However, he did not probe further given that the Hu family was willing to help him.

    He merely made Yang Tian reenact strange stories in the middle of the right.

    Regarding the Five Immortals of the northeast, theoretically, there should be the fox, the weasel, the hedgehog, the snake, and the rat. However, the immortal fox was not among the Five Kings. Meanwhile, the ranking of the kings started from No. 2.

    So, where did No. 1 go?

    Therefore, Ye Chen came to a realization when the Black Bear King said they were summoning the big sister. Indeed, No. 1 existed.

    While there was a soft sigh from the forest as soon as he was done speaking, a white shadow hovered from far away.

    It was a white fox the size of a child who was four or five years of age. It had white hair that looked as pure as snow on the mountain.

    As the white fox walked over slowly, her eyes were playful like a cunning lady’s. However, there was sadness and melancholy were revealed in her eyes occasionally. She walked at normal speed, and there were snowflakes falling with every step she took. The falling snowflakes were shielded from the green glow on her body.

    Compared to the Black Bear King and the rest’s bodies, she seemed much smaller.

    Her appearance made the Black Bear King, the Mysterious Snake King, and the Hedgehog King who were initially in despair to be over the moon as if they had just seen a life savior.

    “Big Sister!” the three of them said at the same time.

    The white fox did not look at the three of them. Instead, she walked toward Ye Chen slowly. She stopped when she was less than ten steps away from him. To their surprise, she bowed at him. “This humble one greets the Immortal Master!”

    Her voice was soft like creek water that could calm everyone down, yet it was as clear as a lark’s call.

    Ye Chen looked deeply at her and smiled calmly. “You’re these useless things’ Big Sister?”

    Compared to the rest’s rough and barbaric manner, the white fox before him seemed reasonable and elegant like a lady.

    “That’s right.” The white fox nodded softly and spoke slowly, “I was the one who enlightened Xiaonie, Xiaoliu, and Xiaobai 1,000 years ago. I thought I’ve given them a life of purpose, but never have I thought that they’d offend you today, Immortal Master. I’m begging you to let them go.”

    “How dare you beg of me with merely a clone? Get your real body to come.” Ye Chen shook his head expressionlessly. He saw through the white fox before him that was merely made of spiritual energy.

    The white fox hesitated slightly and revealed an apologetic smile. “I’ve embarrassed myself. Please follow me, Mr. Ye.”

    She walked directly into the forest as soon as she was done speaking.

    Ye Chen followed her instantly, leaving the Black Bear King and the rest where they were. He was not worried that they would run away.

    The white fox was walking at ease, but she traveled at least ten kilometers within a short ten minutes.

    Eventually, she stopped outside a quiet canyon. There was a deep bamboo forest covering the canyon. A piece of echoing music was playing in the forest. It was sad and melancholic…

    “Immortal Master Ye, I’ll be waiting for you in the forest!” The white fox smiled and left.

    In the next second, the bamboo forest began to change. The bamboos were swaying as if they were alive. Within the span of a few breaths, the bamboo forest from before vanished. It was replaced by a quiet little path.

    “A formation?” Ye Chen squinted in surprise.

    He did not expect the white fox to use plants as a formation.

    Regular people would not dare to go in, but Ye Chen walked in without even thinking about it.

    As he went deeper, a beautiful scenery welcomed him. It was a peach blossom grove. It was summer at the moment, and his field of vision was filled with peach blossoms as he looked over.

    The music was still playing.

    Ye Chen followed the music and arrived at a stone pavilion in the middle of the peach blossom grove where a lady sat. The lady was dressed in ancient attire that was white without any patterns. It seemed as if she was blending in the peach blossoms that spread 16 kilometers away. She tied her long hair with a simple braided band.

    When Ye Chen saw her face, despite having seen countless women before, he could not help but stare a little.

    Although the lady dressed plainly without any accessories, she had a gorgeous face. To be exact, it would be more suitable to describe her as having a face that would kill.

    Her eyes were alive like bright precious stones. At that moment, she was staring blankly at a  on the stone table. While she was playing it with her bare hands, the music sounded sad.

    Ye Chen did not rush to interrupt her. Instead, he listened quietly.

    The song ended after the duration of an incense stick burning completely.

    The lady got up and bowed at Ye Chen. She smiled. “Your humble one is Hu Meiling. It’s my pleasure meeting you, Immortal Master Ye!”

    Ye Chen only noticed the chains on her hands after she stood up. The chains were tied to the stone pavilion.

    He could not help but frown and say, “If I’m not mistaken, you’re the lady in the ancient painting on the wall in the Hu residence, aren’t you?”

    “That’s right, Immortal Master Ye!” Hu Meiling said while nodding lightly, “There’s a gush of spiritual consciousness remaining in the painting at the Hu residence. I found out when you looked at it with your consciousness power back then. Please forgive me if I did something wrong!”

    “Don’t worry about it!” Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, “I guess you were secretly speaking to Old Master Hu when he wanted to decline Aunt Hong’s request, asking him to help her, am I right? I suppose you’re closely tied to the Hu family, but why are there no  disciples in the family, and how come there’s nobody in the fox cult that performs the  ritual?”

    “It seems like you don’t know much about me, Mr. Ye.” Hu Meiling sighed softly and said, “Let me answer your second question first, Immortal Master! I believe that you can tell that I’m a 2,000-year-old fox spirit!”

    She smiled shyly as she spoke, “1,000 years ago, I cultivated to the point that I attained nine tails. I would achieve excellency after breaking through the heaven barrier. However, I was injured from fighting someone the day before the heaven barrier took place.”

    Ye Chen looked serious as he listened. He could sense that Hu Meiling’s cultivation base was the equivalence of the Foundation Building of his past life. It was nothing in the cultivation world, but she was someone that could conquer the earth that lacked spiritual energy.

    He could not believe that someone could have injured her.

    Hu Meiling proceeded to speak after a pause “The heaven barrier came, and I was going to be struck by the Heavenly Tribulation. At a critical moment, a motorcade that was passing by pulled over where the lighting struck. There was a lady among the motorcade who was going through a difficult labor. She was losing blood just as the lightning happened to strike on the motorcade.

    “Five people, including the lady, died in the motorcade. Only an infant that had just been born survived miraculously. The lightning created a lightning-stricken napkin.”

    Guilt flashed through her gorgeous face as she spoke to this point. “I dodged the Heavenly Tribulation because of the lightning-stricken napkin.”

    Ye Chen was surprised. “What’s a lightning-stricken napkin?”

    Hu Meiling was flushing upon hearing that. She buried her head by instinct and spoke extremely softly, “A lightning-stricken napkin is the product of a lady’s sanitary pad after being struck by lightning.”