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Chapter 446: Slayed the King Beas

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 446: Slayed the King Beas

    It happened in an instant. The king beast’s body flashed in a bloody light. The surrounding blood mist rolled, and it turned into numerous bloody light blades in the next moment. They shrouded Fang Yao and the other two in a bloody vortex.

    Upon seeing this, the three of them panicked and tried their best to dodge, while using spiritual weapons and talismans to protect themselves.

    After the dense bloody light flashed, when the three people inside could be seen again, they were all covered in blood. Except for the old man in the green robe who was only slightly injured, Fang Yao and the enchanting woman were staggering, and their aura became extremely weak.

    The blood locust king beast screamed, and the blood mist rolled again in the nearby air, and it was about to rush to the three of them.

    The old man’s face changed. He flicked his sleeves, and a golden talisman flew out. It turned into a golden light that wrapped the three in it, then they retreated in a golden light cluster. After a few flashes, they broke through the blood mist and came to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s location.

    “Two friends, run now! We can no longer deal with this beast.”

    The golden light cluster flashed past Liu Ming, and Fang Yao’s frustrated voice could faintly be heard.

    At this moment, the blood locust king beast had already leaped and pursued together with the rolling blood mist.

    Liu Ming let out a cold snort. He simply waved the sword and turned into a silver arc that slashed the last two low rank blood locust beasts. He then shook his wrist and launched a dense sword shadows. After they condensed, they turned in a giant sword shadow with sixty meters long, and it flashed and struck at the blood mist.

    There was a “poof“.

    The seemingly aggressive blood locust beast was knocked back by the silver giant sword. The thick blood mist blocking the blood locust beast was smashed away, and there was a deep wound on its shoulder immediately. The bones into the wound could be seen.

    But the blood locust beast let out an angry roar, and the blood mist that had spread out immediately rushed to the wound on the shoulder, and the wound quickly healed up again.

    But at this moment, a black rod shadow suddenly swept from one side silently.

    The blood locust beast instinctively dodged sideways, but an tremendous force came and knocked it out. It was Xin Yuan who made the strike.

    At the same time, Liu Ming made a sword gesture and pointed at the giant sword shadow.

    There was a clear sound!

    The sword shadow suddenly collapsed, and a small silver sword turned into a crystal rainbow that surged at the blood locust king beast. It opened up many blood holes on its body. A large amount of blood gushed out from it.

    The beast, which was staggering, could no longer stand firm anymore. It immediately and fell down with a whine.

    Fang Yao and others who were trying to escape were stunned when they saw this situation.

    At this moment, Xin Yuan had already smashed the iron rod in his hand against the blood locust king beast on the ground. He clearly wanted to smash this king beast into pieces.

    But at this moment, the blood locust king beast suddenly shook its head, and it seemed to have become crazy. It suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a ball of liquid-like thick black mist. It became the size of an acre to protect the body. At the same time, the scales on its skin stood up and shot out dense blood silk. They combined with the black mist and made the king beast extremely sturdy.

    The dense black rod shadows made a dull sound as it struck on top. His attack was bounced back.

    Xin Yuan was shocked by his own strength, and he involuntarily stepped back two steps. He exclaimed with shock

    Liu Ming’s eyes were cold, and he made a gesture immediately. The silver little sword that penetrated the king beast hovered and turned into a silver rainbow that struck back.


    Sword Controlling Technique was really sharp!

    After the silver light flashed, an opening was smashed open on the hard shell, but a black liquid was shot out from it the next moment.

    As soon as the silver rainbow touched, a buzzing light condensed, and it turned into the silver little sword that dived down again.

    However, the flying sword at this moment had become dim and dull as if it had been damaged in an instant.

    Liu Ming was really surprised when he saw this. Without thinking, he suddenly grabbed in the air while flicking the sleeve of his other hand.

    With a “whoosh“, the silver little sword flew back under an invisible force; another white light blasted out. As it flashed, it had already stabbed fiercely into the opening that was smashed open just now.

    It was the Bone Wind Awl that Liu Ming forged in the mine.

    With the power that this awl once demonstrated, if it was stuck on the blood locust beast inside, Liu Ming was certain that the blood locust king beast would die on the spot.

    But at this moment, another black liquid spouted from the opening on the hard shell.

    After Bone Wind Awl was poured by it, it turned into a plume of blue smoke and disappeared.

    Seeing this situation, Liu Ming’s expression changed drastically.

    Seeing this scene, Xin Yuan also took a deep breath.

    But at this moment, the hard shell in the distance suddenly cracked and broke apart on its own. The black liquid inside poured out. After another moment, the blood locust beast appeared immediately.

    At this time, the beast had recovered most of its injuries, and its body shape had shrunk by nearly half compared to the previous one. The scales on the body surface were even missing, and it was replaced by dense black demonic patterns.

    “Two friends, please be careful. This beast has already mutated.” The voice of the old man in the green robe came solemnly at this time.

    Liu Ming took a quick glance. Fang Yao and the others had stopped at a place that was more than a thousand meters away. Their figures reappeared again. While quickly consuming the elixir, they looked at this side nervously.

    Liu Ming was a little speechless, but after using mental power to check the mutated blood locust king beast, which was obviously more powerful than the previous one, he was stunned again. He immediately screamed at Xin Yuan without hesitation:

    “Brother Xin, it seems that ordinary means cannot kill this beast quickly. You and I should use the use the real killing moves. Otherwise, if we let it get away, you and I will be in great trouble.”

    “Hehe, I do have this intention even if Brother Liu didn’t mention it.” Xin Yuan’s eyes flashed when he heard the words. He shook the iron rod instantly. The two ends of the rod stretched and bent into a pitch black giant bow.

    Then he groaned and pulled the string, and a dazzling golden arrow appeared on the giant bow.


    A golden light shot out. After it trembled in the air, it turned into golden arrows that were all over the air, covering the king beast like a torrential rain.

    At the same time, Liu Ming flipped one hand and a little golden light appeared in his hand. After a throw, it suddenly turned into a dense golden sand that launched at the king beast.

    It was the Golden Fallen Sand that he just refined sacrificially.

    At this time, the blood locust king beast on the opposite side had also channeled the black liquid to set off a wave of black waves that were more than one hundred meters high.


    As soon as the golden light arrows and the black wave collided, the arrows burst into a golden halo, making the black giant wave pause a little.

    The blood locust king beast, which was channeling the black water behind, immediately groaned. Its body shook a few times.

    At this moment, a hiss sounded.

    The golden sand came to the front of the black wave, and when it condensed and turned into a head-sized golden ball, it flashed into the black wave.

    When it rushed out from the other side, it had already turned into a golden spear. After another blur, it teleported on top of the blood locust king beast’s head and slammed down at an incredible speed.

    The blood locust king beast was shocked, but it was too late to dodge.

    Liu Ming changed his gesture in the distance.

    At the tip of the golden spear, a dazzling golden glow burst out immediately, and the sea monster below couldn’t open its eyes at all.

    After a painful scream!

    The golden spear went into the single eye in a flash. It forcefully pinned the king beast’s head firmly on the ground through a huge force.

    The blood locust beast suffered such a severe injury, but it was still alive. Instead, its body kept struggling, and its head was almost freed from the pin.

    But at this moment, Liu Ming pointed in the air and said “explode”.

    The next moment, the golden spear that nailed the blood locust beast’s head, flashed wildly for a few times, then it suddenly burst open. Countless crystal particles spread out in all directions in the golden light.

    Under such an astonishing attack, the blood locust king beast’s head immediately disappeared into fragments. The remaining corpse only twisted a few times, then it was lying there motionless.

    After losing the master, the initially aggressive black wave collapsed instantly. It disappeared into the nearby sea.

    At this time, Xin Yuan laughed in the distance, and the huge bow in his hand was changed back into a black iron rod.

    Even after this blood locust king beast mutated, its blood controlling technique was amazing, and the black liquid that it spurted was extremely powerful, but how could it deal with the continuous attacks of Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s secret spiritual weapons?

    Liu Ming chanted, and after he grabbed a few times in the air, the golden sand that scattered around turned into golden light that appeared in his hand again.

    Seeing this situation in the distance, Fang Yao and the three others were naturally surprised and delighted. They immediately flew over.

    Although the three of them had taken the healing elixir, their complexion was still very pale. It seemed that they needed some time to recover their vitality.

    “This time it is all the because of the amazing power of Mr. Liu and Mr. Xin that we can successfully eliminate this mutated blood locust beast. I didn’t expect you two to be so powerful..” Fang Yao cupped his fists and spoke politely.

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s amazing strength shocked the three of them, and there was also fear in their minds.

    “It’s nothing! Since we have agreed to join this mission, we will naturally put in our effort. It’s just it’s pity that that Mr. Fan was dead by the blood locust king beast’s sneak attack.” Liu Ming slowly replied.