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Chapter 445: Battling the King Beas

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 445: Battling the King Beas

    After Liu Ming and the others used their killing moves, these twenty Spirit Apostle Stage blood locust beasts were instantly eliminated.

    Without saying a word, the old man took out a green handkerchief and threw it to the front, turning it into a green glow that collected all the blood locust beast corpses.

    At this time, the bloody incense in the light curtain had long been ignited.

    Fang Yao quickly replaced it with another one.

    In this way, they lured the low rank blood locust beasts in the periphery by batch.

    It didn’t take long for the four hundred beast horde to reduce to eighty.


    This action of everyone finally alarmed the blood locust king beast of Condensation Period in the innermost.

    As it made a deep roar, the seawater, where the beast horde were located, suddenly had a violent fluctuation!

    A huge black shadow with a length of more than one hundred meters rushed out from the horde, and it quickly charged in the direction of them with a fierce look.

    After the dark shadow, there was a dense low rank blood locust beasts.

    “Not good! The king beast has found us.” The enchanting woman’s face changed and she whispered.

    “There is no way, we can only fight it upfront. Everyone, let’s go according to the plan. Mr. Liu, Mr. Xin, please stop those low rank blood locust beasts. Leave the king beast to us..” Fang Yao saw this, and he stopped channeling the bloody incense. He took out a green bamboo blade and said in a low tone to the other three.

    The old man in green clothes, the scholar in white robe, and the enchanting woman looked at each other and put away the spiritual weapons in their hands. They each took out the same green bamboo blade that was the same in Fang Yao’s hand. There were a total of four.

    This set of special spiritual weapons was specially designed to deal with the blood locust king beast.

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan naturally agreed with it.

    They immediately started channeling again, and they hid in the seawater nearby.

    And a moment later, under the lead of the king beast, the remaining eighty blood locust beasts came not far away from the light curtain in a blink of an eye.

    At this time, Liu Ming finally saw clearly what this Condensation Period blood locust beast looked like.

    Its body was around eight times bigger than the normal blood locust beast. Its scales were dark and shiny. It looked up with its hideous head; there was one blood-red single eye, and it was flashing with a strange green light.

    As soon as this king beast rushed out of the light curtain, it didn’t rush in immediately. Instead, it suddenly made an ear piercing shrill after circling a few times around the blue light curtain.

    The many low rank blood locust beasts behind opened their mouth and shot blood-red light beams at the same time. All the beams hit the light curtain accurately.

    Immediately, the blue light curtain buzzed, and it shattered under a few flickers.

    “Do it.”

    At this moment, Fang Yao shouted in a low voice, and he immediately threw the green bamboo blade out of his hands with the other three.

    Four green lights blasted straight to the king beast.

    The king beast emitted a purple-black evil gas as its scales opened and closed, and the gas condensed into black arrows that shot at the green lights.

    In an instant, after colliding with the four green lights, the arrows turned back into purple-black gas and burst open.

    Seeing this, the four chanted simultaneously. They extended one finger and pointed at the green blades in the air. The blades instantly emitted a strange scent that was similar to sandalwood.

    As soon as the blood locust king beast touched the sandalwood-like scent, its body suddenly trembled. Its single eye dimmed in green light, and its expression suddenly became wilted.

    Taking this opportunity, Fang Yao and the others flickered. They commanded four green lights a hundred meters away, casting waves of green blade that trapped the Condensation Period blood locust king beast at the place.

    At the same time, after Liu Ming and Xin Yuan flicked, they had already rushed toward the dense beast horde behind.

    Liu Ming waved the little silver sword in one hand, and suddenly layers of sword shadows appeared out of thin air. They turned into waves of silver lights that surged at the beast horde.

    His other hand made a gesture; Eight green wind blades launched out with a whistling sound.

    The low rank blood locust beasts on the opposite side opened their mouth at the same time, shooting out many blood-red light beams. After they connected, they turned into a light wall to resist the silver sword shadow and the green wind blades.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and changed his gesture. He pointed to the front and launched a fist-size crimson fireball that crushed on the light wall, turning into fire clouds that burst open.

    After Xin Yuan laughed out loud, he took this opportunity to rush into the horde from the side. The iron rod in his hand suddenly turned into a black rod shadow that went at the blood locust beasts nearby.

    A few muffled sounds came!

    The dozen blood locust beasts closest to it were instantly knocked away. They slammed at the other blood locust beast and rolled into a ball.

    The entire horde was suddenly in chaos!

    Seeing this, Liu Ming jumped without hesitation and turned into a silver rainbow.


    The blood-red light wall, that was going at Liu Ming, was forcefully slashed into half by the silver light. The dozen blood locust beasts in the front were cut into half.

    Seeing this situation, the remaining dozens of small blood locust beasts split up, and amidst the unending roars, they shot out clouds of black gas that transformed into arrows.

    However, under the swift silver rainbow and the waves of rod shadows that rumbled uncertainly, the dense arrows couldn’t get close at all.

    On the contrary, in an instant, they rushed into the horde and slaughtered the beast again.

    On the other side, the king beast of the Condensation Period later stage was also in a dire situation under the siege of the four people and the restraint of sandalwood scent. It was seriously wounded in just a while.

    However, this beast also felt that its life was at stake, so it resisted even more desperately.

    Suddenly, a trace of ferociousness flashed in its single eye. After it shook its groggy head, the scales on its body suddenly opened and closed. The purple-black evil gas rolled out and split into two. One was protecting its whole body; the other turned into a dozen of black mist ropes that danced wildly.

    Fang Yao dodged the mist rope, then he threw out the green bamboo blade. It slashed at the giant beast’s back in a green light.


    Under the blue light, the blood locust king beast’s dense evil gas was like a paper. It couldn’t stop the attack at all. A few feet long wound was cut open, and its blood splashed around.

    “Everyone, the king beast has fallen for the green bamboo and sandalwood. It’s almost done for. We don’t have to retain our strength; we can make this battle quick.” Fang Yao shouted excitedly when he saw this. He reached out his hand to flick the green bamboo blade, and it turned into a green blade shadow again.

    When the other three witnessed this scene, they were equally overjoyed and channeled their spiritual power.

    In an instant, green light flickered everywhere in the nearby sea. The four bamboo blades transformed into a dense green blade net.

    In an instant, the blood locust king beast of the Condensation Period later stage had a few more wounds on its injured body. The blood was flowing out from its body like a river.

    This Condensation Period later stage sea monster desperately released body protection aura and madly cast a dozen mist ropes, otherwise it would be slashed into few chunks by the four.

    With the skillful cooperation of Fang Yao and the other three, they had gained the upper hand.

    “This operation is surprisingly smooth. It seems that you and I are hopeful for detoxification. The king beast can’t defend for long.” Xin Yuan’s iron rod shook. After bursting the brain of a blood locust beast that pounced on him, he glanced at the battle in the distance, and then looked at the few low rank blood locust beasts nearby. He said in a sneer.

    “I hope so!” Liu Ming nodded. At the same time, he made a sword gesture, then a silver light surged out. The other two blood locust beasts were slashed into few pieces.

    However, at this moment, a change happened!

    The Condensation Period blood locust king beast, that was at the verge of collapse, suddenly released a blood light in its single eye after its head was struck hard. It roared into the sky, and the purple-black evil gas around its body suddenly expanded. The scales on its body became dark red. Its wounds started to recover quickly after the bloody light flashed.


    A few green lights broke the body protection aura and slashed on the blood-colored scales, but it only left a white mark. It couldn’t hurt deeper anymore.

    As the king beast groaned, its giant eye flashed a blood light. The wounds on its body quickly closed up, and there was an undercurrent in the nearby seawater. Dark red lights were released by the low rank blood locust beasts’ corpse, condensing into clusters of blood essence that surged at the king beast.

    “Be careful behind! This beast seems to be mad and mutated.”

    Seeing that the king beast suddenly changed its wilted state, the green-robed old man shouted as he waved the blue flag in his hand, casting a few blue ripples to protect himself.

    The other people were shocked when they heard the words. Some immediately changed their gestures and wanted to call back the sharp blade, while some raised their hands to release other spiritual weapons. They wanted to protect themselves first. The formation that they formed immediately became chaos.

    At this moment, the blood locust king beast suddenly screamed. After some of the blood clusters condensed, it suddenly turned into bloody sharp blades. There were around forty blades. After a blur, they disappeared in a flash.

    The next moment, the space around the scholar fluctuated together. The bloody blades appeared densely, and they blasted away from its body instantly.

    Fan Lingzi was shocked and wanted to avoid it again, but it was too late.

    He screamed horribly, and the body protection aura was smashed by the bloody blades. His body had opened up countless holes.

    Fan Lingzi covered his chest, the vital part, with one hand, with an expression of disbelief in his eyes. After staggering for a few moments, his body fell down.

    “Be careful, after this beast mutates, it can manipulate the blood of the same kind to attack.” Fang Yao immediately shouted in shock and anger when seeing this situation.