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Chapter 346 - : The Heavenly Tribulation Will Come Whenever I Want!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 346: The Heavenly Tribulation Will Come Whenever I Want!

    One of the Five Kings of the northeast, the Rat King that had lived for close to 1,000 years was struck to death by lightning.

    An eyeball the size of a pigeon egg hovered midair.

    Suppression, fear, shock, horror…

    Emotions were spreading between heaven and earth.

    “It’s your fault, Shen Cangsheng!” Mysterious Snake King shrieked!

    Before this, the Five Kings were rather pissed off that Ye Chen had killed Huang Xieyi, Yin Santong, and the other two. They did not take Ye Chen seriously and had merely sent their clones to fight.

    Even when Ye Chen came all the way to the secondary forest, they still thought they could kill him since they were fighting him together. They had even complimented Shen Cangsheng’s great job of bringing Ye Chen here!

    However, the shocking lightning earlier had crushed all of their confidence and pride following the Rat King’s death.

    They could not believe that Ye Chen could summon lightning!

    They had never thought of that. That was the reason why they were terrified!

    As a result, the Mysterious Snake King resented Shen Cangsheng.

    Facing the Mysterious Snake King’s rage, Shen Cangsheng stared blankly at Ye Chen who was in the air as if he did not hear her.

    He felt like he had survived a catastrophe. He was grateful that he had not attacked Ye Chen earlier. Otherwise, such a powerful person would have killed him by the raise of an arm!


    A low thunder rumbled from the dark clouds. It snapped the people who were staring into space back to reality completely. Everyone had respect and fear on their faces.

    Yue Bin’s body could not stop shaking. Subsequently, he could not stop slapping himself!

    ‘My stupid mouth! I can’t believe that I called him an idiot earlier! Has anyone seen an idiot who can fly and summon lightning? He’s a god, alright?!’

    Sexy vlogger Du Xiaoxiao was so shocked that her mouth turned into an O shape. She patted her flushed cheeks softly. “A-Am I dreaming?”

    She smiled so much that her dimples were showing. “If this is a dream, I hope I’ll never wake up from it!”

    Ye Chen stretched his arm and caught the golden bead in the air. As he grabbed it in his hand, a smile appeared on his face. “Fortunately, I held back. Otherwise, its beast core would’ve been crushed!”

    The golden bead was the Rat King’s beast core.

    The Mysterious Snake King, the Black Bear King, the Weasel King, and the Hedgehog King could not help but feel their scalps go numb upon seeing Ye Chen take the Rat King’s beast core away.

    He was not joking. He said he would take the beast core, and he did!

    The giant Weasel King shrieked as it thought to this point. “He can only summon lightning one a time. Guys, let’s run separate ways. It’s impossible for him to kill all of us at once.”

    Indeed, there should have been some restrictions although Ye Chen was so powerful that he could summon lightning by calling out to it.

    Hope flashed through the other three immortals’ eyes that were initially dim with despair when they heard that. That was right, it was definitely impossible that he could summon four bolts of lightning at the same time.

    “Run, run separately!” the Black Bear King growled in rage.

    Almost at the same time, the four immortals ran in four different directions.

    “Run? Where do you think you’re going?” Ye Chen chuckled, then he opened his mouth and enunciated eight words softly, “The Heavenly Tribulation will come whenever I want!”


    A series of thunders came from the clouds as soon as he was done speaking. Four branches the size of baby arms struck toward the four immortals.

    The Weasel King that was running the fastest felt a zap behind it. It turned its head to look by instinct and saw a bolt of lightning coming at it.

    At that moment, its hair stood up. It blocked the lightning using its hands by instinct and shrieked at the same time, “No!”


    The lightning landed accurately on it. As a blaring explosion occurred, the Weasel King was killed!

    Meanwhile, a beast core appeared where the Weasel King was.

    The Mysterious Snake King, the Black Bear King, and the Hedgehog King saw that. Before they managed to react, lightning struck before them respectively.

    However, it did not strike them. It stopped them from running!

    The three immortals froze and stood still. A stir was rushing inside of them!

    Clearly, the Weasel King was wrong! Ye Chen could totally control four bolts of lightning at the same time. And the price of guessing it wrong was death!

    The Black Bear King looked at Ye Chen as horror filled his face. “You must be from Shang Santian. Only people from that place are that terrifying!”

    The Mysterious Snake King and the Hedgehog King inhaled sharply one after another hearing that.

    Indeed, Ye Chen’s technique was no longer a spell. It was close to divinity and was no different than an immortal art. Apart from people from Shang Santian, who else could possess such abilities?

    Therefore, they assumed that Ye Chen came from Shang Santian. Only that could explain everything that was happening before them.

    Ye Chen put away the Weasel King’s beast core. He stood with his arms behind his back and said calmly, “Do you know why I killed the Weasel King and not the three of you?”

    “Why?” the Hedgehog King could not help but ask.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “I’m a man of his word. I’ll definitely do it when I say I’ll retrieve your beast cores and peel your skin. I won’t get anything if you guys are killed by lightning!”

    The three immortals had a drastic change of expression after hearing that.

    The Mysterious Snake King shook and said in alarm, “Immortal Master, I don’t think there’s any grudge between us. Even though we possessed Huang Xieyi and the rest to fight you, it was them who were trying to kill you.”

    She dared not call Ye Chen’s name directly now. Instead, she called him ‘Immortal Master’.

    In the eyes of the people in the northeast, they were the invincible immortals. However, now that they compared themselves with Ye Chen, would they not be embarrassed to call themselves that?

    “That’s right.”

    The Black Bear King suppressed the fear within him forcefully and said, “Moreover, the Weasel King and the Hedgehog King are dead now. Can you spare our lives out of kindness? It took us great effort to achieve what we have today!”

    “That’s right, Immortal Master. As long as you spare our lives, we’re willing to be your slaves!” The Hedgehog King was bowing at him.

    Regular people were fearful of death, let alone them, the mutated species that had been cultivating for close to 1,000 years!

    Ye Chen said expressionlessly in the face of their begging, “What if I don’t want to?”

    The Black Bear King had a drastic change of expression. It took a deep breath and said, “Then, we can only summon our big sister!”

    “That’s right, summon Big Sister now!” The Mysterious Snake King nodded immediately.

    “Big sister?” Surprise flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes.

    ‘Is there a more powerful immortal?’

    A cold wind blew through the forest beneath his feet at the same time. The people on the ground could not help but jolt, but they suddenly felt sleepy. They soon fell asleep on the ground. Meanwhile, the wild animals that were surrounding them retreated in unison as if they received an order.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said while smirking, “If I’m not mistaken, I believe you’re the immortal fox behind the Hu family. Come out now and stop this show of yours. Otherwise, I, Ye Chen, will destroy Lushan today!”