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Chapter 345 - I’ll Treat You to A Chicken Dinner!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 345: I’ll Treat You to A Chicken Dinner!

    As five balls of black energies ascended into the air, the sky was filled with demonic qi at that moment. It dimmed heaven and earth.

    Meanwhile, the suppression that they released made the people lie on the ground while quaking in panic.

    It was terrifying! Their aurae alone were unbearable! How powerful were they exactly?

    Shen Cangsheng’s expression changed at first. Then, he smirked.

    The aurae of the five immortals suffocated him a little. Therefore, to him, no matter how powerful Ye Chen was, he definitely could not fight the five immortals that were challenging him together.

    Yue Bin had a smirk on his face too. Although Ye Chen was human, he hoped that the latter would be killed by the five immortals. He did not realize that they would die as well if Ye Chen was killed.

    “You must win, handsome. I’ll treat you to a chicken dinner!” Du Xiaoxiao was exclaiming to Ye Chen loudly.

    If her hundreds of thousands of fans were to hear that, they would have grumbled. Naturally, many perverts would have asked whether the chicken dinner would be taking place at a cyber cafe or a hotel.

    In the air, Ye Chen shook his head upon hearing what she said. Subsequently, he looked at the five black energies that were coming at him and smiled lightly. “All five of you together? Great! I like it!”

    “Die!” A voice with endless killing intent came.

    The Black Bear King took the lead to attack! He waved both fists from the bottom like he was a launching rocket. A stunning red glow exploded on both fists and grew bigger and bigger. The fists were coming at Ye Chen like the folktale whereby Pan Gu separated the sky from the earth.

    Among them, he had the most powerful ability. Despite fighting by himself instead of using a clone, he was fearless of Ye Chen.

    “Perfect!” Ye Chen laughed hysterically and descended from the sky. He was like a dragon diving into the sea, appearing very majestic. As he threw a punch at the Black Bear King, a dazzling golden fist shadow shone like a glaring, proud sun.


    Two fists collided.

    A majestic halo spread like a wave. The air wherever the impact reached was destroyed, stunning even the four immortals.


    The Black Bear King staggered and was thrown tens of meters out directly by Ye Chen’s punch. He was secretly shocked after managing to stand still.

    ‘How is his body so powerful? Even Prometheus can’t do that!’

    “You’re worthy of being a bear. With thick and tough skin, you’re a perfect sandbag!” Surprise flashed across Ye Chen’s eyes when he realized that the Black Bear King was unscathed.

    “Mad Southern Ye, get over yourself!” The big white python that was also known as the Mysterious Snake King’s eyes were cold. Her gigantic body stretched instantly like a thick, white cloth. She traveled through the air and charged at Ye Chen extremely quickly.

    Her speed broke through the sonic barrier, causing the air around to reel and explosive blasts shook the earth.

    She appeared before Ye Chen in the next second while she slammed her long snake tail against him. The terrifying wind and majesty that came with her tail were sufficient to destroy a building.

    Ye Chen looked indifferent as he stretched his arm at a normal speed. He grabbed onto her tail and waved it around hard.

    The people on the ground saw him grabbing a giant snake and waving it around. He looked like a child tying a rock onto a rope and playing with it.

    “Can he not be so insane?”

    Everyone watched with their eyes open wide.

    The Mysterious Snake King was growling in rage. Despite struggling hard, she realized that he was constraining her good like a metal hoop.

    “Let me help you!” The gigantic Rat King leaped and opened its mouth at the same time. With two rows of sharp teeth, it bit Ye Chen’s arm directly.

    Its teeth could bite through anything, including diamonds. Therefore, it thought that Ye Chen’s arm would definitely be snapped from that bite alone.

    However, it felt pain shoot up its teeth in the next second. As if it had chomped on something extremely tough, its front tooth was broken. It hurt so much that it was tearing up.

    “You have terrible breath!” Ye Chen smirked in disdain and slammed the Mysterious Snake King that he was waving around at it. When the duo collided, the gigantic Rat King was thrown out directly after two devastating shrieks broke the air.

    “Mad Southern Ye, are dirty tricks all you’ve got? Put No. 3 down and fight the five of us properly like a man!”

    The Black Bear King and Hedgehog King were enraged, but they dared not approach Ye Chen. After all, he was waving the Mysterious Snake King like a bat.

    They were just throwing tantrums, thus they thought that he would not agree to that.

    Never had they expected Ye Chen to turn his head to look at them after he flung the Mysterious Snake King away. He had a serious expression on his face. “Sure, I’ll fulfill your dreams since you filthy animals no longer want to play!”

    Their hearts sank as they could not believe the bad feeling rising within them.

    In the next second, Ye Chen took a step out and looked at them in mockery. “Are you guys afraid of the Heavenly Tribulation? Is that the reason why you guys are hiding in the secondary forest deep in the mountain? I’ll give you guys a taste of the Heavenly Tribulation today!”

    Ye Chen then waved at the sky!

    “Come here, lightning!”

    The sunny sky was filled with dark clouds almost within the blink of an eye while thunderclouds were consolidated.


    Thunder rumbled in the clouds while strong winds whipped the air around them. As if God had gone mad, it shocked their souls.

    Many people watched that blankly, including the five immortals. Dense horror was revealed on their faces!

    Anyone would be scared to their very core under such Divine Thunder. Many people knelt onto the ground by instinct, and they could not stop praying.

    The five immortals were the ones who were the most scared of that.

    They were immortals of mutated species which was prohibited. They would have to face all sorts of tribulations to elevate their cultivation with the heavenly thunder barrier being the most powerful one.

    Heaven Dao had no mercy.

    Therefore, they had been hiding in the secondary forest throughout the years because the Heavenly Tribulation did not cover the secondary forest. After all, there were many lives in the forest. If the immortals were killed by the Heavenly Tribulation, so would the other lives.

    That was Heaven Dao’s mercy!

    And that was the reason why they dared to fight Ye Chen there. As long as they were in the range of the secondary forest, they were courageous enough to fight with all of their might.

    However, things had changed now.

    They were shaking as they looked at the silhouette that was standing in the air with his arms behind his back with lightning above his head and his feet hovering in the air. It looked as if Thor had arrived on Earth.

    He summoned the lightning by calling out to it!

    It was an immortal method!

    Even the people from Shang Santian, who isolated themselves from the world, could not do that!

    How could they not panic now?

    “Oh, no, retreat!” the giant Rat King shrieked in devastation and rushed to the ground. It seemed to want to hide by digging a hole in the soil.

    In the next second, a bolt of lightning the size of a baby’s arm came from the sky while piercing through the clouds. It was like a lightning snake that directly struck the Rat King!


    The Rat King was struck by the lightning before it landed on the ground. Immediately, he was killed!

    At that moment, dead silence filled heaven and earth!

    While everyone’s expressions froze, the remaining four immortals had despair on their faces.