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Chapter 344 - The Five Immortals of the Northeast Have Gathered!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 344: The Five Immortals of the Northeast Have Gathered!

    As soon as Ye Chen was done speaking, the crowd’s expression changed. Subsequently, they looked horrified.

    There was more than one monster in Lushan?!

    What shocked them even more was that Ye Chen had come here alone to fight the five monsters!

    “Oh my god, oh my god!”

    The sexy vlogger, Du Xiaoxiao’s pretty face was flushing like her cheeks were bleeding. She looked like a fanatic. “How handsome, how overbearing! I think I’m falling in love with him!”


    Yue Bin’s face twitched hard while standing next to her. He said in jealousy, “It’s illegal to burn the forest. He’ll be put behind bars for doing that. He’ll drag his entire family into trouble!”

    However, Du Xiaoxiao responded with a stare as if she was looking at an idiot. ‘Haha! Do you think such a powerful man is afraid of being put behind bars?’

    The envy within Yue Bin grew. Just when he was going to speak, a series of tsunami-like growls came suddenly. It was like tens of thousands of beasts running at the same time while the ground shook.

    Once more, everyone’s expressions changed.

    In the next second, a stampede of animals from the sky and the forest rushed out. There were many of them, causing the people’s scalps to go numb.

    “A-Are we being surrounded?” someone asked as his face turned pale.

    It was common for people to be surrounded by their peers. However, it was their first time being surrounded by wild animals.

    What confused them was that the animals did not attack them after surrounding them. Instead, they were glaring at them.


    An angry roar came from the forest far away.

    A monster whose body was as thick as a bucket leaped out of the forest with a terrifying gale, and its gigantic body crushed a couple of trees.

    The people turned pale when they looked at it closer.

    It was a giant white snake. To be exact, it was a white python. Its body was filled with scales while there was a cold glare sparkling in its eyes. The white python lifted its head and stared coldly at Ye Chen with its bloody red forked tongue out.

    At that moment, the ground began to tremble.

    Thud, thud, thud…

    As a series of loud thuds came, a big black bear that was over three meters tall lumbered out of the forest. Sunken holes were made with every step it took.


    Another angry roar came.

    A weasel that was the height of a human walked out of the forest on both feet. With white fur covering its body, it looked very old, but there was a terrifying aura coming out of it.

    A big rat that was over a meter long made its way out of the soil. It was fat and muscular, and there was a cold glow shining in its egg-sized eyes.

    A giant sphere rolled from far away, sending gravel flying as if there was a hurricane. When the sphere stopped, it turned into a giant hedgehog. The thorns on its back were like razor-sharp needles.

    At that moment, apart from the immortal fox, the Five Immortals of the northeast gathered! It was incredibly shocking!

    The place was filled with dead silence!

    Everyone watched whatever that was happening before them with fear all over their faces. Their legs were shaking as if they had the chills.

    As regular people, when had they ever seen such gigantic animals?

    It was even worse for Yue Bin, whereby he fell onto the ground from shock. Yellow liquid flowed from his pants as he peed himself from the scare.

    Du Xiaoxiao covered her mouth tightly, not daring to make a sound.

    The big black bear glanced at the people in disdain. He looked at Shen Cangsheng who was standing aside and spoke in the human language, “Great, Shen Cangsheng. I can’t believe you brought this brat to our territory!”

    Shen Cangsheng looked troubled because it was not his idea. He had been threatened to do so!

    The big black bear scoffed and lifted its eyes to look at Ye Chen who was in the air, “Mad Southern Ye, forget the fact that you killed our  disciples out there, but I can’t believe that you’re so overconfident that you dare to come here for us!”

    Ye Chen said nothing. Instead, he stretched his hand and counted with joy on his face.

    The big black bear said in its deep voice, “What are you counting?”

    “I’m counting how many magic tools I can refine after killing you guys,” Ye Chen replied in all seriousness.

    The big black bear was enraged. “You…”

    “So, you’re the Black Bear King?” Ye Chen looked at it.

    The big black bear smiled pridefully. “That’s right. I’m the Black Bear King Nie Xiong. Since you’re dying soon, you can call me Second Master Nie!”

    It ranked second among the Five Immortals in the northeast not just because it was the second oldest but because its ability was more powerful than the rest!

    Ye Chen nodded. “I want your beast core, as well as your claws. I’ll bring them back for my daughter to taste.”

    Everyone was shocked to hear his declaration. They stared blankly at Ye Chen, refusing to believe that he dared to say something like that to trigger the monster at such a critical time. He must be out of his mind!

    “Cool! He’s so cool!” Du Xiaoxiao on the other hand had admiration and lust in her eyes. “This is the man of my dreams. Heroic and fearless when he stares right at danger…”

    “Mad Southern Ye, you’re taking the path to hell although your life is at peace!” the big white python spat its bloody red tongue and said in resentment, “You must know that the entire forest is our territory. Do you know that we can perform at our peak here?” Given that it was a lady’s voice, it must be a female.

    “Are you the Mysterious Snake King?” Ye Chen asked.

    The big white python chuckled. “That’s right. I’m the Mysterious Snake King, Liu Ying. I’m ranked No. 3. You killed my son, Liu Xuan, so today I’m going to…”

    Ye Chen interrupted her before she was done speaking, “Your skin isn’t too shabby. It’s suitable to be refined into a protective treasure armor. I can use your bones to refine an attack magic tool while your flesh will make a delicious soup.”

    Liu Ying was mad to hear that.

    However, Ye Chen ignored her stare directly and looked at the Weasel King, the Hedgehog King, and the Rat King who were aside. He shook his head lightly, feeling rather disappointed.

    “Compared to the both of them, the three of you are useless. Weasels are only good at farting while rats are always digging. You’re filthy. I can smell the stench on you guys from far away.”

    He looked at the giant hedgehog, who was the Hedgehog King, as he spoke to this point. “You’re not bad. Your thorns are rather useful. I’ll pull them out later and refine them into armor for my daughter. I’m sure she’ll love it.”

    The five immortals growled dangerously. Before they had even fought, Ye Chen already had plans about what to make of their carcasses.

    Although they had been cultivating for 1,000 years, whereby they had attained tranquillity, they could not suppress their rage under such circumstances.

    As they growled, the animals were also snarling. The crowd turned pale in fear, and they could not help but begin shaking. Many of them were secretly cursing Ye Chen.

    ‘Damn it! Don’t drag us in if you’re seeking death! You’re having fun triggering them, but we’re the unfortunate ones!’

    “Kill him! I want to break his bones, eat his flesh, and drink his blood!” The Mysterious Snake King spat and leaped into the air with its gigantic body. Meanwhile, the Black Bear King and the rest turned into four balls of black energies that charged at Ye Chen.

    At the same time, strong wind and storms hit the entire Lushan.

    It was majestic!