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Chapter 444: Fighting Beast Group

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 444: Fighting Beast Group

    After half a day, Liu Ming finally arrived at the agreed meeting place.

    On a clearing in front of Fang Yao’s cave house, Fang Yao and the other two men and one woman are already waiting there.

    “Mr. Liu, you are finally here. If you come a few hours later, I thought you had changed your mind. This must be the Xin Yuan you mentioned right?” Fang Yao saw Liu Ming and Xin Yuan and he immediately said with joy.

    “I’m sorry for letting everyone wait. Brother Xin and I have some matters on the way, so we are late.” Liu Ming said apologetically, and he assessed the others.

    But on the clearing below, Fang Yao stood in the middle, and on both sides were a man, a woman and an elderly man.

    The old man had a white hair and a childlike face. He dressed in a green robe, holding a gray hossu in his hand. He looked at the Liu Ming and Xin Yuan with a smile.

    The man was dressed as a Confucian scholar. He was more than 30 years old and looked ordinary, holding a folding fan and gently fanning.

    As for the last enchanting woman, her dress was very bold. She was dressed in a tight red shirt that outlined her graceful figure. Looking at Liu Ming, she looked a little curious.

    These people were naturally Fang Yao’s party members.

    “With two friends joining, we will surely be successful for this trip. Maybe I should introduce my friends to you two.” Fang Yao smiled at Liu Ming and Xin Yuan and said.

    “Please.” Liu Ming replied politely.

    “This is the Taoist Shan Changfeng from the Feilian Temple. It was him who first discovered the blood locust beasts nearby.” Fang Yao pointed at an old man in green robe and introduced.

    “It turns out to be Mr. Shan!” Liu Ming took a look at the old man and immediately cupped his fist.

    The old man in green robe nodded slightly at Liu Ming and Xin Yuan and said nothing.

    “I’m Fan Lingzi, a casual cultivator from the Shanji Island.” The fan-holding scholar did not wait for Fang Yao to speak, and he closed the paper fan and said lightly.

    “Nice meeting you.”

    “This Fairy Mu Wu. She is the Zhantai Sect of Xiaokui Island.” Fang Yao finally introduced the enchanting woman.

    “Greetings to the two friends.” The “Fairy Muwu” smiled and bowed at the two of them.

    Liu Ming naturally chatted casually with them again.

    Xin Yuan just nodded beside him as if Liu Ming was the leader.

    Although the two have never heard of Xiaokui Island, and the Zhantai faction was even more unheard of. The enchanting woman in front of them, as the head, had the weakest aura. It was similar to that of Fan Lingzi. However, the old man in green clothes looked dull. His gaze looked humble. His cultivation was the highest among them four.

    Fang Yao introduced Liu Ming and Xin Yuan to the three. After a few people chatted for a while, they began to discuss the hunt for blood locust beasts.

    “This group of blood locust beasts live on the bottom of the deep sea. Our action this time…” Fang Yao, as the initiator of this hunting operation, first outlined the detailed plan.

    “I went to investigate again half a month ago. At present, the number of blood locust beasts is about three or four hundred. Among them, the only one in the Condensation Period is still the king beast. The others are mostly Spirit Apostle-class, and they don’t have much intelligence at all.” After Fang Yao finished the plan, the green-robed old man who had been silent suddenly added.

    “The sea is vast. This group of blood locust beasts won’t stay in one place. How can we determine their approximate location?” Xin Yuan asked suddenly, frowning slightly.

    Fang Yao smiled slightly, then he took out a compass-like magical weapon and launched a symbol into it. The compass flashed, and an inch size pointer suddenly appeared in the middle. After it turned, it trembled and stopped in one direction.

    “I specifically made this magical weapon, and it took me a lot of effort to collect the blood locust king beast’s blood essence to refine it. Therefore, it can trace the aura of this king beast. Does anyone have any questions?” Fang Yao explained it again.

    After Liu Ming and Xin Yuan looked at each other, they both shook their heads.

    “Very good. Then, we’ll depart now.” Fang Yao said, holding the compass in his hand.

    Others naturally had no opinion.

    As a result, they flew into the air without using the flying spiritual weapon. They went into the direction of the pointer and left the island.

    After a few hours, they came to the sea that was a thousand miles away from the island.

    The compass in Fang Yao’s hand was flashed white light, and the pointer inside it was kept spinning.

    “I got it. It’s this area! The blood locust beast should be somewhere below.” Fang Yao said with a refreshed after looking at the abnormality of the compass in his hand.

    “I have six water-repelling beads. Although they are only one-time use, they are enough for this trip.” Upon hearing this, the old man in green clothes immediately took out six light blue crystal balls and distributed them to everyone.

    Then he held the crystal ball and took the lead to fly to the sea below.

    In the next moment, a cluster blue light curtain spread from the crystal ball, and it instantly wrapped the old man in it. It separated the sea water from the old man.

    When everyone saw this, they all flew into the water one after another. The blue crystal balls emitted a light curtain that wrapped all of them.

    Not long after, everyone was already in the deep underwater.

    Under the guidance of Fang Yao’s compass, they walked for a short distance. Fang Yao then suddenly stopped as his expression changed.

    Then he whispered “caution” to everyone.

    At this time, the old man patted the crystal ball with one hand.

    Suddenly, the blue light curtain that surrounded the people around them turned dark at the same time. It actually obscured the figures of the people.

    Liu Ming was a little surprised to see this, but Fang Yao and others were not surprised. They all stared at the fuzzy light curtain and sneaked forward silently.

    As a result, after everyone walked a little further, there was a low coral reef in front of them.

    And across this underwater reef, everyone vaguely saw dense black figures on the other side of the open space like a huge seaweed.

    Under Liu Ming’s gaze, he found that the black shadows were sea monsters next to each other through layers of sea water.

    These sea monsters were like sea snakes. The big ones were ten meters long; the small one was only a few feet. Their body was covered with black and red scales, and the lower abdomen was bulged high. It was one size thicker than the other body parts.

    These were the blood locust beast group!

    As Fang Yao saw this, a fiery color flashed in his eyes. After he waved his hand, everyone stepped back silently.

    Soon after, everyone returned to the underwater they had originally started.

    “Sure enough, it is this group of blood locust beasts. Everyone, follow the plan!” Fang Yao said solemnly after taking a long breath.

    The three others immediately nodded with a solemn expression.

    As soon as they stood with Fang Yao, they immediately started to channel their spiritual power and injected them into the blue crystal ball in their hands. As the crystal ball shone in blue light, the light curtain suddenly expanded rapidly, and the surrounding seawater was gradually forced away.

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan were only watching silently by the side.

    After a few minutes, the six crystal balls echo each other, and the blue light curtains had been connected to form a large array. The seawater in the circle was forced out, forming a huge space.

    The blue light curtain had long been blended with the surrounding seawater. It looked normal from a distance.

    Fang Yao carefully took out a blood red incense and lit it directly in the array. Suddenly, a bloody aura radiated from it. After he made a gesture, it spread out of the array and dispersed slowly toward the beast group in the sea.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming’s expression remained unchanged, but he had already released a wisp of mental power, directly observing the group of blood locust beasts in the distance.

    There was a commotion around the beast group after a while. A small part of the blood locust beast did not hesitate to leave the beast group and swam straight to the array.

    Fang Yao and others were obviously also paying attention to the movement of the group. After a sound transmission, everyone burst out of the light curtain and cast in the nearby seawater to cover their body.

    This small part of the blood locust beast has more than twenty. Under the lure of that bloody auram, the blood locust beast became extremely manic. They swam faster and faster, and they were already closed in the blink of an eye.

    A wave of rippling water!

    These more than ten blood locust beasts rushed into the array, and they fell to the open space in the light curtain one after another.

    Perhaps because they were out of the seawater all of sudden. Their movement became slower after being in a panic.

    The old man in green robe flashed out of the nearby seawater. There was already a blue flag in his hand. When he waved it, a large blue ripple surged into the light curtain.

    Immediately, a few blood locust beasts, which were swept by the blue light, had frost on their body surface. They froze to death instantly.

    The white robe scholar waved his paper fan at the back.

    With every fan swing, a white mist would fly out. After fanning for about eight times, eight blood locust beasts were being shrouded inside.

    After the white mist dissipated, these blood locust beasts had already fallen to the ground with blood coming out from their orifices.

    In contrast, a bright red ribbon used by Fairy Mu Wu looked extremely gorgeous.

    Under the sway of her beautiful posture, the ribbon transformed into waves of phantasms like a spirit snake that surged forward. Wherever the phantasms passed through, the blood locust beasts were shredded into pieces.

    On the other side, Xin Yuan had already rushed directly into the light curtain. As he swung the black giant rod in his hand, layers of black blurred shadows had already swept forward, instantly smashing blood locust beasts into meat sauce.

    As Liu Ming saw this, he flicked his sleeve. A silver little sword appeared in his hand. After it turned blurred, it transfigured dense sword shadows that blasted into the light curtain.

    A few blood locust beasts were pierced by the sword shadows immediately, and they fell to the ground instantly.

    Seeing this, Fang Yao and the others couldn’t help flashing a hint of surprise on their faces.

    They did not expect that Liu Ming was actually a Sword Cultivator.