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Chapter 443: Huang Zhen And Spiritual Materials

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 443: Huang Zhen And Spiritual Materials

    Liu Ming flashed into the valley and walked slowly along a small path. Both sides were full of scarlet rocks that exuded hot air.

    After a while, he appeared in front of a gray stone door built on the hillside at the end of the valley.

    Several scarlet flame-like spirit patterns were imprinted on the surface of the gray stone door. After looking around for a few times, Liu Ming walked to the door in a few steps and knocked twice without hesitation.

    After two knocks.

    The stone door was opened for a little, revealing a young woman with a dark skin.

    When the woman saw Liu Ming, a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes, and she immediately noticed the high grade guest mark on Liu Ming’s clothing.

    “May I ask for mister’s name and why are you here?” The young woman asked suspiciously.

    “I’m Liu Ming, a new guest in the association. This time I came to visit Mr. Huang Zhen on purpose.” Liu Ming said with a smile.

    “It turns out to be Senior Liu. This is really unfortunate. My father is forging a spiritual weapon in the forging room. Should I let him know?” The young woman hesitated and said truthfully after hearing this.

    “It turns out to be Ms. Huang, please do so.” Liu Ming cupped his fist.

    “Senior, please wait a moment, I will be back.” As the young woman said, she closed the door and went to pass the message.

    After a while, the cave house door was opened again with a “squeak”.

    This time, a middle-aged man in his 40s and 50s walked out of it. He had dark skin and thick hands and feet. At first glance, he thought he was an ordinary farmer in the mortal world.

    “You must be Mr. Liu right? I’m Huang Zhen. Please forgive my little girl’s rudeness just now. Please come in and talk, mister.” After looking at Liu Ming, the dark skin man said politely.

    “Then I’ll trouble you for a while.” Liu Ming was a little surprised, but he didn’t show it on his face. He thanked and walked into the stone door.

    As soon as he entered the gate, he passed a hundred meters long corridor. There was a three hundred meters wide hall in it. The air was filled with hot air, and the ground and surrounding rock climbing wall showed a dark red color.

    After a while, Liu Ming came to another stone room that served the guest under the lead of the dark skin man. They sat down face to face and started to chat.

    “In that case, Mr. Liu wants to ask me to forge a spiritual weapon?” After a while, Huang Zhen looked at Liu Ming and asked with a serious face.

    “Yes. I heard that the best forger of the Changfeng Association is Brother Huang. But I don’t know if I give you enough materials, how sure are you to be able to craft an intermediate grade spiritual weapon for me?” Liu Ming said with a smile.

    “It depends on the quality of the materials and mister’s requirements. I have been involved in forging for a long time. For a normal intermediate spiritual weapon, I naturally can forge it without any problem. However, if the forging fails in any case, I will not compensate for any materials.” Huang Zhen slowly replied after hesitated for a moment.

    “Of course. As long as Brother Huang is willing to help me forge successfully, I will pay a high reward!” Liu Ming replied without thinking, and at the same time, he took out a dozen pieces of light blue ore with one hand.

    “Water mystic stone!” Huang Zhen recognized what Liu Ming was holding at a glance, and a look of surprise flashed across his face.

    Although these precious ores were very common in underwater mines at that time, they were rare and excellent forging materials in the outside world.

    “It’s more than enough to use these as rewards. I don’t know what kind of intermediate grade spiritual weapon you want to forge?” The dark skin man raised his eyes and asked directly without hesitation.

    Liu Ming heard the words. He didn’t talk as he just took out a bean size black droplet that floated in the air. There were a few strands of black mist lingering on the surface.

    “This is……”

    The man looked at them carefully. A suspicious look flashed across his face.

    However, after Liu Ming smiled, he suddenly turned his palm and let this black droplet fall, and it hit on the seemingly solid stone slab heavily.

    With a “boom“, the entire stone chamber shook!

    On the stone slab in front of Liu Ming’s feet, there was another deep hole with the thickness of a finger.

    “First Yuan Heavy Water! Mister actually has such a treasure.” Huang Zhen exclaimed in shock.

    “Mister is really knowledgeable,” Liu Ming said lightly, then he grabbed into the deep hole.

    As a result, after a “swoosh” sound, First Yuan Heavy Water flew out of the cave and fell into Liu Ming’s palm again.

    This was also due to Liu Ming’s strong physical body, which was far from comparable to when he advanced to the Condensation Period. Otherwise, he could never take it out from the ground so easily.

    “You must be kidding. Since I’m a forger, how can I not know these materials? But it is my first time seeing an actual item.” Huang Zhen looked at Liu Ming’s objects without blinking. There was a hint of obsession on his face.

    “Since Mr. Huang knows this item, then I will not beat around the bush. I want to ask mister to forge a ‘Heavy Water Droplet.’” Liu Ming said directly.

    “Heavy Water Droplet?” After hearing this, Huang Zhen finally awoke a bit from his obsessed look, and took a deep breath.

    “Why? Is it that mister can’t forge it?” Liu Ming frowned slightly.

    “Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Liu. It’s impossible to fail since it’s me forging it. However, forging this into an intermediate grade spiritual weapon would be wasting this material. If mister can find a water attribute material to support the forging. I’m confident in forging this Heavy Water Droplet into a superb spiritual weapon.” Huang Zhen waved his hand as he explained.

    “Mister must be kidding. How is it possible for me to have this spiritual material in my hands. Although I had heard people talk about such materials once in the past, I don’t really know much about them. Can Brother Huang enlighten me?” Liu Ming’s heart moved, and he asked in an inquiring tone.

    “Mr. Liu is not a forger, so it’s normal for you to not know about spiritual materials. Spiritual materials are the best materials to forge superb spiritual weapons. The materials have spirits in them. If a normal superb spiritual weapon wants to be upgraded to thirty-six enchantments which is a prototype of a magic weapon, it needs a spiritual material. For treasures like the First Yuan Heavy Water, if you add the corresponding spiritual material during the forge, it can naturally increase its grade. Therefore, even if a Real Pellet State master wants to find this type of materials, it is still extremely difficult.” Huang Zhen slowly explained.

    “So that’s the case, I really gain a lot of knowledge. However, I don’t have any spiritual material, How long do you need to forge an intermediate grade Heavy Water Droplet?” Liu Ming nodded thoughtfully, and he suddenly turned the thread of discussion Asked.

    “Twenty days later, you can come and get it from me. In addition, forging Heavy Water Droplet still needs some other auxiliary materials, but I can prepare them. It’s just…” Huang Zhen said soafter thinking about it.

    “You can rest assured that the previous water mystic stone is just a reward, and I will pay for the auxiliary materials. Then, I will come again after twenty days.” Liu Ming nodded and said, thinking about the hunting of blood locust beast in half a month. It seems that I can only take it after the mission.

    Seeing Liu Ming promised so swiftly, the man also accepted forging the Heavy Water Droplet without hesitation.

    Next, Liu Ming talked to him about the enchantments that needed to be incorporated into the Heavy Water Droplet. Naturally, he still asked for the buff in increasing weight. Huang Zhen naturally had no objection to this, and he immediately worked on it.

    Liu Ming didn’t stay here much either. After leaving First Yuan Heavy Water and some water mystic stones, he left directly.

    He went out of the valley and flew away. Soon, he returned to his cave house. After informing Lian Er and Hong Er that he wouldn’t see any visitors, he turned around and entered the secret room.

    After Liu Ming sat cross-legged in the secret room, he flicked his sleeves, and a cloud of black gas flew out. After it condensed in front of him, it turned into a mini bone shield with nine skulls printed on it.

    Liu Ming fell into contemplation while checking with what he was holding.

    After talking with Huang Zhen, he had determined that the Flame Cultivation Scripture recorded some correct spiritual materials. If he wanted to forge a thirty-six enchantments magic weapon prototype, he really must use spiritual materials.

    Nine Skulls Shield was already the superb spiritual weapon with the thirty-five enchantment. Now it was only one step away from the thirty-six enchantment. Once the forging was successful, it could be transformed into the prototype of a magic weapon.

    And he still had a lot of spiritual materials needed for this shield. It should be enough to complete the sacrificial refinement of the last enchantment.

    And if he had a bone shield with thirty-six enchantments, he believed it would be enough to protect himself against the ordinary Crystallization Period master.

    Liu Ming thought of this, and his heart became hot.

    Real Pellet State master like Siren King only had a prototype of magic weapon, Xuan Yin Needle, in his hand. Treasure with such grade should be extremely rare even in the cultivation world of the Middle Sky Continent.

    However, if he really wanted to upgrade the Nine Skulls Shield to thirty-six enchantment, he could only do it after the detoxification.

    And he might have to spend some time studying the method of forging.

    After all, he had never thought about giving the Nine Skulls Shield and spiritual materials to other forging masters for sacrificial refining.

    In the next few days, Liu Ming sold some of the remaining ore, together with some of the best spirit stones he had. He temporarily bought a low tier flying sword spiritual weapon and some talisman that could be used in the deep sea.

    He had already decided in his heart that if necessary, he wouldn’t touch the superb spiritual weapons, Golden Fallen Sand and Nine Skulls Shield, especially the latter.

    Otherwise, once he was being targeted by the powerhouse above the Crystallisation Period, he would be in great trouble.

    After completing these preparations, in the following days, he meditated and adjusted his breath all day in the cave house to recharge his spiritual power.

    Eight days later, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan left Qingyu Island together and flew all the way to the island where Fang Yao was located.