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Chapter 343 - Sexy Vlogger Du Xiaoxiao!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 343: Sexy Vlogger Du Xiaoxiao!

    “Oh, will you just summon him, please?!”

    Shen Cangsheng jolted as Ye Chen looked at him mysteriously. He said after gulping, “Mad Southern Ye, can you let me go? I won’t interfere with the grudge between you and the Mysterious Snake King.”

    He felt upset as he spoke. He had conquered the northeast for decades. As a sorcerer, when had he ever spoken to anyone so politely? However, he had to do that now.

    The reason was that the young man standing before him was China’s No. 1. He had killed Huang Xieyi and Shi Qianmo right before his eyes. Now that he thought about it, Yin Santong and Bai Shinie must be dead too.

    “I might be able to let you go!” Ye Chen exhaled the last smoke ring and stepped on the cigarette butt as he said, ‘But you’ll have to bring me to the secondary forest to see those so-called Five Kings!”

    “What?” Shen Cangsheng was secretly startled as if he had just heard something terrifying. “You want to kill the Five Kings?”

    The Five Kings were the most powerful existence in the entire northeast. Apart from that, they had lived for close to 1,000 years and had witnessed the changes of countless dynasties. They were almost evergreen, but Ye Chen wanted to kill them?

    Shen Cangsheng said immediately as he thought to this point, “Mad Southern Ye, I admit that you’re powerful, but I’m advising you that it’s best that you don’t do it.”

    “Why not?” Ye Chen smiled calmly.

    Shen Cangsheng took a deep breath. “It’s beyond your imagination how terrifying the Five Kings are. The reason why you could kill Huang Xieyi and the rest is that the Five Kings are restrained by the Heaven Dao, whereby they can’t leave the secondary forest. They could only send a clone to possess them while the clone’s ability is less than 50% of the real thing.”

    “Just show me the way. I’ll kill you right away if you blabber any further!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly, feeling rather impatient.


    Lushan was one of the mountains of the Yin Mountains in Liaoning’s Beizhen. Legend had it that Lushan was one of the 12 mountains that Emperor Shun of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors had divided back then. Since the beginning of time, it held the title of having the best scenery. It was the No. 1 mountain in the entire northeast.

    At that moment, many people were gathered there.

    There happened to be some unknown creature’s calls coming from Lushan yesterday. The calls sounded devastating, and anyone within 80 kilometers heard it. Netizens speculated that there were cavemen in the mountain after it went viral on the internet.

    Therefore, many people came over to check it out. Du Xiaoxiao, a famous vlogger on a platform, was among the crowd. Due to her suggestive dressing and sexual jokes, she had many male fans.

    “Thank you user ‘walkoflife’ for subscribing to my channel!

    “Thank you user ‘loveisatyourdoor’ for the donation!”

    The provocatively dressed Du Xiaoxiao held her phone in one hand and a mic in front of her lips with her other hand at the moment. She was beaming.

    “Why did an old lady in her 90s die on the street naked? Why did hundreds of female donkeys scream in the middle of the night? Why do people keep stealing condoms from the kiosks?”

    Du Xiaoxiao’s opening hyped up the men watching her live stream. Comments kept popping up onto the screen.

    She coughed and went back to the subject, “Welcome to Xiaoxiao’s live stream, everyone. As you can see, Lushan is right behind me. Today, let me unveil whether there are really cavemen here as suggested on the internet.

    “*crying emoji* I’m going on a live stream risking being captured by cavemen. Please support me, brother and sisters. Send me gifts too.”

    Du Xiaoxiao paused for a moment. When she was going to speak again, a scream came from behind.

    She turned her head to look immediately and saw four balls of black smoke coming from far away. They were like dragons, but they were flying low.

    When the four clouds of black smokes were passing through the crowd, they grabbed four adult men with them. As a series of munching noises went on, four skeletons appeared on the ground. The four clouds rushed deep into Lushan within the blink of an eye.

    The terrifying and strange scene scared everyone.


    “There’s a monster eating people!”


    The people screamed when they snapped back to their senses. They were jostling each other as they ran. Needless to say, they would be happy to have an extra pair of legs now.

    The sexy vlogger Du Xiaoxiao turned off the live stream right away. She ran with the crowd as her groupies protected her. She had lost her charm and confidence that she carried earlier.

    However, there were two men who were not running. Instead, they were walking toward the opposite way where the people were running.

    They were Ye Chen and Shen Cangsheng. They saw the four black clouds eating people, but they failed to save them.

    Du Xiaoxiao ran while screaming when she saw them from far away, “Run, run now! There’s a monster eating people!”

    Ye Chen glanced at her and proceeded to walk over to her.

    “Handsome man, stop walking there. Run with us. There really is a monster ahead!” Du Xiaoxiao held onto Ye Chen, feeling annoyed.

    Ye Chen smiled. Just when he was going to speak, a man, who had walked a couple of meters away, turned his head and said to Du Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, why are you still caring about somebody else when we’re in danger?”

    His name was Yue Bin, and he was Du Xuaoxiao’s groupie. Groupie meant fan, and he was also Du Xiaoxiao’s ‘godbrother’. He was always sending her gifts because his family was wealthy.

    Yue Bin wanted to take her to bed, so he had suggested looking for cavemen at Lushan. Naturally, his goal was to win her over. Never had he thought not only they did not find any cavemen, but a monster. At the same time that he felt scared, he was also annoyed.

    Yue Bin spoke again, “Everyone is running out, but these two dummies are still walking in. Let them go since they’re seeking death!”

    “Handsome man, there really is a monster in there. We saw four black clouds of smoke eating four people alive…” Du Xiaoxiao advised, feeling unwilling to continue persuading them. She secretly made up her mind that she would give up if Ye Chen did not believe her.

    Yue Bin urged, “Xiaoxiao, let’s go. These two dummies will regret it when they see the monster later.”

    Ye Chen smiled calmly and said to Du Xiaoxiao, “Thank you for your kindness, but I’m here to kill five filthy animals!”

    “Kill? Filthy animals?” Yue Bin scoffed, “Do you think you’re a sorcerer? There must be something wrong with your head!”

    Ye Chen shook his head and ignored both of them. He stepped out and leaped into the air like a giant dragon soaring into the sky. He stood with his arms behind his back while he looked at the ground as if he was a god who was looking at the world in a condescending manner.

    His extremely cold voice boomed, “Mysterious Snake King, Black Bear King, Weasel King, Hedgehog King, and Rat King, get out now to accept your death, you filthy animals!”

    Yue Bin and Du Xiaoxiao were dumbstruck to watch that scene.

    They opened their mouths wide, unable to believe what they saw!

    “Holy sh*t!” someone cursed.

    Subsequently, the people who had run some distance away turned their heads to look by instinct. They happened to see Ye Chen in the sky. They were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped to the ground.


    “Is that young man in the sky God?”

    “How is he hovering in the air?”

    “Is he here to capture the monster?”

    Everyone looked at the silhouette in the sky blankly.

    Yue Bin gulped, almost passing out from shock.

    Du Xiaoxiao clenched her fists tightly as she watched Ye Chen who was in the sky. She said as her cheeks flushed, “So cool!”

    Realizing that nothing was happening, Ye Chen chuckled and took out a cigarette. He smoked it after lighting it and said, “I’ll wait for you guys until I’m done with this cigarette. If you guys don’t show up, I’ll burn the entire Lushan today, putting an end to your lair and your descendants!”