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Chapter 342 - Don’t Push Me, Mad Southern Ye!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 342: Don’t Push Me, Mad Southern Ye!

    “How powerful!”

    “Is there anyone in the world that can defeat him?!”

    Everyone looked at the silhouette in the air blankly. They were terrified as a buzz hummed in their heads.

    Surrounded by the most powerful sorcerers in the northeast, they thought that Ye Chen would be defeated.

    Never had they thought that he would kill two people consecutively within a couple of minutes. He punched Yin Santong until he exploded, and he killed Bai Shinie with a swing of saber. There were almost no extra techniques as he was brutal and straightforward.

    How could that not shock and horrify the people?

    Huang Xieyi and Shi Qianmo, who were left behind, were especially shocked that they dared not attack Ye Chen any longer.

    Yin Santong and Bai Shinie were no weaker than them. Nevertheless, they were killed. How could they fight Ye Chen now?

    Both of them could not help but be overcome by regret as they thought to this point. They lamented having offended Ye Chen just for their so-called dignity.

    Just when they were going to speak, they suddenly felt empty.

    Two balls of black energy were exuded from their bodies. The balls of black energy were like dragons as they shot directly into the sky with a noise that seemed as if the air was being torn apart. The energy went strong without stopping.

    At that moment, Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi were stunned. Even the people on the ground who were watching were dumbfounded.

    The Black Bear King and Weasel King that possessed Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi had just r-run away!

    Everyone gasped after a moment of blankness.

    One must know that the Black Bear King and Weasel King were the heads of all immortals in the northeast. However, they had now escaped, leaving their  disciples behind.


    “No!” Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi were in disbelief. They were not Ye Chen’s match when the immortals possessed them. Now that the immortals had escaped, they were no match for even his finger.

    At once, Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi ran far away. They fled extremely quickly.

    “Nobody that I, Ye Chen, want to kill can escape!”

    Ye Chen chased after them as he activated energy in his body.


    At the same time, an eagle flew where Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi were running toward. Shen Cangsheng stood on the eagle as suspicion flashed through his eyes.

    “That’s odd. Why is the aura that the Mysterious Snake King provided me with so close to the place where the five families are gathering tonight? Can the man who killed Zhu Chao have been captured by a  disciple?”

    Shen Cangsheng thought to himself for a little bit and smiled. “That’s good. It saves me a trip. I don’t care who you are, but you should be honored that I’m the one who will be killing you! Bai Shinie, I, Shen Cangsheng, am here!”

    At that moment, he suddenly felt two familiar aurae coming at him at high speed.

    Shen Cangsheng patted the eagle’s head. It stopped flying and supported him in the air. He saw two silhouettes coming from far away quickly.

    “Are those Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi?”

    Shen Cangsheng’s expression changed slightly, and he was rather skeptical. “Shouldn’t these two be at the gathering? Why are they here? Are they here to welcome me?”

    A smile flashed across his face as he thought to this point. He urged the eagle to go to the duo instantly. He said while smiling as he blocked their way, “Aren’t you guys sweet? I can’t believe that you guys are here to welcome me.”


    However, the response he got was a raging shriek from Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi.

    Just when Shen Cangsheng was going to speak, he suddenly noticed that another aura was fast approaching. In the next second, he saw Ye Chen coming while stepping in the air.

    ‘It’s him! Was this the brat who killed Zhu Chao and Mysterious Snake King’s son? I can’t believe that this brat is coming to me himself!’ Shen Cangsheng was stunned at first, then he was overjoyed.

    Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi’s expressions changed drastically. They pushed Shen Cangsheng away and ran far away again after taking a deep breath.

    Before Shen Cangsheng could react, Ye Chen appeared 100 meters away within a heartbeat. He threw a punch at Huang Xieyi who shouted, “No!”

    Subsequently, she exploded into a ball of bloody mist.

    Shen Cangsheng could not fathom whatever that had just happened. Did someone just punch Huang Xieyi until she exploded?

    Shi Qianmo knelt before Ye Chen, feeling terrified. “Mad Southern Ye, let me go. Please let me go. I swear I’ll no longer make you a rival…”

    “It’s too late!” Ye Chen’s eyes became serious.

    Sensing his killing intent, Shi Qianmo shouted at Shen Cangsheng who was aside, “Shen Cangsheng, Brother Shen, help me. Please help me…”

    As he was sliced into half from the middle before he was done speaking, bright red blood splashed into the sky.

    Shen Cangsheng watched everything blankly. He felt a buzz in his head, and he lost his stern image from before. ‘I can’t believe that the man I traveled 1,600 kilometers to kill just killed Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi right before my eyes!’

    One must know that Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi were no weaker than him!

    His pupils suddenly dilated! ‘Wait! That brat is Mad Southern Ye?!’

    He could not help but felt his emotions stir within him as he thought to this point! Sucking a deep breath in, he turned around and left as if Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi were pedestrians that he did not know.

    There was no hesitation at all!

    ‘What the hell, Mysterious Snake King?! You’re asking me to kill China’s No. 1!’

    Now, he just hoped that Ye Chen would not recognize him.

    However, what you were afraid of would always come to you!

    A calm voice boomed from behind him, “Wait!”

    Shen Cangsheng paused and turned his head to smile at Ye Chen in a rather stiff manner. “Brother, I didn’t see anything. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

    Ye Chen glanced at him. “What’s your name?”

    “I’m Liu Deshui! Shen Cangsheng said with a straight face, “I don’t know them.”

    Upon hearing that, Ye Chen looked at him wryly. “If I’m not mistaken, I heard them calling you Shen Cangsheng, am I right? Stop pretending!”

    Shen Cangsheng’s heart sank realizing that his cover was busted. He said with a grin, “Mad Southern Ye, there’s nothing between us. I definitely won’t tell anyone about Huang Xieyi and the rest’s death.”

    He secretly hated Shi Qianmo now. ‘You should just die, Shi Qianmo. Why did you have to call my name?’

    “There’s nothing between us?” Ye Chen chuckled softly and said, “I suppose the immortal behind you is the Mysterious Snake King, eh? Since I’ve killed the Mysterious Snake King’s son, aren’t you, the  disciple,going to avenge the Mysterious Snake King?”

    “The Mysterious Snake King is the Mysterious Snake King while I’m me!” Shen Cangsheng said looking unnatural.

    “The four of them are dead. You’re the only one left, so I’ll kill you now!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and walked to him one step after another with his arms behind his back.

    Shen Cangsheng took a step back by instinct. He said coldly, “Don’t push me, Mad Southern Ye. How terrifying the Mysterious Snake King is is beyond your imagination. If you dare take another step closer, I’ll summon him here!”

    “The Mysterious Snake King?” Ye Chen chuckled. “He’s just a long worm, but he dares call himself a king. Sure, I’ll give you a chance. Get him here!”

    “It’s you who is seeking death yourself!” Shen Cangsheng grinned upon hearing that, then he shouted instantly, “Please possess me, Third Master Liu!”

    However, the scene that he imagined, whereby black energy would have integrated with his body, did not happen. As if Third Master Liu did not sense his call, nothing happened.

    ‘How is that possible!?’

    His expression changed slightly, then he said again, “Please possess me, Third Master Liu!”

    Nothing happened.

    “Please possess me, Third Master Liu!

    Please possess me, Third Master Liu!”

    Shen Cangsheng shouted tens of times. However, the summoning that always worked failed at this moment.

    While he looked at Ye Chen, horror and disbelief filled his face! He finally understood it now! It was not that he could not summon the immortal! Third Master Liu simply dared not come! To be exact, Third Master Liu dared not possess him because he was afraid of Mad Southern Ye!!!

    He felt his scalp go numb as soon as the thought entered his mind!

    “Oh, will you just summon him, please?” Ye Chen said calmly.