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Chapter 341 - One Against Four, He’s Winning!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 341: One Against Four, He’s Winning!

    “Let’s go. Let’s kill him!”

    The killing intent in Yin Santong’s eyes skyrocketed at that moment.

    Ye Chen was too powerful, so powerful that even if they were to get the immortal to possess them and fight him on their own, they would not be his match. If they were to retreat now, how could they not be embarrassed to stay in the northeast in the future?

    “Please possess me, Fifth Master!” Yin Santong shouted.

    Bai Shinie and Shi Qianmo yelled out too

    “Please possess me, Second Master!”

    “Please possess me, Seventh Master!”

    Three black energies came down from the sky, covering the three of them within. Three compelling aurae exploded from the three of them. The black energies almost covered half of the sky, appearing strangely ominous!

    The people could not help but hold their breaths as their eyes went blank.

    The three black energies that they summoned were the Second Master, also known as the Black Bear King, the Fifth Master which was the Rat King, and the Seventh Master which was the Hedgehog King. One must know that any one of them could conquer the world.

    To fight Ye Chen, the four sorcerers had summoned the four kings to possess them at that moment. This had never happened in the entire history of the northeast.

    “You three filthy animals, you guys should’ve come sooner!” Ye Chen guffawed out loud devoid of any fear. Instead, disdain filled his eyes. His clothes were fluttering with the wind as his laughter echoed through the air.

    At the same time, Bai Shinie, Shi Qianmo, Yin Santong, and Huang Xieyi, whom Ye Chen had crippled, leaped into the sky at the same time. Dense killing intent almost covered the entire sky.

    “Kill him!” Shi Qianmo jeered and charged at Ye Chen with the black energy. He appeared like a falling meteorite.

    A gigantic black bear shadow loomed behind him. The bear had bloodshot eyes, and it looked ferocious. It was growling at a deafening volume.



    A humongous bear claw slammed at Ye Chen. It was like a black umbrella that enveloped the sky as if it was tearing the sky apart while destroying the air.

    At the same time, a gigantic rat shadow with black hair appeared behind Yin Santong. The rat had two long eyebrows at the corner of its eyes. The eyebrows turned into two chains that were thrown at Ye Chen. Clearly, it was trying to confine him.

    Bai Shinie and Huang Xieyi attacked Ye Chen from the back. A giant hedgehog with thorns that covered its body and a yellowish-brown weasel shadow appeared behind them respectively.

    The four of them had clear responsibilities.

    One was to attack Ye Chen in front of him, one tried to contain him while the other two attacked from behind. They were not holding back at all.

    The crowd that was watching from the ground lost themselves.

    ‘Are they trying to kill Ye Chen?!’ Aunt Hong lost all rationale. Shi Ting pulled at the corner of her shirt while Yang Tian was concerned.

    “Perfect!” Ye Chen stretched his arm and grabbed onto Yin Santong’s two long eyebrows instantly. He pulled them hard, moving forward instead of retreating. He used the momentum to shoot into the air like a giant dragon ascending the sky. Then, he threw a punch out.

    His punch was like a tyrant lifting a cauldron whereby it shook the mountains and rivers. The golden fist shadow that shone from his fist almost lit up the night sky, masking the brightness of the moonlight.


    He punched Shi Qianmo, who was coming at him, directly.

    The golden fist shadow and the giant palm print collided at the moment. Subsequently, a glaring gleam dazzled. Almost within the blink of an eye, the air around was destroyed. The loud thud that was created caused a buzzing in the ears of the onlookers.

    ‘Holy moly. Is that strength coming from a human?’

    Many of them lay on the ground.


    Golden energy spread out and threw Shi Qianmo out. He spat a mouthful of blood out after managing to stand still which took some effort.

    Horror filled his face.

    The Domination that he performed almost used up 80% of his strength. It could kill any Martial Dao master. Never had he thought that Ye Chen would have destroyed that with a punch alone.

    “Oh, no!” Yin Santong’s eyelid twitched hard. In the next second, he realized that Ye Chen was coming at him while grabbing his long eyebrows.

    “Die!” Ye Chen’s voice was extremely cold as if he was the god of death arriving on Earth. He threw a punch at his chest.


    As Yin Santong spat a mouthful of blood out, his chest caved in. His heart was crushed as a result of Ye Chen’s punch. The energy remnant was still destroying his body in an overbearing manner.


    Horror, shock, and disbelief pervaded his eyes. His fat body that weighed 136 kilograms exploded almost at the same time. Bloody flesh danced in the air. Yin Santong was killed within five minutes of battle!

    At the same time, black energy turned into a light stream and leaped into the sky. It was extraordinarily fast, even Ye Chen could not stop that. After all, the black energy was the Rat King’s projection, which was similar to a clone.

    At that moment, heaven and earth fell into dead silence!

    The crowd looked blank. Bai Shinie, Shi Qianmo, and Huang Xieyi, who were left behind, looked horrified.

    Did Yin Santong just explode and was killed from a punch alone?!

    Even the three immortals behind them were horrified.

    Did Yin Santong fail to escape despite being possessed by the Rat King and did he die on the spot?

    “Guys, we can’t hold back!” Bai Shinie growled in rage, his crazy eyes bulging, “This man is powerful. Let me constrain him. You guys will attack him with all of your might!”

    The hedgehog shadow behind him shrieked again as soon as he was done speaking. It was growing as it charged directly at Ye Chen. Clearly, it wanted to fight Ye Chen with brute force with the upper hand of having thorns on it.

    Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi respectively released their most powerful attack at Ye Chen from two directions. The assault was even more terrifying than before.

    However, Ye Chen’s compelling flesh was beyond their imagination.

    “I guess you’ll be the second one to die!” Ye Chen leaped into the air and charged at Shi Qianmo with his back. When he waved his right hand in the air, a saber with a white glow materialized.

    “Kill him!”

    Ye Chen did not even bother bringing out the Master Destruction Saber and the Almighty Killer Sword. He made his finger a saber directly and swung it at Bai Shinie. The long saber glow destroyed the air with countless explosions.

    At that moment, Bai Shinie, who was merely ten meters away from him, sensed the horror coming from the saber glow. His expression changed, and he wanted to retreat.

    However, Ye Chen had already swung the saber.

    Bai Shinie was sliced into half by the saber as he panicked and felt unwilling to die. He did not even manage to beg.

    Bai Shinie was killed just like that!

    Another black energy flew toward the sky!

    Dead silence filled the place.

    Including Yin Santong from before, two of the four sorcerers were killed. Two more remained while the two who were dead had been killed by Ye Chen in an overbearing manner. From the beginning until the end, they did not even touch the hem of Ye Chen’s shirt.

    The people’s lips were quivering.

    So, this was China’s No. 1, Mad Southern Ye? As expected, he was a mad genius!

    Shi Qianmo and Huang Xieyi, who were remained behind, seemed to look blank!


    At the same time, 32 kilometers away in the sky, an eagle was flying toward the club. The eagle had extremely sharp eyes, and its body was the size of a human adult after it spread its wings.

    Meanwhile, there was an old man in a monk robe standing on it.

    The old man stood with his arms behind his back while his eyes were looking far away. There was an aura that he was looking for. “I don’t care who you are. You must die for having dared to kill the Mysterious Snake King’s son!”

    The old man shook his head lightly, feeling rather proud. “Bai Shinie, I was defeated by your 200 hits last year. I, Shen Cangsheng, have trained hard the past winter and summer. I’ve got the confidence to take 250 hits from you this time!”