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Chapter 340 - Please Possess Me, Fourth Master Huang!

Genius Daddy in the City
     “I want the beast cores of the five animals behind you guys. So, I’ll send you guys to hell today!”

    At that moment, the lounge fell into dead silence as soon as Ye Chen said that. Everyone had horror on their faces when they looked at Ye Chen.

    It was madness!

    It was overbearing!

    Not only did he not appreciate the four sorcerers’ favor, but he also wanted to kill all of them, as well as the Five Kings’ beast cores!

    Beast core! It was the power essence that immortals cultivated for countless years and went through tribulations for. One could say that it was more important than life itself!

    Was he planning to go into the secondary forest to kill the Five Kings? Was he not too overconfident to be saying that?

    “Mad Southern Ye, you’ve crossed the line!” Huang Xieyi, who was on the grandmaster chair, slammed the handle and stood up instantly. “Do you really think we’re afraid of you?”

    “Mad Southern Ye, you’re mad. You’re blinded by how mad you are!” Bai Shinie, who represented the Hedgehog King, was enraged.

    “That’s right!” Representing the Black Bear King, Shi Qianm said coldly, “Don’t you dare underestimate us in our territory just because you’re an overlord out there. In reality, the so-called Heaven Leaderboard is nothing to us!”

    “Kill him!” Yin Santong seemed grim.

    The immortals of the northeast had a close relationship with Shamanism. They came from the same roots. Although they did not cultivate Martial Dao or methods, they could use witchcraft. Their witchcraft was no less powerful than Sorcerer Gongyang’s abilities.

    Huang Xieyi performed a hand seal quickly as soon as they were done speaking. She shouted, “Please possess me, Fourth Master Huang!”

    In the next second, black energy descended from the sky. It caused a strong wind that blew so hard at the people in the entire lounge that they could not open their eyes.

    After the strong wind subsided, the black energy integrated with Huang Xieyi. There was gravely terrifying demonic energy within the black energy. The people saw Huang Xieyi’s features changing faintly. She looked human for one second, and in the next second, she resembled a weasel face with white fur. Her blue eyes were horrifying!

    The people were startled to see that. Clearly, she had gotten the immortal to possess her!

    Among the crowd, Yang Tian asked instinctively, “Who is Fourth Master Huang?”

    “Fourth Master Huang is the Weasel King among the Five Kings!”

    Aunt Hong said in her deep voice, “The Five Kings are ranked according to their ages. The Black Bear King is Second Master Nie, the Mysterious Snake King is Third Master Liu, the Weasel King is Fourth Master Huang, the Rat King is Fifth Master Bai, and the Hedgehog King is Seventh Master!”

    Yang Tian came to a realization. He asked again, seeming to recall something, “There are the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Masters, so why are there no Sixth and First Masters?”

    “That’s right, Aunt.” Shi Ting was also confused.

    Aunt Hong ignored both of them, looking awkward.

    Huang Xieyi’s transformation shocked Di Jing who was among the crowd too. The strong wind had completely changed her outlook on the world. She could not help but stare at Ye Chen, feeling energized again.

    ‘This is a technique close to what the gods are capable of doing! Let’s see how you’re going to fight this!’

    Huang Xieyi hovered in the air and looked at Ye Chen in a condescending manner. Demonic qi filled her body, followed by a husky voice, “Mad Southern Ye, why don’t you stay the No. 1 of China out there? Why did you come to the northeast to stir things up?”

    Clearly, the immortal in her body, which was the Weasel King, had spoken.

    “It’s because I want your beast core, you filthy animal. If you give it to me, I might consider sparing your life!” Ye Chen said while standing with his arms behind his back.

    The people were speechless. To them, Ye Chen was as ridiculous as a villain for calling the immortal a filthy animal and asking for its beast core.

    “You b*stard! Since you’re seeking death, do you dare fight me up there?!” The Weasel King in Huang Xieyi’s body was enraged. She rushed out of the window after taunting him.


    As the glass was smashed, she leaped into the air. After all, the club had limited space, which was not suitable for a battle. Moreover, there were too many people watching. If they were killed in the battle impact, it would damage the good karma that the immortal had gathered.

    Ye Chen leaped forward to go after Huang Xieyi.

    “Old Ye!” Yang Tian’s voice of concern came from behind.

    Ye Chen turned his head to look at him, and he said while smiling, “Old Yang, just stay here while I go kill her. With Iron Tower here, nobody can hurt you!”

    “Be careful!” Yang Tian nodded and grabbed a packet of cigarettes. He tossed one at Ye Chen. “Take it. I know you love smoking before you kill.”

    ‘He loves smoking before he kills?’ The people were speechless to hear that comment.

    Stunned, Ye Chen smiled after that. He lit the cigarette by making a fireball in his hand. Then, he leaped right out.

    “Let’s go. Let’s go check it out!” someone said, which led everyone else to walk out of the club, including Bai Shinie, Shi Qianmo, and Yin Santong who had been sitting on the grandmaster chairs.

    Although the hunchback old man had said that Ye Chen was Mad Southern Ye, they were still suspicious of that. Therefore, Huang Xieyi wanted to take the initiative to prove it.


    In midair, Huang Xieyi stood on the black energy while her expression was extremely cold. “Mad Southern Ye, it’s not too late for you to retreat now!”

    “Just fight. Stop your blabbering!” Ye Chen took a puff on his cigarette, feeling rather impatient.

    “Sure, I’ll make your dream come true!” Huang Xieyi smiled in rage while she grabbed the air with both hands. Thick black energy consolidated from her hands and eventually consolidated into a black spear with demonic qi covering it.

    “Black Demonic Spear!” she shouted in rage. She waved the black spear as she charged at Ye Chen at lightning speed.

    The people felt woozy as they saw a shadow flash through the air in the next second and go closer to Ye Chen.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen stood still as if he was shocked by that!

    Everyone on the ground, including Bai Shinie and the rest, scoffed watching that. Disdain filled their faces.

    The No. 1 in China? It seemed to be just a rumor!

    Huang Xieyi’s spear was made of demonic qi. It looked elusive, but it was extremely tough. It could crush everything and even pierce through an armored tank.


    The black spear landed on Ye Chen’s body accurately. Sparks flew everywhere as a metallic clanging noise rang out.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen was totally unharmed!

    “How’s that possible?!” The smile on Huang Xieyi’s face froze. She could not believe that her Black Demonic Spear did not hurt him!

    The crowd gasped at that moment.

    Bai Shinie, Shi Qianmo, and Yin Santong’s expressions changed at the same time. “What?”

    That was the Black Demonic Spear! Even they dared not take it by force. However, Ye Chen had just grabbed it and was totally unharmed.

    “The Black Demonic Spear? Haha!” Ye Chen smirked in disdain. He lifted his arm to grab the black spear. Then, he crushed the spear directly.

    “Oh, no!” Huang Xieyi’s expression changed drastically. She wanted to retreat by instinct, but Ye Chen’s punch came.

    The blow alone was like Mount Tai pressing down on her. It was immensely heavy! She was slammed into the ground directly.


    The ground shook intensely. Gravel flew all over the place and dust went everywhere. Everyone staggered. They fell onto the ground, failing to control themselves as horror filled their faces.

    Was the Sorcerer Huang that they admired defeated in merely one hit?!

    After the dust faded, a hole appeared on the ground. A person, whose body was filled with blood, crawled out of it. She was terrified as she spoke to the silhouette in the air, “How are you so strong?”

    Bai Shinie, Shi Qianmo, and Yin Santong were agitated.

    Ye Chen stood proudly in the air as everyone stared. He puffed out a smoke ring. His cold voice echoed without any warmth in it at all, “You’re too weak. Come fight me together, useless things. I, Ye Chen, can defeat the four of you!”