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Chapter 339 - Apart from Mr. Ye, Who Else Dares to Call Himself the Mad Southern?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 339: Apart from Mr. Ye, Who Else Dares to Call Himself the Mad Southern?

    At that moment, pin-drop silence filled the entire lounge!

    Everyone stared at that skinny silhouette in a blank. They were excited.

    This man had just thrown Dai Wei out with a slap!

    Then, he squeezed Mei Niang until she exploded!

    After that, he controlled a fire dragon to kill Sorcerer Gongyang!

    Before this, who would have thought this person before them could do all that? They even thought Ye Chen would suffer terrible consequences. However, reality gave them a hard slap!

    The young man before them had been quiet earlier. However, he was like a strong gale that resembled a storm or a tornado when he moved. He crushed everyone’s guards directly.

    Aunt Hong and Shi Ting were currently dumbstruck.

    The only thought they had was—he’s so powerful!

    At that moment, they even thought the Ye Chen they knew before was a different person since he was completely different from before!

    “As expected, Mr. Ye is a powerhouse!” Old Shen’s lips shuddered.

    Before departing, his boss had told him that Ye Chen was no ordinary man. He had even ordered the expedition team to listen to Ye Chen. Although Old Chen heard that, he was doubtful. After all, Ye Chen was just too young.

    “Kill him. Kill him please, three sorcerers!” Dai Wei shouted with his bloodshot eyes as if he had become insane. The massive blow had crushed him entirely.

    The people reacted to what he said.

    ‘That’s right! There are the three most powerful sorcerers here! Ye Chen can’t kill them no matter how powerful he is, right?’ Dai Wei’s words gave Di Jing a tiny bit of hope.

    ‘That’s right! There are three sorcerers here, and they are the most powerful ones.’ She looked at Ye Chen again with pride as she thought to this point, ‘I admit that I underestimated you. But you can’t change the ending now! You’ll die a devastating death!’

    At the same time, the three of them on the grandmaster chairs looked at each other.

    In the end, Huang Xieyi, who was sitting in the middle, looked at Ye Chen. She said in slight fear, “I’m sure you’re no ordinary man since you are so powerful. I wonder who exactly you are.”

    That was right! They were a little scared!

    Ye Chen grabbed the fireball that Sorcerer Gongyang had charged earlier with his bare hands. Judging by that, Ye Chen must be who the people in the outside world calledthe Spell Master. At the same time, he could cast spells too.

    Therefore, they were unwilling to fight Ye Chen unless it was the last resort.

    “I know who he is now!” someone screamed at that moment.

    The people looked following where the voice came from. They saw a hunchback old man standing among the crowd. He walked straight to Ye Chen and clasped his fists in all seriousness as he spoke to Ye Chen, “I wonder if your family name is Ye, whereas your first name is Chen?”

    “That’s right.” Ye Chen nodded expressionlessly.

    The hunchback old man knelt hard before Ye Chen as soon as he was done speaking, “I must be blind not to have recognized you. Please forgive me, Mr. Ye!”

    Someone could not help but ask upon seeing what he did, “Old Wang, is this Ye Chen famous?”

    He was not the only one who was confused. So was everyone else.

    Many people had the family name Ye in this world while there were many people named Ye Chen. Moreover, was the name not common?

    The hunchback old man stood up and smiled coldly.”Let me tell you this. Apart from Ye Chen, Mr. Ye has another name.”

    He took a deep breath as he spoke to this point. He enunciated word for word, “He’s also called Mad Southern Ye!”

    Because he had been sitting on the other side before this, he did not notice Ye Chen. Since the conflict came up, he was unsure of his speculation. He was only sure after Ye Chen showed his abilities. That was the reason why he had mustered his courage to ask that .

    Mad Southern Ye?

    The people were stunned at first, then someone screamed in horror, “Mad Southern Ye? Do you mean China’s No. 1 Mad Southern Ye?”

    “That’s right!” the hunchback old man nodded and said, “In entire China, apart from Mr. Ye, who else would dare to call himself the Mad Southern?”

    Everyone inhaled sharply. Their eyes were filled with shock when they looked at Ye Chen again.

    Mad Southern Ye!

    No. 1 of China!

    They had heard of the series of titles and Ye Chen’s achievements even though they were all the way in the northeast. It was just that they had never thought the legendary man would be standing right in front of them.

    Aunt Hong’s face was blank.

    Old Master Hu was filled with regrets! If he had known that earlier, he would not have given up on Ye Chen no matter what.

    “What? He’s Mad Southern Ye?” Dai Wei fell onto the ground. He stammered as he spoke, “I-impossible! How is this possible?!”

    Di Jing bit her lip hard while her face was extremely pale. She secretly regretted what she had done. She could not help but look at Ye Chen, chuckling as she bit her lip. “Why? Why didn’t you tell us your identity since the beginning?”

    Ye Chen replied coldly, “Why’d I tell you?”

    Di Jing was stunned. She then forced a smile. ‘That’s right! Why would he tell me?’ Whatever happened now came from her arrogance and speculation. She had brought that upon herself.

    “Mad Southern Ye!” Huang Xieyi, who was on the grandmaster chair, took a deep breath and said, “We’ve heard of you. Can we just treat whatever happened today as a misunderstanding and forget it?”

    “That’s right.” Bai Shinie nodded and said, “After all, there’s no vengeance between us. This is all instigated by that guy named Dai and Sorcerer Gongyang.”

    His arm suddenly grew as he spoke to this point. He stretched it at Dai Wei and grabbed him. “As an apology, we’re willing to kill Dai Wei.”

    “No! Please don’t!” Dai Wei was shocked. Never had he expected the three sorcerers to do that. He said to Ye Chen instantly, “Ye Chen, Mad Southern Ye, I’m begging you. Please help me. I was forced to do whatever I did…”

    If he was given another chance, he would not target Ye Chen no matter what. A mere mistake had caused him great trouble!

    However, ruthlessness was written on Ye Chen’s face.

    Dai Wei then looked at Old Shen who was standing aside. “Old Shen, help me. Please ask Ye Chen to spare my life…”

    Old Shen looked away, refusing to look at him. Whatever Dai Wei did had disappointed him from the very beginning.

    Dai Wei could not help but look at Di Jing. Just when he was going to speak, Bai Shinie swallowed him directly. As a series of munching noises came, a pile of bones appeared on the ground.

    Everyone had goosebumps just watching that. It was a man who had been alive! However, he was eaten within the blink of an eye!

    “Mad Southern Ye, what do you think of my way of handling this?” Bai Shinie looked at Ye Chen.

    Shi Qianmo, who was aside, said in his deep voice, “If you’re still not satisfied, I’ll kill that lady named Ding as well!”

    Di Jing almost passed out from shock

    “There’s no need!” However, Ye Chen shook his head.

    “Does that mean that we’re good?” Huang Xieyi instantly smiled. “That’s more like it. There’s no vengeance between us, so there’s no need to fight for something so minor…”

    Ye Chen interrupted her before she was done speaking, “When did I say that we’re good?”

    “What do you mean?” Huang Xieyi frowned.

    Ye Chen took a step out while his extremely cold voice echoed through the entire lounge, “I want the beast cores of the five animals behind you guys. So, I’ll send you guys to hell today!”