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Chapter 441: Qingsan Pill

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 441: Qingsan Pill

    Xin Yuan put the jade tablet under his forehead and understood the mission situation.

    It turned out that this fissure infant beast was a sea monster of the Condensation Period early stage. Although it was quite powerful in water element techniques, it was extremely afraid of the power of fire, and its monster core was an excellent alchemy material. Its sound was similar to the cry of the baby, so its name was named after this reason.

    This beast liked to live in coral colonies, and there was a coral island not far from the south of Qingyu Island.

    After thinking about it, Xin Yuan immediately stepped out of the Merit Hall. He threw the iron rod in front of him as his figure flashed, then the iron rod carried him and turned into a black light that flew to the south.


    Liu Ming’s flight took half a day. He finally arrived at a small emerald island at noon.

    The area of ​​the small island was not large, but the vegetation was lush. Many places had been developed up into medicinal fields, which were planted with all kinds of spiritual herbs. There were also hills of different sizes in many places of the island. This place could also be called a tranquil and elegant environment.

    Liu Ming hovered in the air for a while. After confirming that this was the destination of his trip, he slowly landed on the bottom of a beautiful mountain on the island.

    After scanning the surrounding situation with mental power, he stood in front of a green stone door after a few flashes.

    Before he could knock on the door, the stone door opened by itself with a creak.

    Liu Ming was startled when he saw this. A boy probed his head out, and after seeing Liu Ming, he immediately asked vigilantly,

    “Who are you?”

    “Changfeng Association’s guest Liu Ming. I’m here to visit Fang Yao. Please let him know about that.” Liu Ming replied with a smile after turning his mind.

    “There is no need for that! I never see anyone that doesn’t belong to the Changfeng Association! Can you take out the guest token?” A vigorous voice suddenly came from the depths of the tunnel behind the boy.

    Liu Ming frowned. He flicked his sleeves and a cloud of blue light emerged. After the light condensed, it turned into a token with flashing green light.

    After the boy took the token, he immediately turned and walked in.

    “It turned out to be Mr. Liu. Please come in.” A moment later, the man’s voice came from the cave house. The boy walked out and respectfully returned the token, then he quickly led Liu Ming in.

    This cave house looked inconspicuous on the outside, but inside, it was much larger than the cave house allocated to Liu Ming in Qingyu Island. A winding corridor connected many stone chambers.

    Not long after, under the guidance of the boy, Liu Ming came to a large stone hall at the end of the corridor. There were some simple wooden tables and chairs in the hall, and there was a stone door on the left and right side wall. They seemed to be connected to another two tunnels.

    “Mr. Liu, please drink some spiritual tea and wait a while. I’m refining a furnace of elixir. Sorry for the poor hospitality.” The previous man’s voice came from the left side door.

    “Mr. Fang doesn’t have to be so polite. If you are busy, you can work on it first. It’s me who disturbs you.” Liu Ming replied loudly.

    When he stepped in this place, he suddenly felt a high temperature faintly coming from the tunnel on the left. It must be the alchemy site built by Fang Yao.

    At this time, the boy served a cup of spiritual tea after waiting for Liu Ming to sit down.

    Liu Ming bowed his head and glanced at the tea in his hand carefully. The tea was in emerald green in the crystal clear cup, and it exuded a faint fragrance.

    After he lifted his head and tasted it, he felt bitter at first. Then, there was a sense of coolness after it went down his throat. Moreover, the coolness spread across the meridians throughout the body in an instant, and his body was soothing.

    This tea was so effective that Liu Ming could help but look forward to the owner of this place.

    Next, he was drinking tea slowly while waiting quietly.

    After an unknown period, his eyes flashed suddenly. He looked at a weird picture full of scarlet runes on one side of the wall with a hint of interest.

    “Oh, it turns out that Mr. Liu also knows the alchemy technique?” Just when Liu Ming was in a trance, a figure appeared on the left side door. A middle-aged man wearing a gray robe walked out from it.

    This person was more than forty years old, tall and thin, with an*** elegant face. At the moment, he was twisting his beard with his hand while looking at Liu Ming with a smile.

    “You must be a fellow Mr. Fang. I did briefly study the alchemy technique in my early years, but it is not enough to compare with Mr. Fang.” Liu Ming said in a humble voice while cupping his fist when he saw this.

    “Although I live outside the island for a long time, I have heard a little bit about it. A few months ago, two new guests joined the Association. I think Mr. Liu, you should be one of them right.” Fang Yao assessed Liu Ming and said with a smile, then he sat down at the master seat of the hall.

    “I did join the Changfeng Association not long ago. Actually, I have one request from Mr. Fang for visiting today.” Liu Ming nodded and explained his intentions directly.

    “Oh, I’m considered to be quite skillful in terms of medical skills. Are you coming here to cure a disease or detoxify?” Fang Yao said without any surprise.

    “To be honest, I have gotten a strange poison. This poison is usually attached to my internal organs, and it is not a major problem. However, I must consume an antidote every month. Otherwise, it will be triggered. The poison will spread and erode my internal organs. The consequences will be unimaginable.” Liu Ming didn’t mean to hide it, and said frankly.

    “It can erode the internal organs and trigger regularly. This poison doesn’t sound simple, but I can try to cure it.” After the gray-robed middle-aged man heard the words, and his eyes were flickering while thinking for a while, he replied solemnly. He seemed to be interested in it.

    Seeing Fang Yao promised it, Liu Ming was overjoyed. He immediately explained in detail the strange nature of the poison that could devour spiritual power and his own attempt to decipher. As for how did he got it, he just brushed it off, and the man in gray robe didn’t ask much.

    After Fang Yao listened, hesitated for a while, then he took Liu Ming to another secret room next to the living room.

    There was a pale yellow circular array with the size of ten meters inscribed on the ground. There was a futon in the middle, and there were more than ten yellow crystal stones inlaid in the surrounding grooves.

    Fang Yao motioned Liu Ming to sit in the center of the circle.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming scanned with his mental power. After confirming that this was only a detecting array, he walked over and sat down cross-legged.

    After seeing Liu Ming sitting firmly, the middle-aged in gray robe took a deep breath and waved his hand, launching a dozen symbols at the array. Each symbol hit on the crystal stones of the yellow array accurately.

    Suddenly the whole array hummed. It was flashing in yellow light, then it slowly spun up.

    Fang Yao flipped his hand and took out a simple bronze mirror. After throwing it away, he chanted.

    After the bronze mirror flashed, it flew over Liu Ming’s head. After it spun, it shot out a golden glow that covered Yang Ming in it.

    Then, Fang Yao launched a series of symbols. From time to time, weird runes emerged from the bronze mirror. They were fluttering uncertainly.


    The middle-aged man in gray robe suddenly groaned. A yellow beam immediately shot out from the surface of the bronze mirror, turning into a light curtain that covered Liu Ming inside.

    Liu Ming narrowed his eyes, but he stood still, letting the yellow light curtain circulate around his body.

    Fang Yao made a gesture and attentively watched some strange scenes that emerged from the rolling bronze mirror.

    It didn’t take long before he breathed out and launched a symbol at the array. The yellow array stopped abruptly, and its light faded away.

    The bronze mirror also flew back into his hand as he waved his sleeve.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming immediately walked out of the circle, stood aside, and waited quietly.

    Fang Yao was thinking on the spot in deep thought. After a while, he asked for Liu Ming’s blood essence around his dantian. After putting into a spiritual disc, he extracted a strand of black silk from it.

    Then he tried a dozen different spiritual fluids to mix with the black silk, and he observed carefully.

    After a quarter of an hour, Fang Yao suddenly laughed and said, “Oh, I finally understand. This poison is really peculiar, but it is not impossible to cure it. I know that a detoxification pill can remove this poison.”

    “Really!? Brother Fang has this elixir here!?” Liu Ming was naturally overjoyed when he heard this.

    “This elixir called Qingsan Pill is rarely used, and I don’t have it in my hand. However, it is easy to refine this pill. It’s just I’m still lacking one ingredient, and this ingredient… “Fang Yao hesitated after hearing this.

    “May I know what this ingredient is and how do I get it? As long as Brother Fang can refine this pill, after curing the poison, I will definitely repay you with generous gifts.” Liu Ming heard the name “Qingsan Pill”, he turned his mind. After confirming that he had never heard of it, he immediately cupped his fist and asked solemnly.

    “This medicine is a sea monster venom sac of the blood locust beast, and it must be a venom sac in the king beast of the Condensation Period. However, the blood locust beast is not strong individually, but it has always lived in groups. They are at least hundreds or even thousands, and they live on the bottom of the sea, which is very difficult to deal with.” Fang Yao said so after hesitated.

    Liu Ming frowned upon hearing this.

    This was the first time he heard the name blood locust beast today, and listening to its description, it seemed that it was indeed not an easy task.

    Fang Yao saw the embarrassment on Liu Ming’s face, but he suddenly smiled and said, “You don’t have to rush, Mr. Liu. I just happen to know that there are a group of blood locust beasts in the nearby sea, and the king beasts among them have already reached the Condensation Period later stage. It is more than enough to cure the poison in your body.”

    “Oh, there is such a coincidence!” Liu Ming’s expression moved slightly after hearing this.

    “Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Liu! The reason I know about this is because whether it is their cores, flesh, and blood, they are of great value. My friends and I are also eyeing on this batch of sea beasts, and we have planned for it for a long time. That is why we know about their exact location. However, the number is so huge that we can’t deal on our own. Thus, the plan is delayed. However, if Mr. Liu is willing to join, we naturally have more chances. We can act immediately. If the plan is successful, not only it can cure mister’s poison, you can also get some benefits according to how much effort you put in. What does Mr. Liu think of it?” The middle-aged man twisted his beard and spoke calmly.