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Chapter 440: Split Up

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 440: Split Up

    After Liu Ming got up and left, in the blink of an eye, only Feng Zhan, the two vice presidents as well as the daughter of Feng Zhan and the man in black from the Five Spirit Sect were left in the hall.

    “Cai’er, you and Mr. Wei should be tired for traveling such a long way. Go and get some rest first.” Feng Zhan hesitated slightly, then he spoke to the two behind him. The woman in colorful clothes lightly said “yes”; the man in black shirt naturally had no opinion about it.

    In a blink of an eye, only Feng Zhan and the other two presidents remained in the hall.

    The three of them were in the hall discussing the latest affairs, but Feng Zhan didn’t mention a word about the match with the Golden Jade League.

    Although the two vice presidents were a little strange, they didn’t say much.

    More than half an hour later, when the discussion was about to end, Feng Zhan picked up his teacup and prepared to see off the guests. When Fan and Qu both stood up and left, the Changfeng Association’s president suddenly said indifferently, “By the way, on that secret trip a few years ago, I was attacked by a Crystallization Period powerhouse and several Condensation Period masters near the Wangjiao Cliff. Fortunately, I used some life-saving methods to get out and escape safely to the Middle Sky Continent.”

    Fan Zheng and Qu Ling couldn’t help looking at each other as if they didn’t know why would the president say that.

    “However, disaster can lead to good fortune. I found Cai’er in the Middle Sky Continent by chance. It seems that it is our fate to meet again. Okay, let’s not talk about the past. You two should get down and rest. We still need to work together for the affairs of our association.” Feng Zhan then said with a hearty laughter again.

    When Fan and Qu heard this, their expressions looked a little eased, and they immediately stepped back.

    When the two of them walked away, Feng Zhan’s smile slowly faded away. The teacup in his hand was heavily placed on the table, and it made a muffled noise.

    Shortly after!

    In a small hall in the apse of the Changfeng Association, Feng Zhan changed into a white robe and sat in the center. The girl and the young man in black shirt sat on both sides.

    At this time, Feng Cai had put on a gorgeous colorful dress. She looked even more charming.

    There were only three people in the room, and the maid who was serving had already retreated far away.

    Feng Zhan was tasting spiritual tea while talking to the two of them.

    “With that say, father, I suspected that the Crystallization Period powerhouse that assaulted you back then was the leader of the Golden Jade League?” The girl in colorful clothes said bitterly.

    “Hmph, who else would there be if it wasn’t him! The array that those people set up is the Tianxiang Pavilion’s Air Trap Water Wave Array. How can I not recognize Du Guyu’s means? Changfeng Association and Golden Jade League have been hostile for so many years, and it is normal for them to want to get rid of me. If there is a chance, I will not let go of this chance either.” Feng Zhan said coldly.

    “However, according to father’s previous statement, you didn’t tell anyone except the two vice presidents due to the importance of your trip. There are only a few people knowing about it.” The girl in colorful clothes said thoughtfully.

    Feng Zhan’s eyes looked cold, and he said slowly, “Yes, I only mentioned this matter to the two vice presidents…”

    “Senior Feng meant that one of them might be colluding with outsiders.” The young man in black shirt on the side suddenly interjected.

    “Mr. Wei really deserves to be an elite disciple from the major sect. You are thoughtful and knowledgeable, but I don’t have any evidence for this at the moment, so I can only put it aside.” Feng Zhan heard this and smiled.

    “Senior Feng has praised me.” The man black shirt in black said so, but his face couldn’t help flashing a hint of pride.

    “In addition, the match between our association and the Golden Jade League, I must rely on Mr. Wei to help us.” Feng Zhan turned the thread of discussion and said solemnly. At the same time, he hinted Feng Cai at the side.

    “Father, please rest assured, Senior Wei is the disciple of the lower house. Not only does he have a profound spiritual power, he also has a few superb spiritual weapons bestowed by the lower house elder. It is no effort to deal with the people of the Golden Jade League.” Feng Cai pursed her lips and smiled. Her charming eyes looked at the young man in black shirt with a hint of affection in it.

    The young man in black shirt squared his chest as his heart was warmed. He immediately said generously as if to shoulder everything on his own, “Senior Feng, please don’t worry. Leave these trivial matters to me, Wei Zhong.”

    “Good, good, then I will have to trouble Mr. Wei! Mister should be tired today. You can go get some rest.” Seeing the young man promised, Feng Zhan’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he couldn’t help but laugh while clapping.

    Wei Zhong immediately got up and bowed his hands to leave. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to look back at Feng Cai. Seeing this woman smile at him, he couldn’t help being overjoyed, and he walked out contentedly.

    However, as soon as the young man in black shirt stepped out of the small hall, Feng Cai’s expression suddenly changed, and a look of disgust flashed in her eyes.

    “Cai’er, although this Wei Zhong looks a little ugly, he is the disciple of the lower house’s elder of the Five Spirits Sect! The lower house’s elder is already an important identity in the Five Spirits Sect! If you can fascinate him, you will be able to develop smoothly in the Five Spirits Sect in the future.” Feng Zhan sighed as he saw this, and said slowly.

    “Father, of course I know this. However, not only this person is ugly, his personality is arrogant. Although his cultivation is good, I really can’t bear it sometimes.” Feng Cai stomped her feet and said while biting her teeth. Her face was full of unwillingness.

    “For us cultivator, the appearance and personality of the dual cultivation partner are secondary. As long as you can get enough benefits from it, you will be able to promote to the Crystallisation Period or even when you rise to the Real Pellet State, you naturally don’t need Wei Zhong anymore. This matter is about your future cultivation, you must not be arrogant.” Feng Zhan said earnestly and comfortingly.

    The girl in Caiyi still looked reluctant, but finally nodded.


    At the same time, in the outer hall of Liu Ming’s cave house, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan were discussing something. The two maids in Dongfu had all been dispatched to the medicine garden.

    “Brother Liu, what do you think about today’s matters?” Xin Yuan asked with a hesitated expression.

    “The Changfeng Association situation is quite complicated. I’m afraid there will be a major change soon.” Liu Ming said calmly.

    “Hehe, it seems that you and I have the same idea. Feng Zhan suddenly returned this time, and he is actually affiliated to the Five Spirit Sect. At first glance, the Changfeng Association seems to get a powerful backer. But according to some news I inquired, the top ten sects in the South Sea Region shouldn’t be messed around easily. They most likely share some interests with the major sects in the Middle Sky Continent, and some of them are even the branches of the major sect in the South Sea Region. Besides, the resources of the South Sea Region have already been divided up. I’m afraid those sects will not sit back and watch the Changfeng Association get bigger.” Xin Yuan sneered and said.

    “It depends on Feng Zhan’s methods. If he can persuade the Five Spirits Sect to support him, maybe he can really develop in the future.” Liu Ming said noncommittal.

    “Since the Changfeng Association has become the center of the storm at this moment, it is better for us to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will likely be used as cannon fodder in the future.” Xin Yuan nodded as he suggested.

    “I think so too, but before that, we must find some ways to completely solve the poison of the Sea Emperor Pill! In the past few months, there are not many eggs left on me. I’m afraid Brother Xin is the same with me right?” After Liu Ming nodded, he suddenly mentioned about the detoxifying matter.

    “I don’t really have much in my body. And this poison is related to the lives of you and me. If we don’t cure it, it will really make us feel sleepless and uneasy. Speaking of which, I have been inquiring about these days and found that there are a few detoxification pills in the Changfeng Association library. Maybe they are effective for the Sea Emperor Pill. In addition, among the many guests of the Changfeng Association, I have heard that there is a person who is quite famous in medical knowledge. He once cured a lot of strange poisons. We can also visit him. However, this person isn’t staying in Qingyu Island. Instead, he is staying on another nearby island for a long time.” Xin Yuan nodded in agreement after hearing this, then he mentioned again the news he inquired about during these days.

    “It’s great. In order to save time, you and I should act separately.” Liu Ming said slowly after hearing him.

    Xin Yuan naturally had no objections. After some discussions, they quickly divided the work.

    In the early morning of the second day, Liu Ming left the cave house. After checking the direction, he flew out of Qingyu Island and flew all the way in a certain direction.

    He had learned from Xin Yuan that the guest was named Fang Yao, who was used to living alone, so he lived on a small island that was half a day distance.

    It was a pity that his flying boat, like other spiritual weapons, had all fallen into the guards of the underwater mineral vein, otherwise he could directly ride on the flying boat.

    Now, he could only fly there on his own.

    However, in Liu Ming’s heart, he had already decided to purchase another flying spiritual weapon once he had enough spirit stones in his hand.


    At the same time!

    Qingyu Island, in a prismatic building with a “Gongde Hall” in the Changfeng Association’s headquarters.

    The interior of this building was quite spacious. It was about six hundred meters wide. There was a giant white jade pillar standing in the middle, with a layer of white light flowing slowly on the surface.

    Looking closely, one could see that some small silver characters were imprinted on the surface of the jade pillar. It was the missions that Changfeng Association set for the disciples and guests.

    There were all kinds of missions, including hunting beastkins, searching for spiritual herbs, medicinal materials, etc.

    Whether it was a guest or an ordinary disciple, they could accept the mission here. After completion, not only they could get the spirit stone as a reward, but they could also accumulate merit points to exchange for various resources in the meeting. It was very similar to the Savage Ghost Sect’s deputy Hall.

    In fact, general sects would have such places with similar functions. Firstly, it could temper the disciples under the sect. Secondly, it could solve many problems in the sect.

    At this moment, in front of the huge jade pillarYuzhu!

    Xin Yuan was standing in front of it as his eyes flickered along with the jade pillar’s rotation.

    After a while, he suddenly raised his hand!

    A white light blasted out of the surface of the jade pillar, and it went into a jade tablet in his hand.

    After a burst of white light on the surface of this jade tablet, a row of small characters appeared on it, “Ten beastkin cores of the gale beast; one thousand merit points!