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Chapter 439: Changfeng Association Presiden

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 439: Changfeng Association Presiden

    Upon hearing the words, the young man said with a soft smile,

    “Since your president isn’t here, two misters will be in charge of the Changfeng Association. Now that the matter about the Golden Jade League has become a big issue, we might as well put this matter on the table and talk about it publicly. Since the guests present are the pillar of your association, they are also qualified to learn more about it.”

    Fan Zheng and Qu Ling both changed their expressions when they heard the words. After looking at each other, they both nodded slowly.

    Then Fan Zheng took a deep breath and stood up again. He cupped his fist to Liu Ming and the others and said, “Today I summon everyone here. One is to introduce this envoy from Purple Night Temple to you, and there is another matter to discuss with you all.” Fan Zheng saw that everyone had settled down, and he stood up and said loudly.

    “Presumably you all have heard about it. There is originally a water jade vein mine in Jinzhu Island within the sphere of influence of our association. The mineral deposits were exhausted more than ten years ago. It’s just recently that someone accidentally discovered a spiritual medicine producing area in this mineral vein. There were several rare medicinal materials growing here. There are materials that are a thousand years old.”

    As soon as this remark came out, it caused a whisper among the guests present.

    Fan Zheng paused, then his expression condensed and continued, “As soon as we learned of this, we immediately dispatched several hall masters with a group of people to check, but I don’t know how the news went out. The Golden Jade League also sent several Condensation State hall masters to Jinzhu Island at the same time, and they claimed that they discovered the spiritual medicine production site first. We have been confronting each other for a few months. We are afraid that the spiritual medicine would be damaged during the fight, so there isn’t any large-scale battle for the time being.”

    As Fan Zheng said, his eyes slowly swept over the guests present, and he finally stopped on the purple-robed man in the main seat. He asked with a respectful look, “Not long ago, our association has sent an emissary to report to Purple Night Temple. I wonder if the envoy has a a reply for us this time?”

    The purple-robed man looked at Fan Zheng whose eyes were burning, but he just replied with a faint smile,”You can rest assured that I have communicated with the Tianxiang Pavilion once on this matter, and I naturally will not let the Changfeng Association suffer. After discussion between us, we finally decided to let both of you have a match. As for the rule, your association and the Golden Jade League will each send three Condensation State members to fight. Not only the winner will get this spiritual medicine production site, but the loser will also give away one-third of their territory to the winner.”

    When Fan Zheng and Qu Ling heard this, the two deputy presidents were startled at first, then they both looked unsightly.

    Most of the others here were also flickering in their eyes, not knowing what they were thinking.

    Seeing this, Xin Yuan blinked, then he turned his head to ask the person next to him in a low voice, “Brother Guanyu, since the decision is based on a match, why are the faces of the two deputy presidents looked so ugly? Could it be that our Changfeng Association is worse than the opponent and we have no chance of winning at all?”

    Guanyu, who looked like a young master, first smiled bitterly, then he replied in a low voice with a helpless face, “If we are really going to fight a match, our chance to win isn’t big! Brother Xin doesn’t know that there is a you really want to bet in a fight, we’re really unlikely to win! Brother Xin doesn’t know that there is a master in the Golden Jade League. He is at the Condensation Period intermediate stage, but this person has unusual talents and abnormally profound spiritual power. He once killed an opponent of the Condensation Period later stage. I’m afraid no one here can fight against him, and there are around six people of the Condensation Period later stage in the Golden Jade League, which is far better than our Changfeng Association.

    Although Guanyu lowered his voice, all the people present were at the Condensation State, how could they not hear it? The others looked at each other. The two deputy presidents couldn’t but look gloomy.

    Seeing this situation, the purple-robed man’s expression remained unchanged, but the contempt in his eyes couldn’t help being more.

    “Haha. Since there is fight, how would our Changfeng Association be afraid of the Golden Jade League? We will agree on it!”

    At this moment, someone outside the hall suddenly laughed and said.

    As soon as the voice sounded, a figure outside the hall flashed, then three people walked in.

    The one who was walking in front was a middle-aged man. His face was white without a beard. He was wearing a green robe with a green jade crown on his head. There was a smile on his face.

    “President!” Fan Zheng exclaimed when he saw the people coming in. He stood up happily, and welcomed them at the door.

    Qu Ling next to him also followed him in surprise and joy.

    The other guests, except for the three newcomers such as Liu Ming, after being shocked, they all stood up and respectfully saluted, keeping saying “president”.

    “It is actually Changfeng Association’s president who has been missing for several years!”

    Liu Ming was shocked when he saw this situation, but after a glance, he looked at the two people behind the president. There were one young man and one young woman.

    The man was dressed in black. His face was yellow, and his small eyes were dim. His appearance was really ugly. However, the aura from his body was actually at the Condensation Period later stage. He looked at everyone with a proud face.

    The female was only at the Condensation Period early stage, but she was graceful and beautiful. She had long black hair that reached her waist. She was a stunning rare beauty!

    Liu Ming noticed that this woman’s appearance was quite similar to that of the Changfeng Association’s president, but after a sharp change in his mind, he just stood up and bowed slightly like other people.

    Xin Yuan and Guanyu also stood up and saluted with surprise on their faces.

    Under the lead of the two deputy presidents, the president brought the man and woman behind him and walked toward the main seat under the eyes of everyone in the hall.

    When the young man saw the appearance of the Changfeng Association’s president, although there was a hint of surprise on his face, he did not show more gaffes. He just stood up and said respectfully, “Congratulations to President Feng for returning to the Changfeng Association. It is really worrying since the disappearance of senior for a few years. If my master know this, he would be delighted. However, since senior has returned now, you are confident in this fight right?”

    Feng Zhan’s eyes flashed, and he said with a chuckle, “The envoy must be joking. I just don’t want others to underestimate my Changfeng Association, so I accept this match. Let’s not talk about this first. Let me introduce you. This is my daughter, Feng Cai who was separated from me when we were traveling in the Middle Sky Continent. We just met by chance a few days ago. The little girl is currently under the Five Spirits Sect of the Middle Sky Continent Xuanwu Mountain. The man next to my little girl is her senior fellow apprentice, Wei Zhong. ”

    The woman named “Feng Cai” smiled at the young man after hearing this. Her smile was charming like a flower which made the young man a little lost for a while.

    The young man in black did not come forward to greet seeing this.

    When everyone present heard the words “Middle Sky Five Spirits Sect”, they couldn’t help taking a deep breath. Their eyes were filled with surprise.

    The name Five Spirits Sect was almost known to everyone present!

    That was one of Middle Sky Continent’s true major sects. It has been passed down for thousands of years with countless disciples in the sect. It was not comparable to the so-called foreign sects such as Purple Night Temple and Tianxiang Pavilion.

    Although Liu Ming had heard of this sect for the first time, seeing this situation, he would definitely know the significance of the Five Spirits Sect.

    Seeing this, Xin Yuan next to him was even more interested.

    “It turns out that the two are the disciples of the Five Spirits. I’m sorry for being disrespectful! I’m the disciple of Elder Yuyin of the Purple Night Temple, Yang Sheng. Speaking of which, our Purple Night Temple and the Five Spirits Sect also have some intersection. May I know who is Brother Wei’s master in the Five Spirits Sect?” When the young man heard the name of the Five Spirit Sect, he was shocked. He immediately regained his thought from the beauty in front of him, and he said with a smile on his face while cupping his fist.


    Wei Zhong glanced coldly at the purple robe young man, but he still said nothing.

    The purple robe young man hit the wall, but his complexion was as usual. Instead, he turned and talked to Feng Zhan and said after a laugh, “Since Senior Feng’s daughter has joined the Five Spirits Sect, I think you are confident in winning this now. Junior will go back and report, and I will confirm the time for the fight on the way.”

    “Since this is the case, goodbye envoy! Fan Zheng, you will see off the guest for me.” After Feng Zhan nodded, he didn’t mean to hold the envoy back anymore, and he instructed Fan Zheng by his side.

    Although Fan Zheng was named as the vice president of the Changfeng Association, he did not show any reluctance at this moment. He immediately agreed and sent Yang Sheng out of the hall.

    Feng Zhan watched the young man left under the accompany of Fan Zheng, then he turned and sat on the main seat. At the same time, he gestured to everyone to sit down, and his daughter and the black shirt young man stood by his side.

    Feng Zhan’s gaze slowly swept across the hall, and after seeing that everyone had sat down again, he smiled slightly and spoke amiably.

    “Everyone, I have been traveling out there for the past few years without returning, thank you everyone for taking care of the matters in our association.”

    “Not at all, these are our duties. However, our forces have lost a lot of strength due to the conflict with the Golden Jade League… We all feel unease about it.” Qu Ling hurriedly stood up and said with a wry smile.

    Feng Zhan’s eyes flashed slightly. He waved his hand to indicate that he did not need to be polite, then said, “This matter is nothing at all. We have so much ahead of us. We can make a plan for it. By the way, these are all newly promoted guests?”

    Feng Zhan spoke as he glanced at Liu Ming, Xin Yuan, and Guanyu.

    “Greetings to the president.”

    Liu Ming and others quickly got up and bowed.

    “Good, very good! You don’t need to be polite. I’m grateful for you to join when my Changfeng Association is in distress. But now it is different from the past, my Changfeng Association is looking forward to resurgence at this moment, and I still need your help in the future. There will be great rewards in the future.” Feng Zhan said so with a faint smile on his face.

    “Thank you, president. Junior will definitely offer my help.” Guanyu couldn’t help expressing excitement when he heard this.

    These casual practitioners joined the Changfeng Association because of the favorable conditions for recruiting here. Before seeing that the Changfeng Association was in trouble, there were quite some people wanting to leave.

    Now that the Changfeng Association had returned, and he was affiliated with the Five Spirit Sect, this naturally made the guests like Guanyu, who had not left, greatly rejoiced.

    Although Liu Ming and Xin Yuan had their own thoughts, they were naturally full of promises at this time.

    “Okay, let’s stop the meeting here today. After I deal with the matters in the association, I will entertain you all when I have the time.” Feng Zhan seemed to be very satisfied with Liu Ming and others’ answers, then he announced with laughter.