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Chapter 437: Undercurren

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 437: Undercurren

    Lan Xi had lifted the bloody enchantment that was planted by Qing Qin in Liu Ming’s body when Liu Ming entered the bottom of the abyss. However, the black mist that was caused by the Sea Emperor Pill still existed on his internal organs. There was no obvious change.

    In the past, by consuming the eggs that were distributed by Lan Xi and snatched from the dead slave miners in the abyss, it was able to protect him for half a year. However, if he wanted to completely cure it, he could only search for another way after his injuries recovered.

    Then he checked on the Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull in his waist leather bag again with his Divine Thought, and found that they were still unconscious.

    He was anxious to escape from the node previously, so he did not carefully check the specific situations of the two. But now in retrospect, their unconscious state must be related to the disappearance of the huge demonic head on the altar.

    Both have had similar precedents!

    When Liu Ming thought of this, he was relieved. He looked forward to the amazing changes that Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion would have after they wake up.

    Liu Ming calmed his mind and silently channeled the spiritual power in his body. The next moment, a black mist appeared and instantly enveloped his entire body.


    Not long after, the news that, the Changfeng Association recently accepted two more guest elders of the Condensation Period intermediate stage, had soon spread on Qingyu Island. Not only some normal forces, but even some of the hall masters and guests in the association began to secretly inquire about Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.

    However, as soon as the two newly promoted guest elders entered the cave, they immediately began to cultivate behind closed doors, disappointing some people who were interested in getting acquainted.

    Naturally, Liu Ming had no knowledge of these things, and he was immersed in cultivation and recovery.

    As the saying goes, there was no time for cultivation. In a blink of an eye, three months had passed.

    During this period of time, Liu Ming really didn’t get out of the cave, and he was completely focusing on recovering his injuries.

    The two maids didn’t even dare to disturb him. They just planted a batch of seemingly commonly used herbs in the medicinal field according to his instructions.

    This day.

    In the secret room, Liu Ming, who sat cross-legged, opened his eyes suddenly. A black gas rolled out from his body and spread out, filling the entire secret room. After a short while, it condensed again, and it turned into a black mist dragon and a black mist giant tiger. They danced around his body, faintly making dragon roar and tiger howl.

    With a thought in his mind, the mist dragon and mist tiger suddenly turned into tumbling black gas and went into the top of his head.

    Only then did Liu Ming retract his gesture. After he exerted force on his hands, a dense cracking sound burst out. Feeling the enormous strength from his body, he couldn’t help smiling.

    To this day, his spiritual power had finally fully recovered. The wounds in his body caused by the demonization finally healed completely. As for the bloody light cluster residue in the sea of ​​consciousness, it finally disappeared without a trace under his effort.

    During the period of his time in the mineral vein of the sea, although his spiritual power did not increase at all, after eating those evil beast jerky, he further stimulated his physical strength potential. Now after his injury was recovered, he actually felt that his Tiger Dragon Hell Prison wasn’t far from advancing to the second tier.

    And when he cultivated the second tier of this technique, it should be a good opportunity for him to hit the Condensation State later stage.

    As Liu Ming thought like this in his heart, he immediately flicked his sleeves and gathered the surrounding formation flags. He stood up and walked out of the secret room slowly.

    Walking outside, Liu Ming was taken aback. However, he saw a girl in green clothes sitting in the outer hall of the cave house, dozing off with a hand supporting her hand.

    This girl who was sleeping was one of the maids assigned to him by the Changfeng Association, named Lian Er!

    Liu Ming practiced behind closed doors usually. He just instructed her to reject all visitors, and he didn’t allow them to walk into the secret room, then he didn’t talk much to the maids.

    And another maid named Hong Er was in the medicine garden now.

    At this moment, suddenly from the entrance of the cave, a familiar sound came through the enchantment.

    “Brother Liu, you are finally out. This is my third time here.”

    Lian Er, who was dozing off, woke up in shock. She looked up in a panic with her bright eyes, and she saw Liu Ming standing in front of her with a faint smile. She exclaimed and stood up hurriedly. Her ears were blushing. She bowed her head to Liu Ming in a panic.

    Liu Ming waved his hand and motioned to her to greet the visitor, then Lian Er walked toward the entrance in a fluster.

    In less than a moment, a tall and thin figure appeared in front of Liu Ming. This person was dressed in a pale blue robe. He was exactly Xin Yuan dressed as Changfeng Association’s guest.

    After Xin Yuan glanced at Liu Ming, he sneered and said, “Brother Liu, you have been staying behind closed doors for a long time. If your maid didn’t tell me, I really thought you have left. ”

    Liu Ming waved his hand to let Lian Er retreat, then he smiled calmly, “Forgive me, Brother Xin. I suffered a lot of internal injuries previously, so it took a lot of time to recover. Seeing Brother Xin like this, I assume your injuries have healed long ago.”

    “Hehe, I didn’t suffer any major injuries at first. It’s just I exhausted too much spiritual power, so I took a month to recover.” Xin Yuan replied honestly.

    Next, the two talked cheerfully, but when they talked about the experience in the underwater mineral vein, they felt quite emotional!

    Now in this unfamiliar place, South Sea Region, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan would only seem to be acquainted to each other.

    After all, they were from the Sea Region, and they could be regarded as companions who went through difficulties together.

    After a while, Xin Yuan’s expression looked stern, and he talked about some news he inquired after his recovery.

    After all, based on his personality and cultivation, with a few tricks, he quickly became acquainted with many guests of the Changfeng Association.

    After these two or three months, he also inquired a lot of information from other guests.

    “It seems that Wei Yun and Fan Zheng of the Changfeng Association were so eager to win over us, and they also provided such generous conditions, there must be a reason in it.” Liu Ming frowned after listening.

    “Of course, they recently clashed with another major force in the archipelago, the “Golden Jade League” because of a rare water jade vein mine. The Golden Jade League is affiliated with one of the top ten sects, Tianxiang Pavilion. The leader of the Golden Jade League is also a Crystallization Period cultivator. His power is not weaker than that of the Changfeng Association, so naturally he will not be afraid of the Changfeng Association. However, the president of the Changfeng Association went out a few years ago, and he hasn’t returned yet for some reason. People in the Changfeng Association feel insecure for this. Some even suspect that the president might probably be dead.” Xin Yuan snorted and said slowly.

    Liu Ming sighed and said, “As the saying goes, things are impermanent. The road of cultivation is like this. Nevermind it is the cultivator of the Crystallization Period, even the Real Pellet State cultivator can’t get everything as he wishes.”

    Xin Yuan moved in his heart and knew who Liu Ming was referring to. After thinking about it, he continued, “Because of this, the two vice presidents of the Changfeng Association have been desperately developing the forces in the association for the past two years. On the one hand, they have taken the Condensation Period cultivator as a guest with favorable conditions. On the other hand, they WEre also looking for help from Purple Night Temple in case of unexpected events.”

    “However, it is a different matter whether the cultivators they got by giving heavy rewards will be useful in real war.” Liu Ming said lightly.

    As far as he was concerned, he had no sense of belonging to the Changfeng Association. As for the other guest elders, they presumably wouldn’t try their best in helping Changfeng Association.

    “The vice president and the hall master also know that the guests are unreliable, but they have no other way to do this. After all, there is no Crystallization Period powerhouse at the moment in the association. They can only gather as many Condensation State Spirit Masters as possible to keep up a strong appearance.” Xin Yuan nodded and said.

    “En, for this matter, we only need to adapt to the circumstances and act on the occasion.” Liu Ming nodded thoughtfully.

    “Hehe, of course! By the way, I have also inquired about Sea Region information with others during this period.” Xin Yuan sneered, turning the thread of discussion again.

    When Liu Ming heard the word “Sea Region”, he couldn’t help but moved. He said quickly, “Did Brother Xin find out anything?”

    “No. I have asked most of the guest elders, and I also inquired with the two vice presidents, but no one actually knows about the Sea Region.” Xin Yuan gave a wry smile and said.

    Liu Ming heard this and naturally frowned again.

    “However, as I was helpless, I went to the library of the Changfeng Association and tried desperately to look up some ancient records. Fortunately, I found a record.” Xin Yuan took out an old book and turned to a page, then he handed it over.

    Liu Ming reached out to take the book and read it carefully.

    According to the records in the book, this information was written by a predecessor of the Crystallization Period of the Terran for thousands of years. This predecessor, like Liu Ming, also used space fissures and accidentally ended up in the South Sea Region.

    However, Liu Ming’s face became gloomier the more he looked at it. According to the senior in the book, the Sea Region was extremely far away from the South Sea Region. If he wanted to go back, he had to cross more than a dozen huge sea areas. Each of these sea areas wasn’t smaller than the Sea Region, and there were many regions controlled by the foreign races.

    In general, it would be a journey of death if they wanted to go to the Sea Region from the South Sea Region. The Crystallization Period senior could only dismiss the idea of going back. After wandering around in the South Sea Region for hundreds of years, he could only settle down in an island.

    Liu Ming closed the book. He was obviously a little speechless.

    Xin Yuan recounted some of the things he had seen and heard on the island during this period with Liu Ming, then he got up and left.

    Liu Ming sent Xin Yuan away, and he returned to the secret room with a gloomy face.

    He sat cross-legged on the futon for a long time before he suddenly gave a wry smile.

    The joy of restoring his spiritual powers had long since disappeared!

    Although he had some ideas about how to return to the Sea Region, this news had ruined his plans.

    If he rashly embarked on the return journey without enough strength, he was naturally tantamount to courting death.

    His top priority was that he still needed to improve his cultivation and strength as soon as possible!

    Not to mention the matter of returning to the sea, the suppression of demonization mentioned by Luo Hu also required him to continuously increase his current cultivation level.

    What’s more, the South Sea Region he was currently in didn’t seem to be so peaceful. If he didn’t have the capability to save himself, he probably couldn’t hold until the next extraction of spiritual power by the mysterious bubble.

    After thinking about this, Liu Ming immediately made a decision. He took out a black shield from Sumeru Snail. The nine skull patterns on it were vivid and weird!