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Chapter 436: Changfeng Association

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 436: Changfeng Association

    Looking around, the Changfeng Association’s headquarters were quite majestic. The main building was made up of huge bluestones that were several ten meters high. The building itself was about hundred meters tall

    There were also many densely packed and low-rise buildings around, among which people come and go. It seemed quite lively, and it seemed to form a small town in the periphery.

    Outside the headquarters, it was surrounded by a circle of black stone walls, and there were two soldiers in green costumes standing in front of the gate.

    Under the leader of Wei Yun, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan entered the city gate without any hindrance. After a few turns, they came to an elegant courtyard besides the headquarters.

    A large green stone stood in front of the courtyard gate, on which was written “Changfeng Yayuan” in lacquered gold.

    “This is where our association entertains the distinguished guests. You can rest and have a taste of our spiritual tea.”

    After Wei Yun took the two to an elegantly furnished stone pavilion, he clapped his hands.

    After a while, a beautiful maid served a pot of fragrant tea, then Wei Yun instructed a young man who looked like a servantand let him leave first.

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan were drinking tea in the pavilion, while chatting with Wei Yun about some special customs on Qingyu Island.

    Liu Ming listened to Wei Yun talking about some strange things in the South Sea Region, while drinking the spiritual tea. Under his witty words, it was not boring at all.

    In other words, the spirit tea called “Black Star” was not only fragrant, and the tea itself was black in color. The tea leaves were like stars in this black color tea which had the expression of peeking into the night.

    After a long time.

    “Haha, Mr. Wei, I heard that today you invited two guests with extraordinary cultivation. The president is not on the island now, so I have to come to see you first.” A hearty laughter came from outside the courtyard. A yellow figure appeared at the door in a flash, and a brawny man had already appeared in front of several people.

    “Vice President Fan.” Wei Yun stood up quickly.

    Liu Ming looked at the person hurriedly. He saw the brawny man in a yellow robe. He was very tall and had a square face. His face looked a few years younger than Wei Yun.

    But according to what Wei Yun called him, this person was impressively the vice president of the Changfeng Association; a character with the Condensation Period later stage cultivation.

    As soon as the brawny man walked into the three of them, they felt a massive aura, as if it was not a person standing in front of them, but a towering hill. He must be training some kind of special techniques. Only that would give such a peculiar feeling.

    “Vice President, these two are Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.” Wei Yun introduced with a smile on his face.

    “Nice to meet you.” Liu Ming naturally stood up while cupping his fist and saying.

    “Haha, you don’t need to be so polite. I’m Fan Zheng, the vice president of Changfeng Association.” The man in yellow robe laughed.

    Then, the four people sat down in order, and naturally someone came to serve the tea.

    After they chatted for a while and introduced their names to each other, Wei Yun also briefly talked about his encounter with Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.

    Fan said in a serious manner, “In this way, it is the first time of the two coming to the South Sea Region. Since this is the case, I won’t beat around the bushes. I think Mr. Wei should have mentioned to you that our association is looking for talented cultivators. Are you two interested in joining our Changfeng Association as guests?”

    After hearing this, Liu Ming glanced at Xin Yuan. Just as he was about to speak, Fan Zheng waved his hand again and said, “Don’t reject me yet. Please wait until I tell you more about it. I want to emphasize two points. First, the Changfeng Association can be considered to be prestigious among the islands of the South Sea Region. Becoming a guest can not only get to train in our spiritual vein cave house, but you also get a large amount of training resources every month. Second, compared with other organizations, our association won’t assign any specific roles to you. We only have a few restrictions. If you aren’t satisfied, you can quit at any time. As long as you promise not to join the forces that are against us, you will be fine. Why not stay in our association for a few months? If you aren’t used to it, you can leave any time. No one will ever stop you.”

    Xin Yuan couldn’t help but feel a little moved after hearing these words.

    Liu Ming hesitated before asking, “The conditions offered by your association are indeed generous, but I would like to ask, if the Changfeng Association fights with hostile forces, does the guests have to participate in it?”

    Fan Zheng was startled when he heard the words, then smiled and said, “If the association really encounters any trouble and requires the two to take action, the two can decide whether to agree or not. We will never force you, but if we are willing to contribute, we will offer a reward after! ”

    Liu Ming finally showed a hint of satisfaction when he heard this. After sending a few voice transmissions to Xin Yuan, he nodded, “In this case, I can agree to join your club temporarily and become a guest. ”

    Fan Zheng was overjoyed when he heard the words on his face.

    After all, Wei Yun had told him earlier that both Liu Ming were Condensation Period intermediate stage cultivators. For the Changfeng Association, once two such cultivation base guests were added, the increase of their power was a matter of quick results.

    For Liu Ming, the two have just arrived in the South Sea Region where they were not familiar with. The most important thing now was to get acquainted with the situation as soon as possible, restore spiritual power, and make follow-up plans.

    As for the so-called top ten sects in the South Sea Region, they were definitely not easy to enter. As for other small and medium-sized sects, when the two of them were unfamiliar with this place, naturally they wouldn’t be easily restrained by the sect’s rules and be dragged into the dispute of the forces.

    In the following time, the brawny man in yellow robed briefly introduced the specific treatment of becoming a guest.

    The guests of the Changfeng Association also had high and low ranking. The Condensation State early stage could become ordinary guest elders. Liu Ming and Xin Yuan were both at the Condensation Period intermediate stage, so they naturally became the senior guest elders.

    Senior guests received more rewards. They could receive more than one hundred spirit stones per month. The spirit stones on Liu Ming and Liu Ming had been consumed in the underground mines and the abyss. There were not many spirit stones left. It could solve their urgent needs for the moment.

    In addition, the independent cave houses that the Changfeng Association promised to allocate to each elder guest were all built on the underground spiritual veins in the east of Qingyu Island, which meant it was excavated on some of the mountain cliffs near the Changfeng Association’s headquarters.

    In addition to a quiet room for cultivating in the cave house, there was also an acre of medicine field in it. The closer to the cave house to the center of the spirit vein, the stronger the aura. As the senior guest elders, Liu Ming’s and Xin Yuan’s cave houses should be in a good position.

    After the introduction, Fan Zheng asked Wei Yun to take Liu Ming to go through the formalities of joining the association and selecting the cave house.

    Wei Yun readily agreed and left with Liu Ming and Xin Yuan.

    An hour later, the two of them were in a hall and selected their cave houses.

    Liu Ming chose a cave with heavier negative qi because of his special method in cultivation.

    In this regard, the hall master in charge of this matter seemed to have received the advice of the Vice President Fan beforehand, and he readily agreed.

    To the surprise of the two of them, the Changfeng Association also thoughtfully matched them with two young and beautiful maids to serve them in daily life.

    Of course, these maids were not cultivators. They were only normal Qi Cultivators.

    Seeing this, Xin Yuan laughed and immediately selected two of the plump maids and hugged one in each of his arms. After saying goodbye to Liu Ming, he went straight to his cave house under the lead of a Spirit Apostle.

    Liu Ming smiled slightly when he saw this. He also took the other two maids who were also somewhat charming, and he flew directly away from the headquarters under the lead of another man.

    Not long after, Liu Ming landed in front of a cave house on a mountain wall. He opened the door with the enchantment token and walked directly in.

    The whole cave was not small. It was several acres, and all the facilities such as medicine shops and secret rooms were available. The natural aura and negative qi here were quite thick here. It was very suitable for cultivation.

    Liu Ming was satisfied, and immediately sent away the Spirit Apostle. He instructed the two maids, went straight into the cultivation secret room and closed the door.

    This secret room was not big. It only had around eight meters in size, and the furnishings were quite simple. Apart from a light yellow futon and a white wooden bed, there was nothing else.

    Liu Ming was also satisfied with all these arrangements. After slightly checking the silver spirit patterns imprinted on the surrounding stone walls and the ground, and after confirming that they were just some ordinary defensive partition enchantment, he was relieved and sat cross-legged on the futon.

    Liu Ming flicked his sleeves, then several formation flags flew out one by one and neatly inserted on the ground in the surrounding corners, forming another layer of pale white light curtain to completely isolate everything in the secret room from the outside world.

    He sat cross-legged in ease. While adjusting his breath and absorbing the spiritual aura from the outside world into his body to restore spiritual power, he also used his Divine Thought to check the situation inside his body.

    In that mysterious space last time, Luo Hu once said to him that although his body was extremely powerful when he was demonized, once he returned to normal, it would leave a lot of ramifications on his body.

    Liu Ming never had the opportunity to check it out on the way.

    When his Divine Thought swept through his body, his face couldn’t help but look a little unsightly.

    At this moment, the condition in his body was a bit worse than originally expected. Not only was there a lot of meridians throughout his body that had been damaged and atrophy because of the unknown energy overflow, that was several times the limit of the meridians could handle, during the previous demonization. There were also a lot of hidden injuries in his muscles and bones.

    This was also fortunate that his physical body was strong enough now, and his ability to recover was beyond the reach of ordinary people. Otherwise, at the moment he returned normal from the demonization, his physical body would immediately collapse. It was not impossible for him to be still fine.

    Liu Ming couldn’t help smiling bitterly in his heart. These traumas might take some times to recover now. He could only nourish his body with the gentle spiritual power for a long time together with the help of elixir, and it shouldn’t be delayed any longer.

    Fortunately, he had joined the Changfeng Association. Under the current situation, these conditions could be easily met. Even so, it probably took two to three months for him to recover.