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Chapter 435: Qingyu Island

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 435: Qingyu Island

    “Middle Sky Continent?!”

    The two Liu Ming looked at each other in shock!

    They are all well-informed people, even in remote places like the Sea Region, they naturally heard the name Middle Sky Continent!

    Middle Sky Continent could be said to be the real prosperous place of cultivator. It had a vast area and countless cultivation sects. It was the birthplace of the human race since ancient times.

    In Liu Ming’s heart, he yearned for Middle Sky Continent even more. Grandmaster Liuyin, the grandmaster of Savage Ghost Sect, was born in the Middle Sky Continent Taiqing Sect, then he later settled on Yunchuan Island and created the Savage Ghost Sect.

    The Hell Bone Code, Tiger Dragon Hell Prison that he practiced were also originated from the Middle Sky Continent.

    However, even though the two of them are both acquainted with the Middle Sky Continent, they also had the urge to go to the Middle Sky Continent to see it. But they now appeared near the sea of the ​​Middle Sky Continent, it still shocked them!

    “If you really came from the other area through the space fissure, it might not be an easy task to go back.” Wei Yun looked at the expressions of the two and asked faintly. He could guess the situation of them.

    Xin Yuan nodded with a wry smile. He did not deny anything this time.

    “It’s nothing. Our Changfeng Association is one of the major local forces. It is originally formed by a large number of casual cultivators, and we don’t reject foreign cultivators.” The man in green robe said with a smile.

    “Oh, since your association can seal the entire island, it seems that the power is indeed not small. These people are…” Liu Ming’s heart moved when he heard the words. After slowly looking to the Qi Cultivators not far away, he asked seemingly casually.

    “These people are just two groups of human forces attached to my Changfeng Association. They are fighting here today to fight for the mining rights of a spirit stone mineral vein, and this matter happened to be under my supervision. I’m really for disturbing you two.” Wei Yun followed Liu Ming’s gaze and looked around. He answered casually, then he waved at the two groups of people.

    The man in red robe and the young woman in green shirt immediately understood this and hurried over. They saluted Wei Yun respectfully.

    “Senior Wei!”

    “Hmph, you two are in a duel, but you didn’t control your members. Now that you offended the two guests, why aren’t you apologizing quickly?” Wei Yun snorted with hands behind his back.

    Their expression immediately looked shock. They immediately leaned over to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan in fear and trepidation to bow to them, and they apologized repeatedly.

    “Hehe, this is just a trivial matter. I don’t blame them.” Liu Ming said with a calm face while Xin Yuan was indifferent by the side..

    “Fine. This time is just your first offend, so I will spare you this time. However, starting from this month, the monthly payment for the mines mined under your group will increase by 10% as a punishment. As for the duel, find another time for it. Now take your people and retreat!” The man in green robe waved his hand and said coldly.

    The muscular man in the red robe and the young woman in green shirt looked bitter when they heard the words, but they didn’t dare to argue. They nodded and retreated. They were obviously afraid of this man in green robe.

    After dismissing these two groups of people, Wei Yun’s unhappy face returned normal. He turned and talked to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan, and they also took this opportunity to ask the situation about the South Sea Region.

    “… In general, the South Sea Region islands have different forces. If you don’t join one of them, it is not easy to survive. I see that your cultivation is quite extraordinary, and since it is your first time visiting the South Sea Region islands, why don’t you be a guest in our association? Our association produces a kind of spiritual tea named, ‘Black Star’. It has the magical effect of nourishing the meridians. You two can have a taste of it.” After Wei Yun talked to the two of them, he finally revealed the purpose of building this friendship.

    “Brother Liu, what do you think?” Xin Yuan glanced at Liu Ming and said with a smile.

    “We are here for the first time, so we should be careful in everything. However, this person doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions to us. He is probably trying to invite us to join his association. I think we can go and take a look. If we really need to settle here, I think we definitely have to join a force.” Liu Ming pondered for a moment, then he sent a voice transmission.

    “Since you are so kind, we will accept your kindness.” Xin Yuan said to Wei Yun with a flash in his eyes.

    “How is that so? It’s the pleasure of our association to be visited by two guests.” Wei Yun was also overjoyed upon hearing this.

    Having said that, an inch size large round ring flew out from his sleeve. It spun in the air, then it was caught in his hand. His other hand launched a symbol at it.

    A burst of green light suddenly appeared in the ring. After a clear chirping sound came, a green light surged out. It transformed into a ten meters green spiritual bird. It was actually a green crane.

    After the three of them got on the back of the spiritual bird, the man in green robe groaned. The green crane flapped its wing and soared into the sky, turning into a green light that flew away from the island.

    On the back of the spiritual bird, Wei Yun probed on the background of them and the Sea Region, but they naturally weren’t willing to talk about that and brushed him off.

    Seeing this, the man in green robe didn’t ask any more questions, but he started to introduce the Changfeng Association.

    “Our association has a history of more than 100 years since its founding. In addition to the chairman of the early stage of the Crystallization Period and the two vice-chairmen of the Condensation Period later stage, there are also some hall masters and guests. There are about thirty or forty of them; all of whom are the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period. The others are just some small forces. So, our association is one of the largest forces in the archipelago.”

    “I didn’t expect your master to be in the Crystallization Period. It seems that your association is really full of talents!” Liu Ming replied with a faint smile. The strength of this Changfeng Association was almost the same as that of Savage Ghost Sect.

    “Not at all! Brother Liu has overpraised, but among the forces of the South Sea Region islands, our Changfeng Association is the organization that has the most casual cultivators. Unlike other gangs where there are many rules to restrict their members, and the benefits are also quite a lot. Once you become a guest elder, not only you will be able to read the ancient books in the library, you can also buy different resources for cultivating in the association’s shops at a cheaper price. Moreover, the Condensation Period cultivators will also practice to gain experience regularly. Master will also attend and give some advice to us. That is why there are so many people joining us.”

    As the man in green robe said this, he paused and said sincerely, “With the cultivation of you two, if you are willing to join, you will definitely be able to be a high-level guest with generous treatment. What do you guys think?”

    “I really thank Wei Daoyou for your kindness, but I’m used to having my own freedom. I’m afraid I can take any kind of restraint.” Liu Ming yawned and replied.

    Xin Yuan also didn’t say much.

    Wei Yun didn’t get annoyed when he saw this. Instead, he changed the topic and introduced the whole situation of the South Sea Region.

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan learned from the following introduction that the South Sea Region was generally ruled by the so-called top ten sects.

    These ten sects had a long history, and each sect had a Real Pellet State powerhouse. In addition, this South Sea Region was only divided by the sea from the Middle Sky Continent, and most of them were related to the Middle Sky Continent’s sects that had tens of thousands of years histories.

    Under the top ten sects, there were many small and medium sect forces under them, and the Changfeng Association was nominally under the Purple Night Temple of the top ten sects!

    This Purple Night Temple was a famous taoist sect in the South Sea Region for its talisman art. There were even sects from the inland of the Middle Sky Continent buying specifically from them despite the long distance.

    And small and medium forces such as the Changfeng Association must pay a certain amount of offer to the top ten sects every year, and the top ten sects would be responsible for ensuring that these small and medium forces were not annexed or threatened by other major sects!

    It was worth mentioning that the South Sea Region had nothing special as compared to the other regions of the Middle Sky Continent, but there were several rare water attribute minerals and some special products of spiritual medicine, which were not available in other places.

    From the introduction of the man in green robe, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan gradually had a general understanding of this South Sea Region.

    Wei Yun was a very talkative person, so the three were bored while rushing back.

    In this way, after the giant bird flew over some islands, half a day later, it finally arrived on a huge island with a radius of more than a hundred miles.

    “Below is the main base of our Changfeng Association, Qingyu Island.” Wei Yun pointed to the island below with a hint of contentment on his face.

    Liu Ming and the two looked in the direction he was pointing at. They saw a luxuriant and green scenery. The island was long with one end wider and the other narrower. From a distance, the entire island looked like a big green fish (Qingyu means green fish in Chinese).

    What was more special was that a long narrow strait in the center of the island divided the “head” and “tail” of the big island into two from the middle.

    Wei Yun controlled the spiritual bird to continue flying as he introduced, “This Qingyu Island is separated into west island and east island with this strait. East island which is the fish head is the headquarters of Changfeng Association. It is said that there is a spiritual vein deep in the ground here. Most of the Changfeng Association’s disciples and guests live here. On the west island, it’s rather messy. It is mainly occupied for the casual cultivators.”

    Hearing Wei Yun’s description, they found that most of the buildings on the island below were built of green boulders, but the strange thing was that they all had a dome.

    It was almost dusk now. Under the reflection of the setting sun, the domes of the entire island’s structures could not help but glow with a faint halo, like the scales of a fish.

    Not long after, the spiritual big landed slowly on the easternmost part of the island; a clearing in front of a tall building built on the hillside.

    “Please come in.”

    After Liu Ming and Liu Ming got off from the green crane, Wei Yun also flew down in a flash. He then threw out the round ring to call back the spiritual bird.

    Then, with a smile on his face, he led the two to the huge building.