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Chapter 433: Illusive Demonic Pupil

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 433: Illusive Demonic Pupil

    Liu Ming stretched out his hands to look at them, and touched his chest. After giving a little thought, he looked enlightened.

    It turned out that the thrilling experience he had just now was just a dream-like illusion, and all this seemed to be due to the black vertical eye on the Celestial Tablet.

    Although Liu Ming’s time in the illusion was only a short moment, the process of fighting against the demonized Lan Xi during this period was extremely real. Even the cold and pain when his arm was torn off and his chest was pierced, he could still feel it clearly. He still had some lingering fears.

    At that moment, he really thought he was going to die.

    At this moment, the young man in green clothes in front of him coughed lightly and said, “How do you feel after experiencing the ‘Illusive Demonic Pupil’? This gift is not bad right! This thing can replicate any fierce battle you have experienced before, and it can drag your consciousness into the illusion created by it to re-experience the previous fierce battle.”

    “There is actually such a treasure!” Hearing Luo Hu’s explanation, Liu Ming couldn’t help being overjoyed.

    No matter how good one’s spells, mystic arts and spiritual weapons were, if they were not tested in actual combat, their true power couldn’t be exerted fully.

    No matter how good a cultivator was, he or she often couldn’t perform well in actual combat. If one could exert 10% to 20% of his actual strength, it would be considered fine. If one was facing the critical moment of life and death, he probably couldn’t even make a gesture successfully due to panic.

    This showed the importance of actual combat.

    And generally speaking, the stronger the opponent, the more inner potential it could arouse when facing a life and death danger. It might even let them break through the bottleneck.

    If it was true as Luo Hu said that this Illusive Demonic Pupil could repeat the previous actual combat scenes at will, it could be imagined that it could improve personal strength.

    “To achieve the repetitive effect of the ‘Illusive Demonic Pupil, there are actually many restrictions. One is that a large amount of mental power must be injected into the black vertical eye on the Celestial Tablet, because the existence of the illusion depends on the maintenance of the mental power. Once the mental power isn’t enough, the illusion can collapse at any time. The stronger the opponent is, the more mental power is needed. Second, the things that this ‘IllusiveDemonic Pupil’ can copy are only those that have a deep impression of the fierce battle scene. Moreover, only those abilities that were revealed in front of you can be copied. If there are any trump cards or hidden cultivation, those can’t be copied. “The young man in green clothes looked at Liu Ming with a smile and added.

    Then Luo Hu casually told Liu Ming that there would be some ramifications after demonization, so he needed to take care of himself.

    After Liu Ming heard these words, he still wanted to ask something, but the other party suddenly flicked his sleeve, making his vision turn dark.

    When he opened his eyes again, he found himself reappearing in the pit below the abyss node.

    He just regained consciousness. Immediately, he found that his body was painful all over. He didn’t have the slightest strength, and his spiritual power was hollowed out to the extreme. He could only barely maintain his cultivation to be just above the Spiritual Disciple Stage.

    Liu Ming grinned and calmed his mind. He smiled bitterly in his heart. This is probably what Luo Hu mentioned by half-demonization ramifications!

    He took out a few recovery elixirs and consumed them. After adjusting his breath, he barely stood up.

    At this moment, the black mountain peak not far away trembled slightly, then an astounding noise came.

    In an instant, cracks appeared on the surface of the mountain.

    Liu Ming was shocked, and he quickly stabilized his body. He suddenly raised his head. He found that the white light curtain near the node in the air was slightly flickering. After a crack sound, a fissure appeared.

    Liu Ming was shocked and immediately realized that he shouldn’t stay this place for long. He immediately used all his spiritual power to fly toward the black mountain range.

    After a while, he appeared again in the sealed land in the heart of the mountain.

    In the cave at this moment, Xin Yuan had also broken free from the rune chains on his body. After seeing Liu Ming suddenly appear, he was startled and stepped back a few steps. But after carefully looking at Liu Ming, he was relieved again. He said, “Brother Liu, are you okay?”

    After Liu Ming demonized just now, the bloodthirsty and tyrannical scene had been deeply imprinted in Xin Yuan’s heart, so now seeing Liu Ming again, he couldn’t help but feel a little unnatural.

    “Brother Xin, hurry up, this place is about to collapse, and the space node outside is also going to collapse.”

    After Liu Ming yelled, his gaze quickly swept the surrounding. He immediately noticed the Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull, which were motionless for some reason, on the altar. After the mental power glanced over quickly, he immediately sensed that these two spirit pets were fine. They seemed to be falling into a deep sleep.

    He moved above them, then he waved his big sleeve and collected the two into the leather bag. He also kept the yellow turban soldier talisman that fell on the edge of the altar away. Then, he grabbed Jia Lan, who was unconscious, turned around and flew outside.

    Xin Yuan naturally felt the vibration of the mountain. After listening to Liu Ming’s words, his face changed drastically, and he quickly followed.

    At this moment, the black mountain range already had the sign of collapsing in the tremor!

    The two of them rushed out of the mountain in a short time, then they appeared at the stone forest below the space node.

    At this moment, in the air, there were countless tiny cracks on the white light curtain where the space node was located. A space vortex that was trembling slightly could be seen.

    In desperation, Xin Yuan channeled all his spiritual power into the Chaos Essence Refined Iron Rod. With a loud shout, he shook his arms and launched a series of iron rod shadow. ‘Boom’, it hit on the white light curtain.

    The white light curtain was on the verge of breaking. Under this powerful blow, it broke apart immediately, revealing a big hole.


    Liu Ming moved his arm swiftly and threw out the unconscious Jia Lan. Her slender body flashed and flew into the big hole.

    There was a loud ‘bang’.

    Liu Ming turned his head and glanced quickly, and he immediately found that the black mountain peak finally began to collapse in a rumble. This place that sealed the troll finally met its end.

    After taking a deep breath, he flashed into white light just like Xin Yuan.

    Immediately, the light flashed in front of the two of them, and they were surrounded by a burst of violent spatial fluctuations, feeling very dizzy.


    Over an unnamed emerald green mountain peak, a light flashed suddenly. Two figures suddenly appeared in the air along with a space fluctuation.

    It was Liu Ming and Xin Yuan who had escaped from the stone forest.

    As soon as the two appeared, they quickly stabilized their bodies and landed firmly on the mountain peak.

    Looking at the scene in front of them and recalling what they had experienced along the way, both of them took a sigh of relief. They looked greatly relaxed.

    No matter what danger they had experienced before, they finally escaped.

    “Finally, we left the underwater mineral vein. The air outside really smells more comfortable.” Xin Yuan took a deep breath and said with a smile on his face.

    “Yeah… eh… it’s weird, why isn’t Jia Lan here?” Up to this moment, Liu Ming nodded first, but looking around, his expression looked stern.

    Before he escaped from the spatial node, he obviously sent the unconscious Jia Lan out first, but there was no sign of her aura on the mountain peak.

    Not only Jia Lan, but Siren King, who also came out of the same space node, also disappeared.

    “You are talking about the Siren King and that woman? Did they land somewhere else?” Xin Yuan looked around, and his divine sense swept the neighborhood in a daze.

    Within a few miles, there was only the aura of the two of them.

    Liu Ming thought about it for a moment. After turning around and looking at the destroyed space hole in the sky, he vaguely understood what was going on.

    “It seems that the space node may be a very rare ‘living node’. Its exit links multiple external spaces, and the coordinate will change every moment. Therefore, Siren King and Jia Lan who escaped first should be teleported to different places. Because we two entered at the same time, we were sent to one place.” Liu Ming said slowly with his eyes flickering.

    “You should be right, otherwise it won’t make sense.” Xin Yuan nodded in agreement after blinking a few times.

    “She will be safe right!?” Liu Ming couldn’t help but feel a little worry.

    “Brother Liu, don’t worry. This world is so big, how can the lady just happen to be teleported to the dangerous place.” Although Xin Yuan was a little curious about the relationship between Liu Ming and Jia Lan, he was very sensible to not ask much.

    “I hope so!” Liu Ming could only think so.

    “It’s just that we don’t know what is this place. We have little spiritual power left. We should meditate and rest first, then we will plan our next move after recovery.” Xin Yuan suggested.

    “That’s good.” Liu Ming naturally agreed.


    At the same time, Jia Lan, who had been in a coma, was in the open space in the center of an island surrounded by sea water. Her beautiful eyes trembled slightly, and she finally woke up.

    “Miss, you are awake.” A gentle voice came into her ear. Jia Lan was startled and quickly sat up.

    Not far in front of her, a nun was standing there, wearing a green robe and a gray hat on her head. Her appearance looked delicate, and her expression was very amiable.

    “Who are you? Where is this place?” Jia Lan looked at the nun with a dazed expression. Her mind was blank. After a while, she asked in a daze.

    “Hehe, Haixin Island here is where I usually cultivate hard. May I know how to address Miss? Why would you appear here all of sudden?” The nun was slightly startled, then she asked with a gentle smile.