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Chapter 338 - Those Who Are Supposed to Die Are Dead!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 338: Those Who Are Supposed to Die Are Dead!

    Dai Wei walked to Ye Chen one step after another as the people watched. He laughed out loud in a boastful manner. “Ye, I guess you never thought this would happen to you today!”

    He thought he would have to bow to Ye Chen for the rest of his life with Old Master Hu supporting Ye Chen earlier. That was the reason why he had taken the initiative to mend things with Ye Chen.

    He never thought that the three powerhouses would force Old Master Hu into giving up on Ye Chen and that the latter would be on his own within the blink of an eye.

    The rollercoaster ride made his emotions go up and down. Right now, he was over the moon.

    However, Ye Chen remained still and watched Dai Wei getting closer quietly. If one were to look closer, there was a mocking smirk at the corner of his lips.

    “I’m warning you not to fight it. Otherwise, you’ll die a devastating death!” Dai Wei assumed that Ye Chen was scared judging by his reaction.

    “Kneel!” Dai Wei scoffed and slapped Ye Chen directly. It was a hard slap whereby he almost used all of the strength in his body.

    Old Shen, Aunt Hong, and the rest shut their eyes slightly. Nobody could help Ye Chen under such a situation, especially since nobody would dare to stand up to the three powerhouses’ rage!

    Shi Ting had pity on her face. She seemed like she could not watch what was going to happen next.

    However, she heard a thud in the next second. Something flew by. When she looked again, Dai Wei was thrown out like a torn burlap sack. Eventually, he smashed a table directly.


    At that moment, the crowd’s pupils shrunk slightly! They were in slight disbelief!

    How could Ye Chen have dared to fight back at such a time!?

    Di Jing, who had walked a few steps out, froze. She looked blankly at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes and was secretly stirred.

    Was Dai Wei, a retired soldier, thrown out by a slap? Apart from that, he practiced martial arts too!

    Dai Wei got up from the ground with a struggle and covered his mouth after a front tooth was broken from the slap. He was pissed off and humiliated. “Y-You…”

    Before this, he thought that Ye Chen was weak. Without his bodyguard, he thought it would be a piece of cake for him to beat him up. However, the truth was that the person that he looked down upon had just slapped him and thrown him out!

    He did not even see how Ye Chen did it.

    Ye Chen ignored him directly and lifted his eyes to look at the three people on the grandmaster chairs. He said expressionlessly, “This useless thing is nothing to me. Why don’t the three of you come to fight me instead of being dependent on someone else?”

    Everyone in the lounge gasped to hear that. They could not believe that he had just invited three powerhouses to a battle.

    “How dare you, a regular martial artist, dare to challenge three sorcerers in such a boastful manner? Let me fight you first!” Mei Niang who was standing aside challenged.

    An ominous wind blew as she ran toward Ye Chen quickly. At the same time, both of her hands turned into two venomous snakes. They were hissing at Ye Chen with their sharp fangs.

    “Mei Niang is getting the immortal to possess her!”

    “If I’m not mistaken, it’s an immortal snake in her body, right? It has at least 300 years of cultivation!”

    The people began discussing when she performed a spell.

    “Aunt!” Shi Ting dragged Aunt Hong’s hand, feeling insecure. She said immediately, “Why isn’t Brother Ye’s bodyguard coming to his rescue yet?!”

    Aunt Hong glanced at Iron Tower who was standing aside, feeling doubtful.

    Dai Wei grinned. ‘Ye, so what if you’ve defeated me?! I don’t believe you can survive the attack from a  disciple!’

    However, Ye Chen extended his arm in the next second. He grabbed Mei Niang, who was charging at him. Suddenly, she felt a great suction as Ye Chen grabbed her throat.

    “Y-You…” Mei Niang was shocked.


    Before she was done speaking, Ye Chen squeezed her until she exploded. She turned into bloody mist and splattered everywhere after black energy was exuded from her body.

    Ye Chen opened his mouth and inhaled, sucking the black energy into his mouth. A devastating shriek was the only thing left behind.

    It was deadly silent at that moment!

    Had Mei Niang, who had an immortal with 300 years of cultivation possessing her, been killed just like that? Did Ye Chen even swallow the immortal?

    Dai Wei watched with his eyes wide open. “How is that possible?!”

    Di Jing took two steps back in shock! ‘So this is your trump card! We’ve underestimated you!’

    “I didn’t know Brother Ye is so powerful!” Shi Ting screamed.

    Horror flooded Aunt Hong’s face. She could not help but bite her lip. Mei Niang was more powerful than her, but she had been killed instantly. ‘We’ve underestimated him. This guy hasn’t been pretending. He’s really powerful. It’s funny that we’re so dumb to have begged him for help!’

    At the same time, the three sorcerers, who were sitting on the grandmaster chairs, were stunned.

    If they had not taken him seriously after throwing Dai Wei out with a slap, which could only be explained by the possibility that Ye Chen had been trained in martial arts, then Mei Niang’s death did indeed shock them.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look at the three of them. He smirked and flashed his teeth. “I’ve said that the three of you should come at me at once. Otherwise, it’s no fun for me.”

    “You b*stard!” Sorcerer Gongyang shouted as a fireball appeared in his hand. It was the size of a basketball, and he tossed it at Ye Chen directly.

    Although he was shocked by what had happened, Mei Niang was not as powerful as him!

    Everyone could not help but hold their breaths while watching that.

    It was a real spell!

    Di Jing’s eyes that were initially dim glowed. ‘Master is fighting now. He’s even cast a spell. I suppose you won’t be able to handle that!’

    Subsequently, everyone saw something that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

    Besides not dodging the fireball, Ye Chen stretched his arm out to grab it directly. The fireball stopped when it landed in his hand.

    As Ye Chen moved both of his hands, the fireball charged at Sorcerer Gongyang after turning into a fire dragon.

    “Oh, no!” Sorcerer Gongyang’s expression changed, and he instantly shouted, “Please possess me!”

    A shadow covered him as soon as he was done speaking. A gigantic illusion of a dog’s head appeared above his head! Clearly, the immortal behind him was a dog with cultivation!

    When they looked closer, Sorcerer Gongyang spat water from his mouth. The blob of water was approximately the size of the mouth of a bowl. He seemed to be attempting to put Ye Chen’s fire dragon out.

    However, the water evaporated entirely as soon as it touched the fire dragon. Meanwhile, the fire dragon was still going on strong.

    “No!” Sorcerer Gongyang failed to dodge it.


    The fire dragon penetrated his body, so his body burned. Eventually, he turned into a pile of ashes all over the ground!

    Dead silence!

    Dead silence filled the place!


    Everyone was completely shocked!

    Sorcerer Gongyang, who ranked merely after the three sorcerers, had been killed just like that!

    “Spell Master?”

    Huang Xieyi, Bai Shinie, and Shi Qianmo looked at each other.


    Di Jing felt her knees go weak, whereby she fell onto the ground. If one were to look closer, they would notice that she was shuddering.

    She thought that Ye Chen killing Mei Niang was the best he could do. Never had she thought that he would even kill Sorcerer Gongyang too!

    “Impossible, this is impossible!” Dai Wei was horrified, he could not accept that at all!

    Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back. He squinted and said as he looked at the three sorcerers on the grandmaster chairs, “Those who are supposed to die are dead. It’s your turn now!”