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Chapter 337 - The Three Kings Are Here. Ye Chen Became A Target!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 337: The Three Kings Are Here. Ye Chen Became A Target!

    “Sorcerer Yin is here!”

    The lounge fell into silence immediately after hearing that voice.

    Everyone turned to the entrance instantly and saw a fat man entering with long strides. The fatty wore a gray robe, and he was in his 40s. Barefooted, there was also a tattoo of a large rat on his belly.

    Most importantly, he was hovering in the air. His feet were at least ten centimeters from the ground. A dazzling glow enveloped him as if he was showered in holy light.

    The people knelt onto the ground when they saw him. Only a minority of them did not stoop such as the people for the five families including Old Master Hu, Ye Chen, Yang Tian, and the rest. Even Aunt Hong and Shi Ting knelt

    “Greetings, Sorcerer Yin!”

    Thunderous greetings echoed through the entire lounge. Everyone looked passionate, and the sight of his entrance was majestic. It was because the man was none other than Yin Santong!

    The immortal behind him was the immortal rat among the Five Kings. Apart from that, it was an immortal with 1,000 years of cultivation under its belt, so it was no exaggeration to describe it with unparalleled abilities.

    Shi Ting, who was kneeling on the ground, grabbed the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt when she noticed that he and Yang Tian remained still. “What are you guys doing? Kneel! He’s Yin Santong!”

    Ye Chen chuckled softly and took a good look at Yin Santong whereas Yang Tian stood still purely from shock.

    Yin Santong had no expression on his face as he glanced at the people in an extremely condescending manner. When he noticed that Ye Chen and Yang Tian were not kneeling, a cold gleam flashed across his eyes.

    “Get up, all of you!” he said calmly.

    Everyone only stood up after hearing that.

    “Sorcerer Yin, you’re finally here. Please claim justice for me!” A voice came from among the crowd. Soon, Sorcerer Gongyang ran over, looking wronged.

    Yin Santong sat on the grandmaster chair that was placed the highest and said in a supercilious manner, “Tell me who’s wronged you.”

    “This brat isn’t a  disciple of the northeast, but he humiliated me earlier.” Sorcerer Gongyang stretched his arm and pointed at Ye Chen. “I came to talk to him, but the Hu family is siding him!”

    Aunt Hong and Shi Ting’s expressions changed.

    Yin Santong paused for a few seconds when he looked at Ye Chen. Scorn filled his face when he realized that Ye Chen was the man who had not knelt when he entered earlier. He looked at the people as if he was asking for their opinion. “Which one of you can prove that Gongyang Fu is telling the truth?”

    “Sorcerer Yin, Sorcerer Gongyang is right. It’s the truth,” Mei Niang, who hated Aunt Hong, stood up first and added fuel to the fire by saying, “Aunt Hong is the one who brought this brat. They’re not taking us seriously just because the Hu family has got their back!”

    “You…” Aunt Hong was enraged.

    A few people stood up and said, “We can also testify that Sorcerer Gongyang is telling the truth!”

    At that moment, even Old Master Hu’s heart sank. Dai Wei, who had been beaten up earlier, was so happy that he was almost smirking. He looked at Ye Chen in a gloating manner.

    Di Jing secretly shook her head. ‘Now even the Hu family can’t save you! This wouldn’t have happened if you had listened to me earlier.’

    Yin Santong lifted his eyes and looked at Old Master Hu. He said in his deep voice, “Old Master Hu, don’t you think your family is being a bully, not knowing who is right and wrong?”

    “We all know who is right and who is wrong!” Old Master Hu shook his head. “There’s nothing else that I’d like to say!” He must protect Ye Chen. It was for Aunt Hong’s sake as well as the other person’s order.

    “Old Master Hu, do you mean that everyone misunderstands you, including me?” Yin Santong’s tone sounded slightly upset.

    Old Master Hu said, “Yin Santong, although you’re one of the five popular  disciples, you’ve no right to accuse my family. More so, you’ve no right to accuse me!”

    Yin Santong’s face grew as frigid as ice.

    Old Master Hu was right! It had been so many years that all of the powerful people in the entire northeast were fearful of the Hu family. To be exact, they were fearful of that person behind the Hu family. Nobody knew whether that person was still alive, but they were still fearful of the family!

    Dai Wei could not help but feel rather disappointed. Clearly, even he could tell what Yin Santong was afraid of.

    Sorcerer Gongyang looked sour.

    “What about us?!”

    At that moment, a calm voice came from outside. Subsequently, three people entered while hovering in the air. They were two men and a lady. The lady, who was in the lead, was garbed in red and she had a majestic aura.

    Meanwhile, behind her was an old man with long and thick sloping eyebrows as well as an old man with eyes like copper bells and demonic energy lingering around his body.

    The crowd was completely stirred to see the three of them!


    All of them knelt in unison. A series of voices came, “Greetings, Sorcerer Huang, Sorcerer Bai, and Sorcerer Shi!”

    There were five kings among the immortals of the northeast. They were the Mysterious Snake King, the Black Bear King, the Weasel King, the Hedgehog King, and the Rat King.

    The five of them guided all of the immortals while they had their own  disciples in the outside world. They were Shen Cangsheng, Huang Xieyi, Bai Shinie, Yin Santong, and Shi Qianmo!

    As the  disciples of the compelling immortals aside, the five of them were also Shamanism elders, hence they were powerful. They knew many spells which they had mastered those spells! Therefore, the crowd worshipped them.

    When the three of them took their seats on the grandmaster chairs, the lady in red, Huang Xieyi, looked at Old Master Hu in a disdainful manner. “Old Master Hu, you’re going against us for an outsider. Don’t you think that’s too much?”

    “That’s right. We belong to the immortals and we should be on the same side. Old Master Hu, your actions are a betrayal to us!” the old man Bai Shinie with sloping eyebrows scoffed.

    The last old man, Shi Qianmo, said with his sonorous voice, “Old Master Hu, sometimes it’s better to sweep some things under the carpet. That person from your family isn’t here, and neither are there any  disciples. We’re fearful of you, but please don’t exploit that!”

    Old Master Hu’s expression looked serious. Never had he thought that the minor conflict with Sorcerer Gongyang would stir up something so big. He was here just to solve the grudge between the immortal snake and Ye Chen. Therefore, he thought he would ask for a favor from the three of them since Shen Cangsheng was not here.

    He never expected that the three people would now be on the other side. Asking for a favor for Ye Chen, which was out of the discussion aside, he would only drag his family into trouble.

    Old Master Hu took a deep breath as he thought to this point. He said to the three people on the grandmaster chairs, “It’s my fault. I’ll no longer stick my nose into this.”

    He walked to the side right after saying that. Clearly, he did not plan to help Ye Chen, Aunt Hong, and the rest any further.

    Aunt Hong and Shi Ting immediately looked glum,

    “Kneel!” Bai Shinie yelled while looking at Ye Chen.

    At that moment, everyone looked at Ye Chen as if they were looking at a dead man. He had offended three powerhouses, and now not even God could help him.

    Dai Wei snickered in joy. His snigger got the trio’s attention. The lady in red glared coldly at him. “Who is this?”

    Sorcerer Gongyang said immediately, “Sorcerer Huang, this is my disciple’s friend…” He then shared the story of the grudge between the weasel and Dai Wei.

    Huang Xieyi looked at Dai Wei again after hearing the story, “So, you were the one who killed Xiaozi!” The immortal behind her was the king of the weasel, the Weasel King. Therefore, naturally, she could speak for the immortal herself.

    The glare alone made Dai Wei kneel onto the ground. He was kowtowing so hard as if he was crushing garlic with his head. “Sorcerer, I didn’t mean to do that. Please spare my life!”

    “That’s right, Sorcerer Huang. He didn’t mean it. Please spare his life for my sake!” Sorcerer Gongyang begged.

    Huang Xieyi stretched her arm out and pointed at Ye Chen. She said to Dai Wei, “I’ll give you a chance. Slap him twice and make him kneel. If you do it right, I’ll spare your life!”

    Dai Wei was stunned. Clearly, he did not expect it to be so simple!

    “Sure, I’ll do it. I’ll do it!” He looked overjoyed. Subsequently, he took one step after another at Ye Chen happily!

    Sorcerer Gongyang looked at Di Jing who was next to him and ordered, “Slap that man twice too, and get him to kneel!”

    Di Jing hesitated. However, she walked to Ye Chen after taking a deep breath upon noticing the unkind stare coming from Huang Xieyi and the rest.

    “Don’t blame me. You only have yourself to blame!” she said.