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Chapter 336 - The Two-faced B*stard!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 336: The Two-faced B*stard!

    The entire lounge fell into silence as soon as Ye Chen said that!

    Disbelief flashed through everybody’s eyes!

    ‘Is this guy out of his mind? Even we have to be polite to Sorcerer Gongyang, but this guy is behaving like this!’

    Di Jing was stunned at first, then she shook her head. ‘That’s it! Now even I can’t save you!’

    Dai Wei’s expression froze. He thought he heard it wrong! Subsequently, he was over the moon! The more ignorant Ye Chen was, the happier he was!

    “What a boastful brat!” Sorcerer Gongyang’s expression was as cold as frost. “You should know that even the five families daren’t be so rude to me. Since this is the case, I’ll show you just how powerful I am!”

    Black energy appeared on his hand suddenly as soon as he was done speaking. The black energy made the temperature in the lounge dropped instantly. Many people were secretly startled, especially Dai Wei and Di Jing who were standing closest to him. There was fear in their eyes.

    “Stop it, Sorcerer Gongyang!”

    At that moment, Aunt Hong who was aside walked over suddenly. She protected Ye Chen behind her and said with a smile, “Sorcerer Gongyang, Ye Chen offended you because he doesn’t know the rules. I hope that you’ll forgive him for my sake!”

    “For your sake?” Sorcerer Gongyang snickered. “Aunt Hong, don’t you think you think too highly of yourself? If I can be frank, you’re nothing to me!”

    Aunt Hong’s face turned pale instantly.

    Dai Wei could no longer hide the smirk on his face. ‘Ye Chen, oh, Ye Chen. Weren’t you being arrogant earlier? This is the price to pay for being arrogant!’

    Di Jing snickered.

    ‘See? I advised you to apologize to Sorcerer Gongyang earlier, but you refused to listen to me. Now, even Aunt Hong, who you’re relying on, is nothing to Sorcerer Gongyang.’

    “I’m giving you one last chance. Scram or I’ll kill you as well!” Sorcerer Gongyang said again.

    If he had merely wanted to teach Ye Chen a lesson after hearing Dai Wei’s rant earlier, now he was determined to kill him because the latter had humiliated him!

    Ye Chen smiled in contempt as soon as he said that. He got up to look at Sorcerer Gongyang. Just when he was going to speak, a cold voice came from a private room next door, “Gongyang Fu, who are you trying to kill?”

    The crowd looked over by instinct.

    They saw Old Master Hu walk out of the private room slowly. He was hobbling really slowly with his walking stick. Everyone said loudly and sincerely, “Greetings, Old Master Hu!”

    Joy was apparent on Shi Ting and Aunt Hong’s faces upon seeing that Old Master Hu was here.

    However, Ye Chen sighed softly. He was rather disappointed.

    The expression on Sorcerer Gongyang’s face was replaced by a smile. “Hu Lai, when did you get here?”

    Although the Hu family, one of the Five Wealthy Families of the Northeast’s immortal was not one of the Five Kings, Sorcerer Gongyang dared not be rude to them at all because he knew a secret about the Hu family!

    The secret was the reason why the Hu family stood tall!

    “I’ve been here for a long time!” Old Master Hu said expressionlessly and looked at him, “Who did you say you want to kill?”

    “Old Master Hu, this brat was being rude to me. I must teach him a lesson.” Sorcerer Gongyang pointed at Ye Chen.

    “You want to kill my guest?” Old Master Hu questioned.

    Everyone gasped, and Dai Wei and Di Jing were dumbstruck, especially Dai Wei whose jaw almost dropped.

    ‘This brat is a guest of the Hu family? How is that possible?! The Hu family is one of the Five Wealthy Families of the Northeast!’

    “What? Old Master Hu, this brat is your g-guest?” Sorcerer Gongyang was stunned.

    “That’s right!” Old Master Hu said calmly, “They’re my family’s guests. Do you still want to kill them now?”

    “Misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding!” Rage flashed across Sorcerer Gongyang’s eyes as he took on a powerful stance. However, he was beaming widely at the same time.

    He even stretched his arm out at Ye Chen and said sincerely, “Mr. Ye, since you’re Old Master Hu’s guest, we should be friends instead!” To him, it was a great honor that he was taking the initiative to mend things with Ye Chen, thus Ye Chen should be over the moon.

    However, Ye Chen remained still, as if he did not see Sorcerer Gongyang’s arm that was extended to him.

    Everyone was speechless.


    This man must be mad to be doing that!

    Sorcerer Gongyang recalled his hand while smiling, but the killing intent within him was growing. If his eyes could kill, Ye Chen would have been dead countless times.

    “Since it’s a misunderstanding, let’s get on with dinner!” Old Master Hu said and got Ye Chen to sit down.

    Sorcerer Gongyang led Dai Wei and the rest to take their seats on the other side. He slapped Dai Wei as soon as they sat down, “You idiot, didn’t you tell me that brat is just a regular man? How does he know the Hu family, as well as Old Master Hu?”

    “I-I have no idea!” Dai Wei held his cheek that stung. He felt like crying from being wronged.

    “Scram!” Sorcerer Gongyang kicked him out with an extremely fierce expression.

    ‘The Hu family! Although I can’t do anything to you, there’s someone who isn’t afraid of offending you!’ He walked to the side as he thought about this. He took out his phone and made a call.

    “Sorcerer Yin, I wonder when will you get here…”

    Di Jing looked deeply toward the direction where Ye Chen and the rest were. She could not calm herself down. ‘No wonder you’re so confident of yourself! So, you’ve buttered up to the Hu family!’


    At the table where Ye Chen and the rest were, Old Master Hu glanced at Ye Chen after taking his seat. He said in a rather upset tone, “Don’t you think you’ve crossed the line?”

    “Did I?” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    “You can’t afford to offend Gongyang Fu. There are very few people in the entire northeast who can fight him. Moreover, this man holds grudges. Although I can help you now, do you think I can help you forever?”

    Ye Chen’s attitude was making Old Master Hu irked as he had no idea why that person would look up to Ye Chen so much.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “If you hadn’t shown up earlier, I would’ve killed that man like I’m killing a chicken!”

    Old Master Hu scoffed immediately.

    Shi Ting snickered out loud. “Go ahead and boast. If Old Master Hu didn’t show up in time, you might’ve been dead now!”

    Aunt Hong shook her head lightly.

    At that moment, Dai Wei walked over with a glass of wine in his hand. He walked to Ye Chen while they looked at him like an enemy. He had a wide smile on his face. “Ye Chen, I didn’t know that you came from such a powerful background. I can’t believe that you didn’t tell us that along the way. You sure are good at hiding things. Here’s a toast to you from me!”

    He was regretful now. If he had known that Ye Chen knew the Hu family, he would not have offended him. After all, the Hu family was one of the Five Wealthy Families of the Northeast. Could his vengeance with the immortal weasel be solved if Old Master Hu helped him?

    Therefore, he put down his pride and came over with the goal of getting closer to Ye Chen.

    Yang Tian condemned directly as soon as he was done speaking, “Scram! You two-faced b*stard, you disgust me!”

    Shi Ting was also staring at him in contempt. It was her first time seeing someone so shameless.

    No matter how thick Dai Wei’s skin was, he looked terrible being humiliated by Yang Tian. “Ye Chen, didn’t you teach your man any manners? Since this is the case, this is the end of us. Watch out!” He left directly after saying that!

    “What a douchebag. He was so arrogant just because he had Sorcerer Gongyang with him earlier, but after meeting Old Master Hu, he came over shamelessly to mend things,” Shi Ting said in disdain.

    At that moment, a loud voice came from outside, “Sorcerer Yin is here!”