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Chapter 335 - If He Wants to See Me, He Should Get Over Here Himself!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 335: If He Wants to See Me, He Should Get Over Here Himself!

    Yang Tian could not help but ask when they returned to the lounge from the bathroom, “Old Ye, who were those people? They sure are sarcastic.”

    He had seen Dai Wei and the rest before at the Zhu residence, but he did not manage to ask about their identities back then. Never had he thought that they would bump into each other today.

    “I met them along the way here,” Ye Chen said calmly.

    Despite Dai Wei targeting him over and over again, he forgot about it after a smile because he had seen Dai Wei and Di Jing being poisoned earlier. It was serious, especially for Dai Wei, whose death lingered in his face.

    More and more people arrived after that. Almost all of the leaders of the five families were here. However, the VIPs were in another private room.

    Meanwhile, most of them out there were  disciples who were rather popular such as Aunt Hong. As for Shi Ting and the rest, they sat in a corner where nobody spoke to them.

    At that moment, an old man in golden frame glasses walked over. The lounge became hushed suddenly while many of them looked serious and greeted loudly at the same time, “Old Master Zhao!”

    “This is the owner of this club. He has business all over the northeast. Even the five families have to be nice to him,” Shi Ting introduced while lowering her voice. She added, “Also, he belongs to the Black Bear King.”

    Ye Chen came to a realization.

    Old Master Zhao said with a smile after gesturing to the people to quiet down, “Good news, everybody. There’ll be five VIPs at the gathering tonight.”

    Five VIPs?

    The people were stunned.

    “Old Master Zhao, is it Shen Cangsheng and the rest?”

    Some people had their eyes lit up, and they could not help but inhale sharply after seeming to recall something.

    Old Master Zhao nodded. “That’s right!”

    Gasps went around the lounge as soon as he confirmed that. Everyone had shock and excitement on their faces.

    Shen Cangsheng, the most powerful  disciple in the northeast!

    Together with Huang Xieyi, Bai Shinie, Yin Sanding, and Shi Qianmo, they were named the Five Legendary Men of the Northeast. They were like legends with their unparalleled combat strength. However, they had always been secretive. Never would the people have expected them to come together today.

    “Old Master Zhao, when are they coming? We want to welcome them,” the person from before said in utter respect.

    Old Master Zhao shook his head lightly. “That I’m not sure. I’m telling you guys ahead so that you are mentally prepared.”

    He left after saying that.

    The people sat down again, suppressing their excitement. While they discussed Shen Cangsheng and the rest, respect filled their faces.

    Shi Ting’s expression changed slightly. She looked at Ye Chen and Yang Tian, and said rather nervously, “What do we do? What do we do? Shen Cangsheng is really coming.”

    “Girl, don’t be afraid. We’ve got Old Ye here. Moreover, didn’t Old Master Hu agree to help us?” Yang Tian comforted though he had little confidence.

    After all, Shen Cangsheng had an immortal with 1,000 years of cultivation behind him!

    Only demons would not die of old age!

    Shi Ting suppressed the fear within her after hearing that.

    Compared to their anxiety, Ye Chen was much more casual. He sipped the tea in his cup lightly and said calmly, “I hope that he’ll come soon so that I can go home earlier.”

    “You’re still joking at such a time!” Shi Ting glared at him and said angrily, “You’ll cry if Old Master Hu can’t help you guys then.”

    Ye Chen smiled. Just when he was going to speak, he suddenly lifted his eyes to look far away. He saw Dai Wei walking toward him and announcing arrogantly, “Ye, Sorcerer Gongyang wants to see you. Come with me.”

    “What Sorcerer Gongyang?” Yang Tian did not like Dai Wei since the beginning, so he could not help but respond, “Who do you think Old Ye is? Get him to come here if he wants to see Old Ye!”

    “How dare you be rude to Sorcerer Gongyang?” Dai Wei looked mad.


    Shi Ting’s pretty face changed slightly at that moment. She asked immediately, “What did you say? Sorcerer Gongyang is here too?”

    “That’s right!”

    Dai Wei smiled in pride.

    “Who is this Sorcerer Gongyang?” Yang Tian looked at Shi Ting when he asked that.

    Shi Ting took a deep breath in and said, “Sorcerer Gongyang is a  disciple too. He bears the family name of Gongyang, so he’s not in the five families. However, the immortal behind him holds a high status. It’s merely below the Five Kings, so nobody dares to offend him!”

    Yang Tian shut his mouth instantly.

    Dai Wei was feeling prouder now. “Ye, did you hear that? It’s an honor that Sorcerer Gongyang wants to see you. I’m warning you to go with me now.” He looked at Ye Chen wryly.

    In reality, he had badmouthed Ye Chen to Sorcerer Gongyang. That was why Sorcerer Gongyang wanted to teach him a lesson.

    Ye Chen played with his teacup. “A useless man who depends on another’s power isn’t worthy of me seeing him.”

    Stunned, Dai Wei said in disbelief, “H-how dare you say that about Sorcerer Gongyang? Are you seeking death?”

    Shi Ting was also shocked.

    The person was Sorcerer Gongyang, a man that even her aunt could not afford to offend!

    Ye Chen mobilized his neck and said calmly, “If he wants to see me, he should come over here himself!”

    “Great, that’s just great! Ye, it’s you who is seeking death yourself!” Dai Wei left after saying that in a rage. One would have guessed that he was going to complain to Sorcerer Gongyang.

    Shi Ting looked troubled and said as soon as he left, “Big Brother Ye, you’re on our side. Can you not bring trouble upon us? He must be telling on us. We’ll be in trouble when Sorcerer Gongyang comes.” She then got up and walked to Aunt Hong’s table immediately to whisper into her ears.

    Aunt Hong’s face froze, and she lifted her eyes to look at Ye Chen. Just when she was going to speak, a commotion burst out from the crowd at the back.

    Subsequently, a lecherous old man walked over while holding a lady. Many people jolted upon seeing him. They clasped their fists. “Greetings, Sorcerer Gongyang!”

    Meanwhile, Aunt Hong and Shi Ting’s expressions changed.

    Sorcerer Gongyang ignored the people’s cordiality. He walked straight to Ye Chen’s table while the expression on his face was chilly.

    The entire lounge turned silent.

    Everyone blinked when they instantly figured out what was happening. They then looked at Ye Chen and the rest with pity on their faces.

    Upon witnessing that, Mei Niang, who had always hated Aunt Hong, scoffed and gloated, “Oh, Aunt Hong, the people that you brought along are in trouble.”

    The two middle-aged men looked like they were ready for a good show.

    Yang Tian and Shi Ting stood up almost instantly, appearing nervous.

    Ye Chen was the only one who remained still as if he did not see Sorcerer Gongyang coming.

    Sorcerer Gongyang scoffed before yelling when he arrived in front of Ye Chen, “Brat, I heard that you asked me to come over here to see you!”

    Everyone could not help staring at Ye Chen. Shock filled their eyes. Even the people sitting at the table where Aunt Hong and Mei Niang were astounded.

    Even the people from the five families dared not say that! What gave him the courage to say that?

    Dai Wei was smirking. ‘Let’s see how you’re going to boast now!’

    Di Jing, on the other hand, bit her lip. She urged while looking at Ye Chen, “Why are you still sitting down? Get up and apologize to my master now!”

    ‘You idiot? Can’t you read the room? Do you think that Aunt Hong can save you?’

    However, Ye Chen remained sitting down. He said while playing with the teacup in his hand without even lifting his head. “That’s right. What are you going to do about it?”