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Chapter 334 - The Confident Sorcerer Gongyang!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 334: The Confident Sorcerer Gongyang!

    The next evening, two cars pulled over at the entrance of a high-class private club. The leading car was a flashy red, and it was a Pagani Huayra which had a market price of close to 30 million yuan.

    At that moment, many cars and people were gathered at the club entrance. The crowd looked shocked when the Pagani Huayra came to a stop.

    They were shocked by how expensive the car was, as well as who was in the car—the Hu family of the northeast. Together with the Huang family, the Bai family, the Yin family, and the Shi family, they were named the Five Wealthy Families of the Northeast because they had immortals supporting them.

    Meanwhile, nobody checked out the Honda behind the Pagani Huayra.

    As the door of the Pagani opened, an old, graying man with a walking stick got out. There were a young man and lady behind the old man.

    Everyone looked serious as they chimed, “Greetings, Old Master Hu!”

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen, Yang Tian, Aunt Hong, and the rest walked out of the Honda behind the Pagani.

    “Let’s go!” Old Master Hu nodded expressionlessly. He led Ye Chen and the rest straight to the private club before them.

    As soon as they went in, a Ferrari arrived. An old man in traditional attire and a goatee got out of the car whilst two men and a lady exited from the back of the car. They were Dai Wei, Di Jing, and Old Shen.

    Di Jing took two steps forward and held the old man carefully. She said softly, “Master, take your time.”

    Sorcerer Gongyang placed his arm on her waist intentionally and laughed as he spoke, “I wouldn’t crack any old bones of mine with you, my dear disciple, holding me.”

    Helplessness and disgust flashed across Di Jing’s eyes.

    She thought she would not be able to help Dai Wei since leaving Zhu Chao’s house, but never had she thought that they would bump into Sorcerer Gongyang along the way. Sorcerer Gongyang said that he was a  disciple who had a very powerful immortal behind him. He had insisted on taking her in as his disciple.

    At first, Di Jing was unwilling to agree to his offer. However, she had no other choice since Sorcerer Gongyang performed a spell before them with a little threat in it.

    Dai Wei was not mad at all despite seeing Sorcerer Gongyang’s hands touching Di Jing. Instead, he caught up with them while smiling. “Sorcerer Gongyang, are you sure the people from the Huang family will be here today?” The immortal behind the Huang family was the immortal fox.

    He knew that he was being targeted by the immortal and that Zhu Chao was trying to take his money, so Sorcerer Gongyang who was here now was his only hope. How could he not tiptoe around him? He could not do anything even though he watched Di Jing being touched.

    “Don’t worry. It’s a gathering of all top  disciples in the entire northeast tonight. As one of the five families, the Huang family will definitely be here.” Sorcerer Gongyang waved and said in full confidence, “If I see anyone from the Huang family, I’ll definitely ask them for a favor to solve the grudge you have with the immortal weasel.”

    “Thank you, sorcerer. I’ll remember your kindness.” Dai Wei was over the moon.

    Old Shen, on the other hand, looked worried.

    Dai Wei said while smiling seeming to guess what he was thinking about, “Old Shen, are you still thinking about Ye? Stop thinking about him. It’s impossible for him to still be alive since Sorcerer Zhu got him.” He was secretly grinning as he said to this. Subsequently, they followed Sorcerer Gongyang into the club.


    Ye Chen followed Old Master Hu to the eighth floor of the club. A lounge that was over 300 square meters large welcomed them. It was full of amenities and was adorned in sophistication. There were many people there at that moment.

    Demonic qi filled the atmosphere.

    Ye Chen secretly frowned.

    ‘Am I in the demons’ lair?’

    Aunt Hong suddenly stopped and said while looking serious, “People who come here are extraordinary. Don’t walk off on your own, and don’t speak nonsense.”

    “Alright, Aunt.” Shi Ting stuck her tongue out while Yang Tian and Ye Chen nodded.

    Old Master Hu walked to a VIP room and began catching up with a group of people after leaving them behind.

    Because Aunt Hong was bored with Ye Chen and Yang Tian, they found a spot to sit down.

    “Aunt Hong, you’re still alive!”

    At that moment, a middle-aged woman who was dressed provocatively walked over with a glass of wine. She had an amazing body, especially her busty chest. Two middle-aged men followed behind her.

    Yang Tian was staring at her.

    Aunt Hong got up and said coldly, “Mei Niang, you’re not dead yet! How’d I be willing to go without you?!”

    “You…” Mei Niang’s expression turned grim.

    A lecherous middle-aged man stood up to mediate the situation, “Alright, Aunt Hong and Mei Niang, you guys sure are nemesis. You guys can’t be fighting as soon as you see each other!”

    “That’s right. Today is a day of gathering, so we should be happy. Put aside the unhappy past and grudges now,” another man with a pair of blonde brows said while smiling.

    Mei Niang scoffed and looked at Ye Chen and the rest. When she saw Yang Tian staring at her, a seductive smile appeared on her face.

    She sat on Yang Tian’s lap directly and extended an arm to wrap around his neck. She said in a coquettish manner, “This young man looks rather unfamiliar. I wonder what’s your name.”

    She rubbed her chest against Yang Tian as she spoke. Although he was not a virgin, he could not help but blush. He felt a little riled up and could not help begin panting.

    ‘How dare she charm him before me?’ Ye Chen glanced at her as a ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes.

    Just when he was going to attack, Aunt Hong shouted from the side, “Mei Niang, he’s my man. You’d better not touch him!”

    Mei Niang chuckled and walked away from Yang Tian directly with a smirk. “Aunt Hong, say, you’re so ugly. Will you be able to satisfy this young man?”

    “That’s none of your concern!” Aunt Hong retorted.

    They sat at the table next to Ye Chen and the rest.

    At the same time, Yang Tian snapped out of his trance. He could not help but look at Ye Chen and Shi Ting in a blur, “W-what happened to me?”

    “A snake spirit almost got your soul!” Shi Ying scoffed.

    “There’s a conflict between her and Aunt Hong?” Ye Chen asked.

    “Not just a conflict. They’re sworn enemies,” Shi Ting said in rage, “That flirtatious lady is Mei Niang, and she belongs to the snake cult. She used to live on the same street with my aunt. Both of them are  disciples, and they were always fighting. She left in a sulk after Aunt Hong defeated her.”

    “I can’t believe she did that since she’s so beautiful,” Yang Tian said by instinct.

    “Beautiful?” Shi Ting scoffed, “You wouldn’t think that if you knew there were at least 100 men who died in her bed. She sucked all of their energy and the immortal behind her ate all of them.”

    Yang Tian’s face turned pale upon hearing that.

    Ye Chen shook his head and indulged in the wine on the table. A while later, Yang Tian needed to use the bathroom and got Ye Chen to go with him. The latter could only say yes.

    When they were washing their hands in the bathroom, an extremely surprised voice suddenly came from behind, “M-Mr. Ye?”

    Ye Chen turned around to see Old Shen with Dai Wei and Di Jing behind him. They were looking at him in shock. Meanwhile, there was an old man with a goatee next to them.

    “It’s really you, Mr. Ye. It’s great that you’re doing fine,” Old Shen said while feeling excited and guilty at the same time.

    Ye Chen nodded lightly at Old Shen.

    Dai Wei said in disbelief, “You’re not dead?” He thought that Ye Chen would definitely die after offending Zhu Chao. He never thought that he would bump into him here. How could he not be shocked?

    Even Di Jing was shocked too. She could not help but ask, “Why are you here?”

    The expression on her face changed slightly as she spoke. She was rather surprised as she continued, “Don’t tell me that you sneaked in? This isn’t a place you should be in. I’m advising you to leave now!”

    “No need for that!” Ye Chen said expressionlessly and walked out of the bathroom with Yang Tian.

    Di Jing frowned at his attitude.

    “Di Jing, why do you even bother talking to him? That brat doesn’t want your kindness. He’ll regret it when something happens to him.” Dai Wei grinned.

    To him, the reason why Ye Chen was fine was that he had that lady, Aunt Hong, supporting him.

    “My dear disciple, who’s that brat?” Sorcerer Gongyang, who was aside, grabbed Di Jing’s waist again and said in disdain, “Do you want me to teach him a lesson?”

    “Sorcerer Gongyang, that brat is just a regular man. It must be Aunt Hong who took him in. That’s the reason why he doesn’t take us seriously,” Dai Wei said in a testy manner.

    “Aunt Hong?” Sorcerer Gongyang smiled in scorn. “How dare she, an insignificant  disciple, not take me seriously? Watch carefully, guys. Just watch how I teach that brat a lesson!”

    Di Jing wanted to stop him, but she did not say anything in the end. After all, she was irritated by Ye Chen’s behavior.

    ‘Forget it! You’ll only humble yourself when you’re in a rut!’