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Chapter 332 - The Mysterious Ancient Painting!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 332: The Mysterious Ancient Painting!

    Ye Chen was surprised. “Why?”

    Aunt Hong said as fear filled her face, “The reason being not only is Shen Cangsheng a  disciple, but he’s one of the Shamanism elders. He knows witchcraft. People have witnessed with their very own eyes that he used merely a finger to kill what the outside world calls a Martial Dao master, who was also an Illuminating God expert.”

    Ye Chen realized something upon hearing that.

    Naturally, a person who could kill a Martial Dao master and was also an Illuminating God expert with a finger alone would have powerful abilities. It was no wonder that Aunt Hong, Shi Ting, and the rest were scared of that man.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly as he thought to this point.

    But so what?

    Had he not killed more than one Martial Dao master?

    He had killed Illuminating God experts as well!

    Aunt Hong sighed and said when she noticed that he did not care, “Alright, follow me to the Hu residence!”

    “Old Ye, let’s go check it out. Aunt Hong is doing this out of kindness,” Yang Tian could not help but persuade Ye Chen. To him, no matter how powerful Ye Chen was, he might not have the upper hand to fight five monsters with 1,000 years of cultivation.

    Ye Chen could only agree to that since he could not push Yang Tian away. At that moment, the insurance company had driven the car, which tire was punctured earlier, over.

    Aunt Hong got them to enter the car and she asked Shi Ting to drive.

    Over an hour later, the car arrived at the entrance of an individual villa. Aunt Hong ordered after glancing at the villa before them, “Don’t speak nonsense when we get in later, and don’t fight back no matter what the person says.”

    “Aunt Hong, who’s living in this villa that you’re so scared of?” Yang Tian asked out of curiosity.

    Shi Ting rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t you know about the Hu family of the northeast?”

    Yang Tian shook his head to attest that he had no idea.

    Aunt Hong introduced, “The Hu family is one of the few popular  families in the northeast. They worship the immortal fox. Legend has it that a fox in the fox cult that was going through a Heavenly Tribulation hundreds of years ago died when it was going to be granted an immortal rank. It reincarnated into a human while the Hu family is its descendant.”

    Being granted an immortal rank was practically the pursuit that all immortals went for! That was the reason why they wanted to gather good karma.

    Yang Tian secretly smiled and treated that as hearsay.

    “Aunt, why isn’t the immortal fox one of the Five Kings?” Shi Ting mumbled, “The fox immortal isn’t one of the Five Kings, but you’re asking the Hu family for a favor. What if they won’t do it?”

    “Shut your mouth!” Aunt Hong was furious as she condemned, “Don’t you ever underestimate the Hu family. Don’t you ever disparage the fox cult. Although they’re not one of the Five Kings, they’ve been conquering the northeast. The Five Kings daren’t do as they wish in the northeast because of the foxes!”

    Shi Ting gave a short response while feeling wronged.

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, heard the underlying meaning of Aunt Hong’s words. Perhaps, there was something in the fox cult that the Five Kings were fearful of.

    Aunt Hong stopped explaining as she led the few of them to the door after leaving the car. She said to an old man at the security room with full respect, “Uncle Hu, please inform them that Zhou Hong wants to meet Old Master Hu.”

    The old man did not even look at them as he picked up the phone and spoke after taking a sip of beer, “Wait here!”

    Soon, a young man and lady walked out.

    They were dressed fashionably. The young man in a suit led the way. He glanced at them after the gate was opened, and he said in an unwelcoming tone, “Aunt Hong, why are you here at the Hu residence?”

    “Aunt Hong, your mother copulated with an outsider back then. We’ve banished her from the family, so what right do you think you have to be here?” the lady scoffed in disdain.

    Shi Ting could not help demanding, “What are you guys talking about?”

    Aunt Hong was her only family member in this world, and she had even brought her up. Therefore, she could not tolerate any outsiders humiliating Aunt Hong.

    However, Aunt Hong dragged her behind and forced a smile on her face. “Whether I’m from the Hu family or not, we’re the  disciples of the fox cult. Please get Old Master Hu to help me.”

    “Oh, you wish…” The lady smirked. Just when she was going to say something further, an old voice suddenly came from behind, “Let them in!”

    “This way, please!” the lady could only invite them in unwillingly.

    Aunt Hong led Ye Chen and the rest into the Hu residence, and they soon arrived at the living room. An old man with gray hair stood before the window, holding a walking stick.

    Aunt Hong went up to him and bowed, “Old Master Hu!”

    Then only did he turn around.

    “Jiawen, Jiayu, you guys may leave!”

    Immediately, the young man and lady walked out and closed the door.

    “Please sit!” the old man said calmly. Since the beginning, he only had his eyes on Aunt Hong. He did not even glance at Ye Chen and the rest.

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen did not mind that. He began looking around the vintage living room after taking his seat. Besides the decorations being vintage, so were the tables and chairs. Most importantly, there were no televisions and computers in the house.

    On a table leaning against the wall, there was an incense burner and offerings on the table while an ancient painting hung on the wall.

    There was a lady in a white palace costume in the painting. She had gorgeous features with otherworldly charisma. She looked alive as if she was a real person.

    Yang Tian noticed that too, so he said while poking Ye Chen, “Old Ye, the lady in the painting is so beautiful. She looks like a fairy.”

    Ye Chen said nothing. Instead, he looked intensely at the lady in the painting. For some reason, he was surprised to be able to sense faint demonic qi from her.

    He secretly released a gush of Divine Consciousness toward the ancient painting as he thought about this. As soon as the Divine Consciousness touched the painting, the eyes of the lady in the painting moved. Shock flashed through her pupils.

    Despite Yang Tian not noticing that at all, Ye Chen looked rather serious now.

    ‘Interesting!’ Old Master Hu scoffed noticing both of them behaving disrespectfully toward the painting. His tone was rather cold. “Tell me, why are you here?”

    Aunt Hong then told him everything from Yang Tian breaking the secondary forest’s rule, offending Zhu Chao, and the latter’s death.

    Old Master Hu spoke after a moment of silence, “So, you’re asking my Hu family to be the middle person to solve the grudge with Shen Cangsheng and the Mysterious Snake King?”

    “Please help them for the sake of my mother, Old Master Hu!” Aunt Hong suddenly knelt onto the ground.

    Old Master Hu shivered a little and said after taking a deep breath in, “I’m sorry. I can’t…”

    Aunt Hong’s face turned pale while despair filled her face.

    Before Old Master Hu was done speaking, his expression changed drastically. He looked at the ancient painting on the wall by instinct, appearing to be a little shocked. Subsequently, he changed his mind. “I can promise you that, but I’ll need you to come back to our family!”

    Aunt Hong was shocked. She thought that Old Master Hu was going to reject her. However, he made a promise when he was halfway rejecting her, which was odd.

    Old Master Hu sighed softly upon seeing her remain silent. “Your mother was my eldest daughter, and you’re my granddaughter. I had so much hope for her. Never had I thought that she’d give up on herself…Forget it. It’s up to you whether you want to come back.”

    “I’ll come back!” Aunt Hong nodded after a moment of hesitation.

    Old Master Hu broke into a smile and said, “Great. There happens to be an exchange between us four  families tomorrow night. You guys will go with me, and I’ll try my best to solve this.”