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Chapter 824 - Killed in a Second

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 824 Killed in a Second

    "Who's that?"

    Everyone was shocked.

    That man was too powerful. Even before he arrived, his energy had filled the mountains and his thunderous voice resounded through a ten mile radius. Many weak cultivators turned pale and started to tremble.

    "It's Xuan Qingzi, the most powerful heir of the Qingyang Sect throughout the century!"

    Some Connate Ancestral Patriarchs looked at the west with stern faces.

    The Qingyang Sect recruited new disciples every two decades, a thousand each time. Xuan Qingzi had been recognized as the top disciple even throughout the past century, which made a total of five generations. He was talented and his power was earth-shattering.

    According to the information given by Mu Hongti, Xuan Qingzi had become a Connate Cultivator at thirty seven and his "Qingyang Gold Body" had reached the phenomenal success level. He had rarely lost in the battles against heirs of the other sects and normal Connate Cultivators were no match for him, which made him second only to the elites and representatives of the Grotto-heavens. This peerless cultivator had finally arrived.

    Mu Hongti's face looked pale. She was devastated.

    It was too late to think about leaving.


    The azure light ray swept across the sky like a supersonic fighter aircraft and landed on the nearby area. Three people then appeared.

    Two men and a woman.

    The leader was wearing an azure robe and his eyes seemed to be made of metal. His energy was astonishing and a Connate Azure Qi rose from his back, as if it were going to shoot to the sky to become the sun. He was Xuan Qingzi! The other two were a cold woman that looked like a goddess and a handsome man with purple eyes.

    "Fairy Yuelong from the Fantasy Sect and Fang Jianyu from the Ziluo Sect?"

    Mu Hongti seemed to have lost her soul after seeing the two of them.

    They were the most outstanding disciples of their sects and were as powerful as Xuan Qingzi. They were actually his best friends. If Xuan Qingzi was alone, Chen Fan might have had the chance to fight back; however, he couldn't even run away if he worked together with those two cultivators.

    Zhang Lingfeng and the others also knew that; they stared at Chen Fan with disdain.

    Once the heirs of the three sects showed up, many Connate Ancestral Patriarchs greeted them politely, but Xuan Qingzi simply ignored them. He gave a once over at everyone present.

    "Where's Chen Beixuan, the guy who killed my brother?"

    Many people immediately looked at Chen Fan.

    They saw Chen Fan kill Hu Kunhao with their own eyes at the City Lord Mansion.

    "You killed Hu Kunhao?"

    Xuan Qingzi shot out beams of azure light from his eyes. Many cultivators in a hundred feet radius were overwhelmed, quickly falling back.

    "That's right."

    Chen Fan nodded with a calm look, not seeming to mind at all.

    Fang Jianyu laughed and said, "You have guts, kid, to still be unwilling to submit to Xuan Qingzi. You would become popular if people out there knew about this."

    The Ziluo Sect practiced the Ziluo Eye Art, so his eyes were full of Purple Qi.

    "Offending the Qingyang Sect is tantamount to offending the rest of the Exalted Sects. Senior, should I kill him for you?" Fairy Yuelong said as if Chen Fan were an ant in her eyes.

    The two of them were both mid-stage Connate Cultivators, so there were three in total together with Xuan Qingzi.

    "Senior, this is a misunderstanding. Exalted Immortal Chen had an argument with Senior Hu, but he didn't kill him deliberately…" Mu Hongti explained while the others remained silent.

    "Cut the crap! Whoever offends the Qinyang Sect must die!"

    Xuan Qingzi grunted.

    His hand smacked down and his powerful Connate Azure Qi turned into a dragon claw more than ten feet large. The Four Righteousness Qi created many scratch marks on the mountains and rocks like sharp knives.

    The Connate Azure Qi the Qingyang Sect cultivated was an extremely condensed Four Righteousness Qi. Its quality was as good as the Essence Core, so although Xuan Qingzi was only a mid-stage Connate Cultivator, his attacks had the power of the Core Formation Level.

    "Oh no!"

    Mu Hongti turned pale.

    Xuan Qingzi was obviously not holding back. He used his Connate Azure Qi, seemingly determined to kill Chen Fan. Even normal Connate Ancestral Patriarchs would have been killed by this attack, not to mention a young cultivator like Chen Fan.

    Many heirs of the other sects were startled when they saw this vicious move.

    "Xuan Qingzi is indeed powerful. His Connate Azure Qi is perfect. Even their Elders might not be this strong," someone mentioned.

    "I don't know how that young man angered Xuan Qingzi, but he's definitely going to die."

    Another person heaved a sigh.

    While Zhang Lingfeng was smiling…


    The giant claw turned into a breeze when it was ten feet away from Chen Fan. Chen Fan's black clothes fluttered; he wasn't hurt at all.

    "What's going on?"

    Everyone present was stunned.

    Even Fairy Yuelong and Fang Jianyu were surprised. The Connate Azure Qi could penetrate gold and steel. Why did it dissipate? Only a few experienced Connate Cultivators seemed to have remembered something.

    Xuan Qingzi frowned and quickly recovered.

    "That's nothing special. Watch me!"

    He snorted and pointed again.



    The air vibrated and the sound of swords were heard.

    A Connate Azure Qi came out from his arm and formed a ray of azure light. The azure light was as fast as a flying sword and it shot through the air towards Chen Fan, creating some crackling sounds.

    Qinyang Four Righteousness Sword Qi.

    Rumor had it that there was a Qingyang Sect Elder who could split a mountain with a finger. This was the reason why the Qingyang Sect could dominate the Beihan Region. Their Sword Qi was unstoppable; their fingers could destroy all Spirit Artifacts.

    Xuan Qingzi was apparently enraged.

    While Fairy Yuelong and the others nodded and were expecting Chen Fan to die…

    "Not even Golden Core Cultivators would dare to attack me with Sword Qi."

    Chen Fan chuckled and stretched out his hand.

    He didn't use any of his powers; the azure light gently landed on Chen Fan's palm.

    After Chen Fan achieved the Essence Core's phenomenal success, he could turn the surrounding ten feet into his territory. The world was already under his control, let alone the Four Righteousness Sword Qi. Even a Golden Core Cultivator had to use Dharma Treasures and Divine Powers to fight with him.

    "How is that possible?"

    This time, everyone was completely astonished!

    Fairy Yuelong and Fang Jianyu froze. Such a Divine Power was similar to those of their top Elders and Ancestral Patriarchs, which were Core Formation Cultivators!

    Mu Hongti and the others were completely unable to believe this; their eyes popped out as they witnessed this.

    "Grand Qinyang Art!" Xuan Qingzi shouted.

    He couldn't believe that Chen Fan had already reached the Core Formation Level at such a young age.

    Azure Qi surged out from Xuan Qingzi's body and a giant azure sun rose to the sky. Xuan Qingzi turned into a gemstone and his entire body became azure in color. A powerful True Essence surrounded him and no one within three hundred feet could stand because of his energy.

    Xuan Qingzi was using his full strength.

    "Shut up!"

    Chen Fan moved before Xuan Qingzi prepared his next attack.

    The azure light on his hand flew in the air and became a blade aura. Looking closely, it was a jade dagger surrounded by vicious Sword Qi, flashing into the sky.


    Chen Fan flicked his fingers.

    An azure dagger shot towards Xuan Qingzi.

    This attack was indescribable. It was silent at first, but claps of thunder were heard once it left Chen Fan's hand. It pierced through the air and shook the entire mountain range.

    The Sword Qi created a thunderous sound!

    Countless people were frightened by the attack.

    Fang Jianyu even yelled, "Brother, run!"

    But it was too late.

    Chen Fan's attack was too terrifying!

    Everyone knew that no one could resist this; it was strong enough to destroy a mountain! In fact, Xuan Qingzi was indeed unable to withstand such an attack.

    When he reacted, the azure sun above his head had already been split in half. If he didn't escape in time, he would have died.

    "Damn it! He's a real Core Formation Cultivator!"

    Xuan Qingzi was furious.

    There were very few Core Formation Cultivators in the Beihan Region and only a few of them were from the younger generation. So, how would he expect Chen Fan to be one of them?

    "Fortunately, I managed to survive his attack. I better ask Master for help."

    He was about to leave, but he suddenly noticed how people were staring at him with a startled look.

    "What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?"

    Xuan Qingzi felt something was wrong.

    He lowered his head and saw a cut expanding from his neck to his chest. The azure robe had been torn apart. That Spirit Artifact had lost all the Spirit Qi, having been completely crushed. As for his "Qingyang Gold Body," it had also been cut open like a piece of tofu.

    "It… It hit me."

    While Xuan Qingzi was about to continue speaking…

    The Sword Qi inside his body exploded. Those present watched as the top Overlord of the Qingyang Sect had been neatly split in half in the middle; all his bones and flesh were shattered.

    Xuan Qingzi had died!

    All the cultivators near the gate were speechless. The heirs of the other sects, including Fairy Yuelong, were unable to even say a word.

    Zhang Lingfeng's eyes popped out.

    The invincible Xuan Qingzi died just like that? He was killed by a Chinese Connate Cultivator? This was totally beyond everyone's expectation. Even Mu Hongti was dumbfounded; she looked at Chen Fan as if she had never truly known him before.