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Chapter 331 - Chuma Disciple Shen Cangsheng!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 331: Chuma Disciple Shen Cangsheng!

    Almost at the same that Ye Chen crushed the black energy in Zhu Chao’s body, a devastating shriek came from the secondary forest that Shi Ting, Aunt Hong, and the rest were scared of.

    The scream shook the dark clouds above the forest away, from which rain was pouring. The animals in the entire forest knelt on the ground while shuddering.

    The highest mountain in Jiamusi was like a sharp sword that pierced through the clouds. It was so high that one could not even see the peak. The locals said that even eagles that were good at flying high could not pass the mountain.

    What outsiders had no idea about was that there was a small temple at the peak. The temple was approximately 100 square meters wide. Instead of Buddha or gods, there was a stone sculpture that looked like a python in the temple.

    The python was terrifying with a majestic stance like a devil that was looking at the world in a condescending manner. Regular people would lose themselves just by looking at it.

    Meanwhile, there was a bald old man in a monk’s robe before the sculpture. The old man had his eyes shut while sitting on the cushion, and he seemed to be meditating.

    If one were to look closer, they would notice an eagle perched on his shoulder. The eagle was extraordinarily big with sharp eyes.

    At that moment, the eagle was pecking at the flesh on the old man’s shoulder. Flesh would regenerate each time a piece of flesh on the old man’s left shoulder was eaten. If anyone were to see that, they would definitely be so shocked that they would be speechless.

    Suddenly, the old man seemed to have sensed something, whereby he opened his eyes to look at the stone sculpture before him.

    The red glow lit up in the python’s eyes out of nowhere. Subsequently, it spoke in the human language, “Shen Cangsheng, my son has been killed. Remember this man’s aura. Bring his head and soul to me!”


    Shi Ting was dumbstruck to witness Ye Chen really kill the immortal in Zhu Chao’s body. She only snapped back to her senses a moment later, then she looked at Ye Chen in disbelief. “Y-You killed it?!”

    “Should I have kept it alive and celebrate the New Year with it instead?” Ye Chen thought that her question was funny.

    Shi Ting was angry. “You heard him say that he’s the Mysterious Snake King’s son. How dare you kill him?”

    “I don’t care whoever this Mysterious Snake King is. I’ve killed his son anyway!” Ye Chen answered calmly.

    “Y-You…” Shi Ting was pissed off.

    “Alright, alright. Let’s go home!” Yang Tian mediated the situation quickly. He walked out of the Zhu residence after asking Shi Ting to help Aunt Hong up. When they got into the car and started the engine, they realized that one of the tires was punctured.

    Yang Tian got out of the car and checked it. He could not help but condemn after realizing that someone had punctured the tire, “Which b*stard punctured the tire? If I manage to catch you, I’ll kill you!”

    “Let’s just grab a cab,” Ye Chen said while thinking to himself.


    Over an hour later at Aunt Hong’s house, Aunt Hong looked at Ye Chen in shock after gaining consciousness. “You guys killed Zhu Chao? As well as the immortal behind him?”

    Just when Ye Chen was going to speak, Shi Ting pointed at Iron Tower aside fiercely. “Aunt, it was this big guy who killed them.”

    “He’s the one?” Aunt Hong was stunned as she thought it would have been Ye Chen who did it. Never had she thought that it would be Iron Tower that she did not pay attention to.

    Shi Ting nodded immediately. “This guy is powerful. He stomped Zhu Chao to death like a giant!” She thought it was unbelievable now that she recalled it.

    Aunt Hong clasped her fists at Iron Tower. “I wonder how should I address you, sir.”

    However, Iron Tower said nothing. Still, Aunt Hong, who treated Iron Tower as a powerhouse, did not mind that at all. She looked at Ye Chen with a little doubt. “This man is your bodyguard?”

    “I suppose so!” Ye Chen nodded.

    “It seems like I’ve underestimated you. You’re nothing ordinary.” Aunt Hong looked intensely at him. Instinctively, she assumed that Ye Chen was from a wealthy family. If not, how would he have such a powerful bodyguard?

    “Aunt, Zhu Chao and the immortal are dead. The immortal said that his father is the Mysterious Snake King before he died…” Shi Ting shared while frowning.

    Aunt Hong’s expression changed instantly. “What did you say? The Mysterious Snake King?”

    “That’s right!” Shi Ting nodded immediately and glared at Ye Chen. “It was this guy’s fault. He killed the immortal after learning that his father is the Mysterious Snake King!”

    “We’re in great trouble!” Aunt Hong fell to the ground, appearing devastated.

    Yang Tian’s heart sank. He could not help but ask, “Aunt Hong, is the Mysterious Snake King really that powerful?”

    “Is he really that powerful, you say?!” Aunt Hong forced a smile. “There are five kings among the Five Immortals that are above all immortals. The five of them have cultivated for close to 1,000 years, so they’re powerful. Meanwhile, this Mysterious Snake King is even more terrifying. It’ll definitely come for revenge!”

    “So, what do we do now? Can we run?” Yang Tian gulped. “You said before that they can’t do anything to us as soon as we pass Shanhaiguan.”

    He had been confident in Ye Chen before, but he panicked a little now. After all, it was something that had cultivated for close to 1,000 years. Even if a pig were to cultivate for 1,000 years, it could defeat anyone.

    “It’s futile!” Aunt Hong shook his head lightly. “The Mysterious Snake King has many underlings, and I’m sure that they’re already waiting for you guys around Shanhaiguan. You will be captured as soon as you get there.”

    “Aunt, the Mysterious Snake King won’t be there himself, right?” Shi Ting said as her face turned pale.

    Yang Tian asked, “Why not?”

    Aunt Hong took a deep breath. “The five of them stay in the secondary forest at all times. They don’t come out so easily because they will expose their aura as soon as they get out, which will bring the Heavenly Tribulation down upon them.”

    Yang Tian was relieved to hear that.

    Aunt Hong said while chuckling, “But don’t you guys forget—Zhu Chao is already so powerful when he’s only a  disciple of an immortal of 200 years. Imagine how powerful the Five Kings’  disciples such as Shen Cangsheng, Huang Xieyi, Bai Shinie, Yin Santong, and Shi Qianmo, would be.”

    Shi Ting screamed in desperation as she thought to herself, ‘That’s right! Although the Five Kings can’t get out themselves, they have  disciples in the outside world. Not only that, but the five’s abilities are also powerful, so powerful that they can suppress other  disciples.’

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. He would not be afraid even if the Five Kings come, let alone their disciples.

    “There’s only one solution now!” Aunt Hong said after a moment of silence, “We’ll get the bridge crosser to solve this grudge for us.”

    “What bridge crosser?” Yang Tian asked.

    Aunt Hong hesitated and said in a deep voice, “It’s a medium. Follow me somewhere later. Whether you guys will be saved or not will depend on them!”

    “Aunt Hong, there’s no need for that. I’ll wait here for the Mysterious Snake King’s  disciple to come. I’ll kill him as well,” Ye Chen assured while shaking his head.

    Shi Ting glared at him. “Hey, how dare you still fool around now? My aunt is doing this for you. Do you think your bodyguard is Shen Cangsheng’s match?”

    She paused as she spoke to this point, then she proceeded in a straightforward manner, “Let me tell you, Shen Cangsheng will be able to kill your bodyguard even if he doesn’t get the Mysterious Snake King to possess him!”