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Chapter 330 - Too Terrifying, Too Cruel!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 330: Too Terrifying, Too Cruel!


    Iron Tower’s appearance created a crack on the ground.

    Shi Ting and Yang Tian, who were aside, were dumbstruck as they gaped at his gigantic body that was 2.5 meters tall. They felt miniature around him.

    Before this, Iron Tower’s height had shrunk to 1.9 meters. Although he looked tall, he had a subtle presence as he had been quiet. The duo thought that he was just Ye Chen’s bodyguard. However, whatever happened earlier had just proved them wrong.

    Iron Tower stood still facing Zhu Chao’s gigantic tongue that was charging at him at lightning speed. Instead of advancing, he stretched his arm out and grabbed the tongue.

    “Oh no!” Zhu Chao’s pupils shrunk. Clearly, he did not expect Ye Chen to have such a giant bodyguard.

    He wanted to recall his tongue by instinct, but Iron Tower was faster than him. He grabbed the tongue and yanked hard.


    The tongue broke from the force. It was such a brutal technique!

    Zhu Chao released a low groan as he retreated two steps back consecutively. He looked at Iron Tower with fear in his eyes. “Who are you?”

    ‘I’ve been reckless! I thought Aunt Hong was their trump card. Never had I thought that this hunk would be the powerful one!’ he thought to himself.

    Iron Tower said nothing facing Zhu Chao’s question. Instead, he moved his huge body and ran toward Zhu Chao. In reality, he was a dead man who could not even speak. The ground would shake with every step he took. He was like King Kong.

    “That’s terrifying!” Shi Ting’s eyes were blank.

    “Damn it! The Black Armor Method!” Zhu Chao shouted in rage. Immediately, the clothes on his body exploded as dense, black scales grew on his skin, including his arms. From afar, he looked like a half-human, half-snake monster.

    “Die!” He threw a punch out with a ferocious expression as he performed the Black Armor Method. It was the expertise of the immortal within him. Asa result, he grew scales that could not be pierced with knives and guns. Even bullets could not pierce through it.

    “Be careful!” Yang Tian and Shi Ting screamed at the same time.

    Not only did Iron Tower not retreat facing Zhu Chao’s punch, but he actually accelerated and charged at it.


    Zhu Chao’s punch made contact.

    However, to his shock, the punch felt as if it hit a metal board when it landed on Iron Tower’s chest. Besides not being injured, the scales on Zhu Chao’s hand also dropped entirely.

    “How is this possible?!” Zhu Chao was shocked.

    At the same time, Iron Tower threw a punch out. The punch was clean without any fancy movements at all. However, the strength from the punch tore the air around it.

    “I must dodge this!” As Zhu Chao’s expression changed, he wanted to duck by instinct. However, Iron Tower’s punch landed when he was in the middle of dodging. It punched a hole through half of his shoulder.

    He shrieked and was thrown out like a cannonball. He scanned himself when he was thrown tens of meters out. The left side of his shoulder was completely gone, and fresh blood could not stop spurting out.

    “That’s so scary!” Shi Ting’s pretty face turned pale, and she was shaking. When had she ever witnessed such a gruesome and brutal thing?

    “Is this a human beast giant?” Yang Tian gulped.

    If a regular person were to take Iron Tower’s punch on, one would be crippled, if not dead. However, Zhu Chao could still move. He struggled as he stood up, and he said to Iron Tower immediately, “Stop! The grudge between Yang and I has been solved under the premise that you no longer attack me!”

    He was really scared. Iron Tower was like a flawless human beast giant with brutal strength. Even Zhu Chao, who had an immortal possessing him, could do nothing about it.

    Therefore, he decided to surrender right away. It was never too late to take revenge after keeping his life.

    “Kill him, Iron Tower!” However, Ye Chen shook his head.

    Zhu Chao’s face changed drastically as he shrieked, “Master, take me. Take me away! I don’t want to die!”

    He seemed to be speaking to the immortal in his body. As soon as he was done speaking, his body hovered in the air, and black energy lingered around his body, taking him far away at a high speed. It was extremely fast.

    “Old Ye, he’s running away!” Yang Tian was shocked.

    “Where are you going?” Ye Chen chuckled.

    In the next second, Iron Tower deviated slightly from the direction where Zhu Chao was running to. Subsequently, he stomped both feet hard on the ground and shot directly into the sky like a rocket that was launched. Eventually, he stepped on Zhu Chao who was on the ground.

    “Oh no!” Zhu Chao panicked, and he had goosebumps all over his body. He leaped with all of his might and shot tens of meters out.

    When he lifted his head, he saw a foot coming at him!


    Iron Tower stood where Zhu Chao had been. A gigantic hole ten meters in diameter was created in the ground. Meanwhile, a bloody body that was smashed was twitching lightly in the gravel. It was none other than Zhu Chao.

    He had been killed by Iron Tower’s stomp even though he had the protection of the Black Armor Method.

    Dead silence filled the place. Shi Ting and Yang Tian looked at the scene blankly. When they snapped back to their senses, they felt a rumbling in their stomachs, then they vomited.

    ‘How terrifying! How cruel!’ Both of them were horrified.

    Although Yang Tian had seen Ye Chen fight, Ye Chen’s way of fighting had never been as brutal and cruel as this.

    Suddenly, black energy leaped out of Zhu Chao’s dead body. It shot into the sky, seeming to try and escape.

    “What’s that?” Yang Tian screamed.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. He stretched his arm and grabbed onto the black energy. As he caught it, there was a faint shriek that came from it.

    “Let me go! Let me go!”

    The black energy slowly consolidated into a snake.

    Shi Ting, who was standing aside, said by instinct, “It’s Zhu Chao’s immortal. It’s an immortal snake.”

    “Let me go! I’ll guarantee not to offend you guys,” the black energy was still begging with all of its might. If it was destroyed, its 200 years of diligent cultivation would be entirely destroyed.

    Ye Chen smiled calmly. “Can you give me a reason for letting you go?”

    To him, those immortals that were powerful to the mortals were no different from the monsters in the cultivation world.

    There was a rule that animals were prohibited from cultivating into immortals ever since the country was founded. They hid deep in the mountain forests in fear. Now that the world was at peace, they were out creating trouble.

    “My father is the Mysterious Snake King. If you dare kill me, he definitely won’t let you go,” the black ball of energy said while shaking.

    Ye Chen and Yang Tian could not help but look at Shi Ting.

    Shi Ting’s face turned pale and said immediately, “In the Northeast, there are Five Kings among the Five Immortals. They are the Black Bear King, the Mysterious Snake King, the Weasel King, the Hedgehog King, and the Rat King. Even my aunt and the immortal behind her have to kneel and bow when they meet the Five Kings!”

    “That’s right…” The black energy was secretly over the moon to see the fear on Shi Ting’s face. He said again, “My father is one of the Five Kings, the Mysterious Snake King. You can’t…”

    It was crushed before it was done speaking.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “Shut up!”