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Chapter 329 - Battle Between Two Immortals!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 329: Battle Between Two Immortals!

    Dai Wei saw the Honda that was parked aside as soon as he got out of the Zhu residence. He figured that the car must be Ye Chen and the gang’s. After harrumphing twice, he took out a dagger and pierced the tire directly.

    The air in the tire leaked out entirely.

    ‘Now, none of you can run!’

    A chill flashed through Dai Wei’s eyes. Subsequently, he walked to the off-road vehicle behind the Honda where Old Shen and Di Jing were in at the moment. The duo’s faces sank as soon as they saw him.

    Old Shen could not help but ask, “Xiaodai, Mr. Ye didn’t do anything to you. Why must you sabotage him?”

    “Old Shen, I don’t like what you’re saying. Did I sabotage him? I merely told Sorcerer Zhu his identity,” Dai Wei retaliated.

    Old Shen waved. “Forget it, forget it. Let’s go. I hope that Mr. Ye is safe.”

    Di Jing secretly shook her head. She had heard how powerful Zhu Chao was. He was an immortal who had 200 years of cultivation behind him, thus Ye Chen would definitely die for offending it!


    “Oh, no, the immortal behind him has possessed him!” Aunt Hong’s expression changed after noticing that the aura on Zhu Chao was growing. She performed a hand seal instantly. “Please possess me!”

    Compared to the ominous changes that happened to Zhu Chao, the possession Aunt Hong went through seemed much calmer. As a breeze blew, white fur grew on her arms. Meanwhile, her face turned rather sharp with a long chin. She looked like a fox.

    Yang Tian said while stammering, “H-has A-Aunt Hong been p-possessed by an immortal?”

    When Aunt Hong glared coldly at him, Yang Tian felt an invisible pressure as if a meteorite had fallen on him from that glance alone! It suppressed him so much that he felt like he was suffocating a little.

    Shi Ting dragged the corner of his shirt and chided softly, “Don’t speak. The immortal doesn’t like being disrespected!”

    As he stood aside, Ye Chen squinted slightly. Through his Divine Consciousness, he noticed there was black energy in Zhu Chao and Aunt Hong’s bodies now. They seemed like they were possessed by spirits. However, being possessed by a spirit would mean that their souls were taken over. Meanwhile, they were merely being controlled by qi. To be exact, it was demonic qi.

    At that moment, Zhu Chao spoke. An eerie voice came out of his mouth, “Lady of the Three Foxes, both of us belong to the secondary forest. Why are you helping an outsider?”

    Upon hearing that voice, Yang Tian and Shi Ting felt chills travel through their bodies. They could not help but have goosebumps all over their bodies.

    “I don’t want to interfere, but Aunt Hong and I knew each other in her past life, and I’ve accumulated countless good karma because of her.” Aunt Hong’s voice, on the other hand, was extraordinarily light, sharp, and soft. It was so sweet like she was singing. “Since she has asked for me, it’s only natural that I won’t reject her. Liu Li, Liu Man’s death is destined. I’d like to advise you to let this go. Otherwise, you’ll definitely go through a tribulation!”

    “I guess there’s no room for discussion! You foxes have been in conflict with us snakes for a long time. Let’s get this over with today!” Zhu Chao cackled in rage. A long tongue suddenly came out of his mouth and charged directly at Aunt Hong like a lightning bolt.

    Nevertheless, Aunt Hong was calm. Two white fox tails appeared on her back, and they stormed straight at the tongue.

    ‘A two-tailed fox?’ Ye Chen came to a realization.

    It was said that the foxes in the fox cult would only grow one tail in every century of cultivation. They would only obtain nine tails after cultivating for 1,000 years. Meanwhile, the nine-tailed fox held the highest status among the cult.

    Therefore, the one in Aunt Hong’s body should have had 200 years of cultivation under its belt. It must be true that it knew Aunt Hong in her past life. After all, a mortal’s life was merely the span of decades.

    Compared to Ye Chen’s composure, Yang Tian was shocked. After all, it was his first time seeing the so-called  battle.

    Shi Ting clenched her hands hard. She was extremely nervous!

    The two tails from Aunt Hong bound Zhu Chao’s tongue. Like a vine, it tied the tongue really tightly, causing its attack to come to a halt.

    “Great!” Shi Ting was over the moon by instinct.

    However, a shadow came out of Zhu Chao’s body in the next second. It was like a venomous snake that charged at Aunt Hong with its sharp fangs with black energy lingering around it.

    Aunt Hong’s pretty face had a slight change of expression. She recalled her tails and retreated instantly to leap onto the roof while Zhu Chao went after her. The duo began fighting on the roof.

    Shi Ting wanted to go up there, but she was incapable of doing that. At that moment, Ye Chen said while shaking his head, “Your aunt is going to lose.”

    “Ptui!” Shi Ting glared at him rather annoyedly. “My aunt won’t lose. Don’t try to jinx it. You b*stard, she’s only fighting Zhu Chao for you guys.”

    Ye Chen said nothing after realizing that she did not believe him.

    The immortal in Aunt Hong’s body must be kind. It must have never fought anyone, so it was lacking real battle experience. How could it be a match for the immortal in Zhu Chao’s body that had various techniques?

    As expected, Aunt Hong fell from the roof within ten minutes. The white furry silhouette was still dancing in the air.

    Shi Ting’s pretty features changed as she ran over instantly to help Aunt Hong up. She was almost crying in alarm. “Aunt, are you alright?”

    “Old Ye, one of her tails is broken,” Yang Tian said.

    Ye Chen nodded. Losing a tail would mean losing a hundred years of cultivation.

    “Hahaha! Lady of the Three Foxes, do you know why you aren’t my match?” A hysterical peal of laugh came.

    Zhu Chao leaped from the roof and said arrogantly, “Because you foxes are just too kind. To be exact, you guys are too timid, so timid that you guys don’t eat meat, not even bird eggs. You guys are filling your stomachs with fruits. You are so timid that you guys have lost your stance in battles!”

    The aura around Aunt Hong’s body faded entirely after hearing that as the immortal in her finally left after losing a tail.

    “Aunt Hong, Lady of the Three Foxes is gone now. I’d like to see how you’re going to fight me now. You’ll definitely die today!” Zhu Chao walked toward them one step after another.

    Aunt Hong looked at Shi Ting, and then at Ye Chen and Yang Tian. Despair filled her face as she stammered, “I-I’ve tried!”

    Then, she lost consciousness as soon as she said that.

    “It’s your fault, it’s all your fault!” Shi Ting glared angrily at Ye Chen while feeling hopeless. “If not for you insisting on coming, why would have my aunt been here? Great! Are you happy now?!”

    Ye Chen was rather speechless after being condemned. Did he ask Aunt Hong to come along? Even more so, he did not even ask Aunt Hong to get the immortal to help!

    “Yang, I’ll kill you guys now!” Zhu Chao glanced at Ye Chen and Yang Tian grimly. The long tongue from before charged out of his mouth again.

    Yang Tian hesitated just as he was going to block before Ye Chen.

    At that moment, Ye Chen yelled calmly, “Iron Tower!”


    The gigantic silhouette that was next to him a second ago leaped before Ye Chen. When his feet landed on the ground, the ground shook instantly as if a mountain had collapsed!