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Chapter 328 - The Cunning Dai Wei!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 328: The Cunning Dai Wei!

    As soon as Ye Chen and Yang Tian walked out of Aunt Hong’s house, the squeal of brakes came from behind them. They turned their heads to see a Honda driving over. It was Shi Ting who was driving and Aunt Hong was in the passenger seat. The car eventually pulled over next to them.

    Shi Ting waved and commanded, “Get in now.”

    Yang Tian was confused. “Why are you guys here?”

    “Do you think we would watch you guys send yourselves to hell?” Shi Ting rolled her eyes and said angrily.

    Aunt Hong scoffed, “Get in, the both of you. I’ll help you guys this time for the sake of Tingting. However, I’ll have to be straightforward here. You guys must be quiet when we get to the Zhu residence. Let me handle everything, and I’ll try my best to solve the resentment between you guys.”

    She paused as she spoke to this point. She glared coldly at Ye Chen and Yang Tian. “If you guys don’t listen to me, don’t blame me if you get yourselves killed.”

    Yang Tian looked at Ye Chen who got into the car after a soft chuckle.


    At the same time, at the Zhu residence, Di Jing went up to Zhu Chao as soon as she saw him coming out. She asked politely, “Sorcerer Zhu, may I know when will you remove the sin on him?”

    Dai Wei looked at Zhu Chao nervously.

    Zhu Chao suppressed the rage of his spell bring broken and looked at Dai Wei and the rest. A mocking smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “Want me to solve the grudge with the immortal weasel for you? It’s simple: 100 million yuan!”

    “What? 100 million yuan?” Dai Wei was instantly shocked.

    At first, Di Jing was, then she said feeling extremely angrily, “But you’ve promised us that you’d do it earlier!”

    “Can’t I take my words back after the promise?” Zhu Chao said while smirking, “Just wait for your death if you don’t have 100 million yuan. To be frank, this brat killed the direct descendant of the sorcerer behind the immortal weasel. Without my help, he’ll definitely die!”

    “Sorcerer Zhu, we don’t have that much money. I-I…” Dai Wei almost knelt on the ground from shock. Gathering a million yuan was impossible to him. Where would he get 100 million yuan from?

    “Let’s go back and think about it.” Di Jing took a deep breath in and turned around after signaling Dai Wei. The reason why she did not tell Zhu Chao that they did not have the money was purely that she was worried that Zhu Chao would cut them off completely.

    As they were leaving, a series of shrieks came from outside. Subsequently, two tall and big hunks were thrown in.

    In the next second, three men and two ladies walked into the villa.

    Dai Wei screamed by instinct when he saw the person in front, “It’s him?!”

    Di Jing and Old Shen were also dumbstruck.

    Mr. Ye?

    Ye Chen was just as stunned when he saw them. ‘Why are they here?’

    “Old Ye, what’s wrong?” Yang Tian, who was next to him, could not help but ask upon seeing the latter stopped.

    Aunt Hong said after a scoff, “Are you scared now?” She thought Ye Chen that regretted his actions after entering the Zhu residence.

    “Nothing!”Ye Chen shook his head. Just when he was going to speak, Zhu Chao, who was behind Dai Wei and the rest, glanced at Ye Chen and eventually trained his eyes on Yang Tian. He said extremely grimly, “Yang, how dare you come here? You must be seeking death!”

    “Zhu Chao, I’m here to seek revenge. Don’t worry. With my brother here, it’s you who is unfortunate this time!” Yang Tian secretly jolted, but he argued back coldly anyway.

    Zhu Chao only looked at Ye Chen then before saying as if he heard something funny. “Is this guy an assistant that you’ve hired? He doesn’t look powerful.”

    Upon hearing that, Di Jing and the other two were secretly doubtful. Although they had no idea why they would bump into Ye Chen here, judging from the look of things, Ye Chen and the rest seemed to hold a grudge against Sorcerer Zhu.

    Dai Wei revealed a smirk at the corner of his lips as he thought to this point. He turned his head immediately and said to Zhu Chao , “Sorcerer Zhu, I know who this guy is.”

    “Tell me, and I might consider saving you,” Zhu Chao gave a short response with an indifferent expression on his face.

    Dai Wei was over the moon to hear that. He stretched his arm out and pointed at Ye Chen, “Sorcerer Zhu, this guy’s name is Ye Chen. In reality, he’s not some expert at all. He’s just a pretentious guy to whom I gave a free ride earlier.”


    “Dai Wei!”

    Old Shen and Di Jing glared angrily at him as soon as he said that. Clearly, they did not expect him to betray Ye Chen for his own benefit.

    Dai Wei ignored them and looked unfriendly. ‘Brat! You can’t blame me for doing this! You can only blame yourself for coming here and bumping into us. This is none of my business!’

    “Xiaodai, I’m disappointed in you.” Old Shen sighed softly and left. When he walked past Ye Chen, he gave him an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, Mr. Ye.”

    Di Jing glanced at Dai Wei and left too.

    Dai Wei was in complete panic as soon as they left. He dared not stay any longer, so he went after them. However, he peeped at Ye Chen while gloating before he left. ‘If I’m going to die, you won’t be able to live too!’

    Ye Chen did not bother to stop him because, to him, Dai Wei was already a dead man!

    The smile on Zhu Chao’s face grew upon hearing what Dai Wei said. He looked at Ye Chen and said, “Brat, I don’t know where you got your courage from to come here to offend me.”

    Just when Ye Chen was going to speak, Aunt Hong took a step forward from behind him and said coldly, “He got the courage from me!”

    “Aunt Hong?” Zhu Chao frowned. Clearly, he was a little scared, so he said coldly, “I should’ve known this. It must be you who removed the spell on Yang. Are you sure you want to make me your enemy because of Yang?”

    To him, Ye Chen had no cultivation base at all. He did not look like a  disciple, so he could not have broken his spell at all.

    Aunt Hong sighed and said, “Zhu Chao, although Yang Tian broke the secondary forest’s rule and accidentally killed the snake immortal’s disciple, you’ve taken your revenge. The immortal behind you just wanted good karma. Why can’t you let him go for my sake?”

    “For your sake?” Zhu Chao chuckled. “Aunt Hong, why don’t you look into the mirror and see who you are? Do you really think that I’m afraid of you just because the immortal behind you is under the immortal fox?”

    He performed a strange hand seal with both hands as soon as he said that. He shouted, “Please possess me, Master!”

    A cold breeze came blowing in the next second. The trees and branches in the courtyard were bowing toward him, as if they were falling from the strong wind.

    At the same time, a shadow appeared behind Zhu Chao. The shadow overlapped with Zhu Chao’s shadow gradually.

    When they looked again, there was fiendish energy throbbing from Zhu Chao now. There were many black scales on his face while his eyes seemed like snake pupils. He had an evil vibe on him now.