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Chapter 820 - The Peerless Cultivators Gathered

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     820 The Peerless Cultivators GatheredPerfected Cultivator Juehan.

    He had been a peerless Overlord from a time three thousand years past. Rumor had it that he had been half a step away from the Nascent Soul Level and that he had suppressed the six Grotto-heavens. Even Lord Beihan had feared him; he was of the same generation.

    Unfortunately, the life of a Golden Core Cultivator also had an ending. He died in the Juehan Mountain Range after failing to enter the Nascent Soul Level. Mountains and rivers in a thousand miles were frozen because of his death and many fierce beasts appeared.

    "That's bulls**t. How can a Perfected Cultivator affect things in a thousand mile range? He might be able to do so if he were a Heavenly Lord."

    Chen Fan shook his head and cracked a smile.

    "Those are just legends circulated around the world." Old Ding smiled.

    After Perfected Cultivator Juehan died, all his treasures and cultivation arts were hidden deep in the Juehan Mountain Range. Countless people went to look for them in the last thousands of years, but Perfected Cultivator Juehan formed an array outside his mansion. The cold wave produced would only subside once every sixty years, which was the only time people could get in. Lin Wuhua of the Xuanming Grotto-heaven and the Alchemy Envoy had also gone to the city because of this.

    "Anything else?"

    Chen Fan was disappointed.

    He didn't care about Perfected Cultivators anymore. Even if Perfected Cultivator Juehan was more powerful, he wouldn't be too strong for him. Chen Fan would have been more interested if those treasures belonged to a Heavenly Lord.

    Old Ding was a bit anxious when he noticed that Chen Fan didn't want to go. He was worried that Chen Fan would burn down the Golden Crow and kill everyone, so he tried to give him as much information as he could.

    "By the way… I heard that Perfected Cultivator Juehan had a pearl called the ‘Ancient Underworld Pearl.' He was planning to use it to make a Heavenly Treasure after he reached the Nascent Soul Level, but he failed. The Ancient Underworld Pearl also went missing in the Juehan Mountain Range and no one has found it yet," Old Ding said.

    Chen Fan found it a bit funny at first. He certainly wasn't afraid that Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow would try to get even later.

    But when he heard about the Ancient Underworld Pearl, his eyes brightened and he grabbed Old Ding's shoulders tightly. "Are you sure that's the Ancient Underworld Pearl?"

    Chen Fan was too powerful.


    Old Ding's shoulders started to crack and his face was covered in sweat. He replied immediately, "Please let go, Perfected Cultivator. I… I'm sure it's the Ancient Underworld Pearl. The Sect Masters of the six Grotto-heavens went there before, but they couldn't find anything."

    "The Ancient Underworld Pearl is a peerless ingredient. I can't believe there's one on Planet Tianhuang."

    Chen Fan relaxed his hands and his eyes were glittering.

    A Heavenly Treasure was a Spirit Treasure that had reached a Heavenly Lord level. Those Spirit Treasures made by a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord were extremely powerful. Ordinary ingredients weren't enough to make a Heavenly Treasure; only top ingredients could do the job and the Ancient Underworld Pearl was one of them. It was a pearl that only the energy a hundred thousand feet under the sea could nurture.

    It carried a trace of energy from the ancient underworld, and hence the name.

    But Chen Fan knew.

    Such an ingredient could indeed be used to make rare treasures, but its ideal use was to make a super-grade Golden Core.

    "A level-nine Golden Core can be completed by polishing it with True Essence for a long time, along with the use of some peerless cultivation arts, but a super-grade Golden Core requires all kinds of treasures or even the blood of some Divine Beasts," Chen Fan pondered.

    Simply put…

    Normal Golden Cores were formed with layers of True Essence and the level of the Golden Cores was related to the level of cultivation arts and True Essence. For example, the quality of the True Essence achieved after cultivating the Twelve Sky Art Paintings was much higher than that from the Yi Wood Art and the Five Elemental Arts. He stood out from the others mainly because of the cultivation arts he cultivated.

    But a super-grade Golden Core was different.

    His own True Essence wasn't enough to make divine-grade, sacred-grade or the legendary deity-grade Golden Core. He had to get energy of a higher level from the universe.

    "Even though Xuanming Qi isn't comparable to the strongest energies like the Sky Purple Qi, World Yellow Qi and Taixu Qi, it is more powerful than normal Spirit Qi and the energy of the universe. If I can put it into the Essence Core, I'll have a much higher chance of completing a super-grade Golden Core." After thinking this, Chen Fan decided to stay.

    He was planning to go to Old China Town first, but at the moment he wanted to get the "Ancient Underworld Pearl."

    The center of the Juehan Mountain Range had a cold wave, in which even Golden Core Cultivators would be frozen when they entered. It became warmer every sixty years, but only for a short period of time.

    During those days, many Overlords went to Zhuyan City.


    A ray of silver light appeared in the sky.

    There was a God with silver wings inside. His entire body was made with silver and his hair was white. His wings were fully extended and shimmering. Zhuyan City was filled with an earth-shattering energy when he appeared.

    Even the array above Zhuyan City seemed to be a bit overwhelmed, even letting out crackling sounds.

    "It's Gu Lingzi from the Silver Spirits. I heard that he was a Connate Cultivator from birth and that he has four Divine Powers. He's only forty, but he's reached the peak stage of the Connate Level and is only half a step away from entering the Golden Core Level."

    Someone looked up.

    "The Silver Spirits widely spread race. They are as powerful as the six Grotto-heavens, second only to the royal family of the Beihan Region. Gu Lingzi is the most outstanding elite of this generation… Nobody can compare to him, except the Walking Grotto-heaven," another person said with a trembling voice.

    Gu Lingzi was indeed powerful. He was handsome, tall and was surrounded by bright silver light. His hand was holding a spear, which was said to be able to break Zhuyan City's protective array.

    "Lin Wuhua, come out and fight!"

    Gu Lingzi looked cold; the spear on his hand could pierce the air.

    "Gu Lingzi, how dare you come again after losing the last battle?" someone said indifferently.

    Then, many black waves came out from Zhuyan City, turning into a lady in a black dress. She was a fair skinned beauty, but there was Blade Qi between her eyebrows. She was stepping on black water like a Queen that ruled over Hell.

    "Lin Wuhua, the Walking Grotto-heaven and the Lady of the Lin family from the royal city. She's also here?"

    Many exclaimed.

    The six Grotto-heavens dominated the Beihan Region. Only a top cultivator could be named "Walking Grotto-heaven" and be their representative.

    "Gu Lingzi lost to Lin Wuhua! This is earth-shattering news!" Mu Hongti and Yun Yier also yelled.

    They looked at the two fierce beings in the sky and were in complete awe.

    Gu Lingzi let out beams of astonishing silver light and his earth-shattering energy fell from the sky, making people have difficulty breathing. Compared to him, Lin Wuhua seemed to be even more powerful.

    "This is the power of the most outstanding elites in the Beihan Region? I'm as weak as an ant compared to them."

    Mu Hongti was sad.

    Gu Lingzi and Lin Wuhua were about the same age as she was, but they seemed to have become the top cultivators of the region. Not only her, even the Ancestral Patriarch of the Mu family would avoid doing anything stupid in front of them.

    "I would have won if Perfected Cultivator Heiming didn't give you his Tianming Sword."

    Gu Lingzi grunted.

    "We can arrange another battle if you're not happy with the result. You can bring the ancestral artifacts of the Silver Spirits." Lin Wuhua snickered.

    Gu Lingzi was enraged and the silver light on his body shone brighter.

    Suddenly, a clear voice was heard.

    "You're both talents of the Beihan Region. The entire Zhuyan City will be destroyed if you really fight here. Why don't you come to my mansion for a drink? You can battle it out later."

    Another energy rose from the City Lord Mansion.

    "It's Zhang Dongxu, the City Lord of Zhuyan City. He's been cultivating for four centuries and his power is unpredictable," Old Ding mumbled.

    Chen Fan stood on the top of the Golden Crow and looked at the three cultivators in the sky.

    Gu Lingzi and Lin Wuhua were both more powerful than the Thearch's Son of Yuntian Palace; they were cultivators able to suppress a planet. Unfortunately, Chen Fan didn't take them seriously at all.

    They didn't fight in the end.

    Gu Lingzi and Lin Wuhua didn't want to be injured before they got the treasures, so they quickly went inside the City Lord Mansion.

    This was only the beginning.

    Then, many other talents and elites of the Beihan Region showed up. The representatives of the six Grotto-heavens, the elites from the large families and the Young Masters from the royal city.

    "Manggu from the Tianmang Grotto-heaven. He attained the Tianmang Body at thirty and has never lost a battle. He could even withstand the attacks from Quasi-Spirit Treasures with his body."

    "Chu Tianyu, the Young Master of the Chu family in the royal city. He went straight to the Golden Core Level without encountering any difficulties."

    "Bai Qiuer from the Yin Yang Grotto-heaven. I heard that her Taiyin Dharma Power has reached the highest level and she has already formed the Taiyin Spirit Body…"

    Old Ding introduced the elites of the Beihan Region one by one.

    Zhuyan City had never been so lively. Some of those elites broke into the city fiercely while others entered through the gates. There were even some extraordinarily beautiful Goddesses.

    Bai Qiuer was one of them.

    She looked like a fairy from the Moon Palace when she arrived. She was enveloped in moonlight while garbed in a white gown. Her smile was gorgeous, which made the other elites smile back.

    Another person who came with Bai Qiuer was a member of the royal family of the Beihan Region.

    "His Royal Highness," Old Ding exclaimed.

    Prince Zhao Qingchen, the Lord Beihan's grandson of the seventeenth generation! Extremely talented since a very young age, he had become a Connate Cultivator at the age of twenty. Even though he wasn't the most outstanding person in the royal family, he was still a peerless figure.

    "Oh my Lord! Zhuyan City has never been so lively, not even sixty years ago. Even the members of the royal family are here. Will the Ancient Underworld Pearl really appear this time?" Old Ding was surprised.

    He looked at Chen Fan and became calm again.

    Those Connate Cultivators were nothing in front of such a young Perfected Cultivator.

    After a while, Chen Fan received another piece of news.

    "City Lord Zhang is going to hold a banquet at the mansion. He's invited the elites and celebrities of the city, and he's asking me to go as well?"

    Chen Fan looked up and was a bit shocked.