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Chapter 819 - Slaughtering the Golden Crow

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     819 Slaughtering the Golden CrowAt the Golden Crow.

    Two ten-foot golden crows were flanking the door. Many brawny guards stood at the entrance. The building was hundreds of meters tall which made this top medicine hall look magnificent.

    Many senior members were gathering on the top floor.

    The black robed Alchemy Envoy was sitting in a high position while he drank tea. The Master and the elders of the Golden Crow were reporting to him. The auction went well and the Golden Crow made a lot of Spirit Stones this time.

    The Master of the Golden Crow smiled and said, "Together with the hundred and fifty thousand Spirit Stones the Gu family gave us, we've made a net profit of over four hundred thousand this time."

    Old Ding hesitated and said, "Alchemy Envoy, I'm still a bit worried… It seems that Exalted Immortal Chen is not someone to be trifled with. Did we make a wrong decision?"

    "He's just a Chinese. How can he be called Exalted Immortal? Old Ding, you fool!" the Deputy Master yelled.

    "Old Lord Gu is known for his array formations and fire control. Even if he's a real Connate Cultivator, he's no match for the old man. Besides, the Golden Crow is one of the top medicine halls in the Beihan Region. It doesn't matter if we offend him," the Alchemy Envoy said.

    The Golden Crow might seem weak in front of the royal family and the six Grotto-heavens, but they were superior when facing normal cultivators.

    While all the senior members were smiling.


    A thunderous sound came from the lower floors, followed by screams and cries.

    "What's going on?"

    Everyone was startled. When they were about to send someone down to check, the banging sound went from the first floor to the top floor in a blink.


    A young man kicked open a door that had been reinforced with bronze and talisman inscriptions. He walked in with a hunky man in tow, who was the Chief of the Golden Crow guards, a peak-stage Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator. Chen Fan carried him like a dead dog, then he threw him down from the top floor.

    "Exalted Immortal Chen?"

    "That kid?"

    "You're still alive?"

    Everyone reacted differently.

    The senior members looked as if they had seen a ghost. Didn't the Ancestral Patriarch of the Gu family catch Chen Fan? Why was he in the Golden Crow? Besides, the building shook every time he took a step and his body was surrounded by a powerful energy. He was definitely not a mortal.

    "Why? Are you surprised the Gu family didn't kill me?" Chen Fan smiled as he walked.

    One of the senior members got up and tried to explain, "It's all a misunderstanding, my friend…"

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers and shot out a ray of white light, which penetrated that member's head straight between the eyebrows, killing him on the spot.

    "Deputy Master?"

    Everyone was enraged.

    The Deputy Master might not be powerful, but he was an Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator; he also had a Protection Dharma Artifact on his body. And yet, he wasn't even able to withstand one attack from Chen Fan. Chen Fan was too impressive!

    The Master of the Golden Crow said with a cold voice, "The Golden Crow is a powerful Chamber of Commerce in the Beihan Region. We have many Connate servants and five Golden Crow Envoys. Our Chief Master is a Perfected Cultivator as well. Do you really want to be our enemy?"

    "Shut up!"

    Chen Fan flipped his hand and crushed the Master of the Golden Crow.

    This superior man—who was close to the leaders of the cultivation families in Zhuyan City—didn't even last one second.


    Even Old Ding was terrified.

    The Master of the Golden Crow was a Divine Sea Cultivator, considered to be one of the top hundred cultivators in Zhuyan City. Still, Chen Fan killed him as easily as slaughtering a chicken, which was completely frightening.

    There was one person in the hall who wasn't afraid. He was thrilled instead.

    "I can't believe you're a Connate Overlord. I clearly misjudged you before."

    The Alchemy Envoy was still sitting as he spoke; his eyes brightened. "You were indeed the one who made the Heavenly Essence Pills, right? So, are you an Alchemy Master?"

    Everyone was startled.

    It was already astonishing to find such a young Chinese Connate Cultivator, but an Alchemy Master?

    Alchemy Masters were super-grade Alchemists who could make superior-grade Spirit Pills and Quasi-Treasure Pills! Every one of them was an expert in the field of alchemy and a Connate Overlord. That was why they could control fire in a perfect manner.

    All the Alchemy Masters would be recruited by those top sects and families, and their status was as high as one enjoyed by a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator.

    Was this young man truly an Alchemy Master?

    Old Ding was dumbfounded. He had only been guessing, never thinking that it would be true.

    "Yes, so what?"

    Chen Fan kept walking expressionlessly.

    "If you're really an Alchemy Master, then what we did before was only a misunderstanding. Master Zhu deserved to die since he colluded with the Gu family and offended an Alchemy Master. You won't be held accountable for killing him. Also, we'll offer you a hundred thousand Spirit Stones in compensation and as an apology."

    The Alchemy Envoy continued in earnest, "You may not know me. I'm one of the Golden Crow Envoys, the Alchemy Envoy of the Golden Crow. I'm in charge of all the alchemy matters. Young masters like you are people we've been looking for. If you're willing to join the Golden Crow, we can even offer you the Golden Crow Cultivation Arts…"

    As he spoke…

    Countless people's eyes brightened.

    Golden Core Cultivation Arts! Only the cultivation sects and the royal family had them. The cultivation arts individual cultivators had were mostly of low quality. Even if they reached the Golden Core Level, they would only be inferior-grade Golden Core Cultivators, with no potential to advance in the future.

    "Are you done?" Chen Fan asked abruptly.

    "Erm… you mean?"

    The Alchemy Envoy froze.

    "That's enough, Go to hell," Chen Fan said calmly as he tapped on the Blade Strengthening Gourd. A golden sword came out and immediately turned into a golden blade aura, which then went around the hall and cut off the heads of eight senior members. No one managed to escape, except Old Ding.

    "How dare you!"

    The Alchemy Envoy was furious.

    He was one of the Golden Crow Envoys who had command over thousands of people. Even though he wasn't specialized in battling, he was a peak-stage Connate Cultivator; even Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow had bestowed him the "Golden Crow Sun Art." He could burn down the world when he spouted out fire.


    A golden fireball came out of the Alchemy Envoy's body.

    He was enveloped in raging fire and a giant golden crow appeared behind him. The vicious energy of the golden crow surged and broke through the hall.

    A peak-stage Connate Cultivator could make a thousand-meter mountain collapse when he used his full power. After a second, the entire Zhuyan City knew there was a battle between Connate Overlords.

    Chen Fan stomped his foot gently and said, "Hold."


    The Alchemy Envoy felt as if the air had frozen, and all the Essence Qi within a hundred feet had turned into iron plates. His body seemed to be carrying a thousand tons; he couldn't even lift a finger. The Golden Crow Fire also dwindled, becoming small flames. In the end, the fire wasn't even enough to burn a wooden chair.

    His energy had been locked without anyone noticing.

    "Are… are you a Golden Core Cultivator?"

    The Alchemy Envoy was shocked.

    He had seen such a level of power on Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow; only a Golden Core Cultivator could be that terrifying. Any Golden Core Cultivator could shake the entire Beihan Region by stomping a foot. They usually were leaders of a cultivation family or Ancestral Patriarchs. There shouldn't be one as young as Chen Fan.

    "Kind of," Chen Fan replied as the golden blade aura surrounded him.

    "Perfected Cultivator, please forgive me! I offended you. Please show mercy…! If you let me go, the Golden Crow will show its appreciation," the Alchemy Envoy shouted in fear.

    "Unfortunately, I don't like to let my enemies go!"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He flicked his finger and the blade aura flashed towards the Alchemy Envoy with a thunderous sound.

    "You can't kill me. I'm the Alchemy Envoy of the Golden Crow and my Master is the Elder of the Yin Yang Grotto-heaven, Perfected Cultivator Golden Crow…" the Alchemy Envoy yelled, but it was too late.

    The Sword of Essence Restoring split him and his Divine Soul in half. Then, Chen Fan let out a black flame to burn his body into ashes.

    The Alchemy Envoy, a peak-stage Connate Cultivator, died just like that in Zhuyan City, without anyone knowing.

    Old Ding was trembling.

    Only one minute passed from the moment Chen Fan walked in to the death of the Alchemy Envoy, but it felt like a decade to him. He looked at Chen Fan in awe.

    "Perfected Cultivator… Is this Chinese young man really a Perfected Cultivator?"

    Old Ding couldn't believe it, but who else could kill the Alchemy Envoy of the Golden Crow? That ability to manipulate everything and control the world was something he had never seen on a Connate Overlord.

    "Why did we provoke a Perfected Cultivator? We must have completely lost our minds!"

    Old Ding was feeling regretful.

    That was a Golden Core Perfected Cultivator!

    Chen Fan didn't kill Old Ding. He still had a lot of things he wanted to ask. Besides, only Old Ding knew about the Spirit Stones, herbs and medicines stored inside the Golden Crow.

    "Perfected Cultivator, here's all our superior-grade Spirit Medicines and Spirit Stones."

    Old Ding gave Chen Fan a list.

    Even though Chen Fan didn't cast a restriction spell on Old Ding, escaping never crossed his mind. He knew that playing tricks in front of a Perfected Cultivator was to dig his own grave. Even if a Perfected Cultivator slaughtered everyone in Zhuyan City, Lord Beihan would only say a few words and wouldn't do anything about it.

    "A hundred sixty seven superior-grade Spirit Medicines, five Quasi-Treasure Medicines, one Golden Crow Fruit and seven hundred thousand Spirit Stones."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    The Golden Crow was quite rich. Those Spirit Medicines and Spirit Stones would definitely relieve Chen Fan's pressure, especially the Golden Crow Fruit. It was a moderate and precious one among the Treasure Medicines.

    He placed all the Spirit Stones and Spirit Medicines into the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    When he was about to leave the Golden Crow…

    Old Ding said something that stopped him, "Did you also come here looking for the treasures of Perfected Cultivator Juehan?"

    "Perfected Cultivator Juehan? Treasures?" Chen Fan mumbled.