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Chapter 326 - I’ll Kill Everyone Who Dares to Touch My Man!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 326: I’ll Kill Everyone Who Dares to Touch My Man!

    “So, the Zhu family cast a spell on Brother Yang,” Shi Ting went on to say, “That’s the reason why Brother Yang has scales growing on him. There’ll be more and more scales, and when they get to his heart, he’ll definitely die.”

    Ye Chen came to a realization upon hearing that. He lifted his eyes to look at Yang Tian wryly. “Then, it’s your own fault to have brought trouble upon yourself.”

    “Can you blame me?” Yang Tian said in a complaining tone while looking upset.

    Outsiders would not know about such a rule. Under such circumstances, many people would attack that snake like he had.

    Ye Chen changed the subject as he said while smiling lightly, “However, this so-called secondary forest’s rule won’t work on me, and neither will it work on my brother.”

    “My good brother!” Yang Tian smirked in joy, but then he said in concern, “Their spells are very powerful, so be careful.”

    He knew that Ye Chen was powerful, but there was almost no cure for a spell as soon as it was cast on a person no matter how powerful one was. The sorcerer would not even have to fight him face-to-face.

    “It’s child’s play!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    Shi Ting rolled her eyes at him as soon as he said that. She said angrily, “Keep bragging! Even my aunt can’t do anything about it. Are you saying that you are more powerful than she is?”

    To her, her aunt was the most powerful person there was.

    “Your aunt?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Yang Tian explained immediately, “Old Ye, his aunt is Aunt Hong. She’s also a  disciple but she worships the fox immortal. She’s very famous among the locals, and she treats sickness, tells people’s fortune, and performs exorcisms.”

    He looked grateful as he spoke to this point, “Because of her, the scales on me didn’t spread instantly, which gave me seven days to live.”

    “Now, do you know how powerful my aunt is?” Shi Ting lifted her chin rather proudly.

    Ye Chen smiled and subsequently walked to the side of the bed. He said, “Don’t move. I’ll remove the scales on you.”

    Yang Tian nodded because he trusted Ye Chen.

    “What are you doing?” Shocked, Shi Ting walked over immediately to stop him. “You don’t know how powerful a  disciple’s technique is. You’ll hurt Brother Yang even more if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let’s just wait for my aunt to get home.”

    Ye Chen ignored her. Instead, he pointed his finger between Yang Tian’s brows. He curled his five fingers and inhaled deeply.

    Yang Tian could not help but release a low groan. “It’s ticklish!”

    In the next second, the scales on him pierced through everyone’s layer of gaze directly. They were growing like hangnails.

    “Oh, no, I knew that you can’t do it! Look at what you’ve done!” Shi Ting panicked when she saw that, and she was going to cry.

    Ye Chen said nothing and increased the strength his hand exerted.


    As the noises of joints and the movement of bones were heard, the scales on Yang Tian’s body grew longer. It hurt so much that his face was distorted.

    “Stop it now. Otherwise, Brother Yang will die right away!” Shi Ting screamed.

    Just when she was going to stop Ye Chen, she felt woozy in the next second. Countless scales shot out of Yang Tian’s body and turned into black energy within the blink of an eye and vanished.

    “How is that possible?! Did he really remove them?” Shi Ting opened her mouth wide as disbelief filled her face.

    At the same time in a luxurious house approximately 50 kilometers away, an extremely handsome man was sitting on the couch. There were two men and a lady across him.

    If Ye Chen had been there, he would definitely have distinguished them as Old Shen, Dai Wei, and Di Jing.

    However, they looked respectful as they faced the young man, especially Dai Wei who did not dare to look directly at the young man.

    Di Jing hesitated and eventually said, “Sorcerer Zhu, can you help my friend based on the sake that my ancestor believed in Shamanism?”

    She looked at Dai Wei who was next to her as soon as she said that. Dai Wei got her hint and took out a bank card instantly before saying, “Sorcerer, there’s a million yuan in the card. That’s all I have. Please save my life.” His heart was actually bleeding when he said that. He was not wealthy, whereby he only had hundreds of thousands of yuan. It had taken him great effort to gather the one million yuan.

    The young man was holding a cup of tea. Just when he was going to finish it, the cup in his hand was crushed as he sensed something.

    “You have my word on that. You guys may leave,” the young man said, looking grim.

    Di Jing and Dai Wei were stunned, but they got up and walked out while suppressing their doubt. They then shut the door.


    The young man suddenly spat a mouthful of blood out after they left. He said in horror, “I can’t believe someone broke the spell that I cast on that brat. Who is that? Exactly who is that?!”

    He got up and walked to the side to turn a table lamp holder, and a wall before him opened. As he lifted his foot and walked in, the wall that was similar to a stone door closed as soon as he entered.

    There was an altar at the end of the stone room, and there was the wooden sculpture of a snake figurine on the altar. The figurine had its tongue out and it was snarling sharp teeth. It appeared evil.

    The young man knelt before the altar and said after bowing, “Master Bing, someone has broken my spell. I’m not sure if it’s that old lady, Aunt Hong, who did it. Since he broke the secondary forest’s rule, I’ll kill her too! Please handle the fox immortal behind her for me!”


    Ye Chen took out a Body Cleansing Pill and handed it to Yang Tian. “Eat it to replenish your energy.”

    Yang Tian took it and swallowed it directly. Subsequently, he felt warmth in his body. A warm stream spread across his whole body, treating all of the internal injuries that he had sustained before. He could not help but open his eyes wide. “Oh my god, Old Ye, you’re amazing! This medicinal pill is ridiculous!”

    “Brother Yang, are you really fine?” Shi Ting, who was standing aside, was still in disbelief until now.

    Yang Tian smirked. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I be since my brother has cured me? Do you want to take my clothes off to prove it to you?”

    “Stop your nonsense!” Shi Ting’s pretty face blushed and she looked at Ye Chen after throwing her temper at Yang Tian. She could not help but ask, “How did you remove the spell on Brother Yang?” She was shocked indeed, especially since her aunt could not do anything about it.

    “I removed it just like that,” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    “Just like that?” Shi Ting was cross to hear that. She stomped her feet and said, “Forget it if you don’t want to tell me. Do you think this is the end? I guess Zhu Chao has definitely found out about this. You guys won’t be able to run if he makes his way here. You guys should leave now.”

    Yang Tian’s expression changed and he said weakly, “Old Ye, w-why don’t we run? Since I’m fine now, there’s no need to fight them.”

    “Why run?” Ye Chen chuckled while a ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes. “I don’t care what kind of ghost or god he is. I’ll kill everyone who dares to touch my man!”

    “Young man, aren’t you being too boastful?”

    At that moment, a husky voice came from outside.

    Shi Ting was over the moon. “My aunt is back!”