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Chapter 818 - The Xuanming Witch

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     818 The Xuanming WitchOnce the auction began…

    The auction hall was in silence at first. Then, all the families, the Chamber of Commerce, individual cultivators and even Connate Overlords started bidding

    "Thirty thousand Spirit Stones."

    "Thirty five thousand Spirit Stones."

    "Forty thousand Spirit Stones…"

    The price rose above fifty thousand, reaching a hundred thousand in a heartbeat; countless onlookers were speechless. The representatives of some small families and the Chambers of Commerce looked frightened.

    A hundred thousand Spirit Stones was enough for a Divine Sea Cultivator to enter the Connate Level, buy ten acres of land, build thousands of houses and hire a Connate Cultivator as a bodyguard. Other than the cultivation families and the large Chambers of Commerce, individuals would never be able to offer that many Spirit Stones. Not even normal Connate Cultivators might be worth this price.

    Chen Fan scanned the auction hall with his Immortal Will.

    The arrays on the walls couldn't stop him at all. His Immortal Will passed through many boxes and he felt traces of Connate energy.

    Some were hot like fire, some were cold like the moon and some were light like clouds. Apparently, those were the Ancestral Patriarchs from the cultivation families. Chen Fan even sensed someone similar to Mu Hongti, who was probably the Ancestral Patriarch of the Mu family.

    After taking the Soul Core, Chen Fan's Immortal Will had reached the phenomenal success level, which was even more powerful than that of a Golden Core Cultivator; that was why those people didn't notice it at all. In the meantime, in a hidden box…

    A gorgeous, cold lady in a black dress sat there.

    Behind her was an old man who was apparently a Connate Overlord, but he was standing respectfully with his hands clasped together as he looked at the lady.

    "I can't believe there are such perfect Spirit Pills in Zhuyan City. The Master who made them must be as powerful as Master Xie in the royal city," the lady in a black dress said.

    After that, she stopped paying attention. "Have you found out who came to the Juehan Mountain Range?"

    "Among the six Grotto-heavens in the Beihan Region, disciples from the Tianmang Hall and Yin Yang Palace also came here. I heard that even the royal family sent someone," the old man replied.

    "Hm, they're all here for the treasures of Perfected Cultivator Juehan. Perfected Cultivator Juehan was only half a step away from becoming a Nascent Soul Cultivator and was an invincible being in the Beihan Region. Countless people have an eye on his treasures."

    The lady grunted. "I don't want any other treasures, but I'll kill whoever fights with me over the Ancient Underworld Pearl."

    She sounded cold and there were black waves around her when she spoke. Her body made the entire box feel chilly as well.

    "Yes, my Lady."

    The old man lowered his head.

    Once the Connate Ancestral Patriarchs started bidding, the auction for the Heavenly Essence Pills became more and more intense.

    "Two hundred thousand Spirit Stones. I bid two hundred thousand Spirit Stones."

    An old voice came from the box and that man pushed open the door. He was surrounded by Cloud Qi, seemingly having merged with the sky.

    "The Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family!" someone exclaimed.

    That was a heavy hitter in Zhuyan City. He hadn't showed up for decades after becoming a Connate Cultivator, so no one knew how powerful he was right then.

    The Ancestral Patriarchs in the other boxes looked at one another.

    They would be able to get a Treasure Pill with a little bit more than two hundred thousand Spirit Stones, so it wasn't worth it to keep bidding and they considered it was better to give the chance to the Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family.

    When the Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family was about to smile, a cold voice was suddenly heard.

    "Three hundred thousand."

    "Who's that?"

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family was enraged.

    Everyone was shocked. Who would dare to be that savage? The person seemed to be determined to get those pills! The Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family also knew that and he glared at the opposite side with a cold and furious look.

    "Old Lord Yun, why can't you recognize your old friend?"

    An old man came out of the box. He had an aquiline nose, a slim face and a cunning smile.

    "Mr. Yin? Are you the Sect-servant of the Lin Family in the royal city who serves Miss Lin? Why are you here? Is that Miss Lin in the box?"

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family was surprised. Something seemed to have come to his mind and he was immediately covered in sweat.

    "Right, my Lady wants to get the pills for her sister as a birthday gift. Why? Do you want to take them away from her?" Mr. Yin sneered.

    "No, no."

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family was drenched in cold sweat.

    He was a Connate Overlord, but he was terrified because of what Mr. Yin said.

    In fact, all the people in the auction hall became silent.

    "The Lady of the Lin Family from the royal city? That's Lin Wuhua! I heard that she's a disciple of the Xuanming Sect. She has already reached the Connate Level and is called the Xuanming Witch. Many experienced Connate Cultivators died because they offended her," someone said.

    Mu Hongti also looked startled.

    The Lin Family was a large family in the royal city; it also had a Golden Core Ancestral Patriarch. As for the Xuanming Sect, it was one of the six Grotto-heavens in the Beihan Region and was much more powerful than the Qingyang Sect Mu Hongti had joined before. So, a small family in Zhuyan City certainly would not dare to provoke such a lady.

    Finally, the Ancestral Patriarch of the Yun family smiled and left respectfully.

    Lin Wuhua bid three hundred thousand Spirit Stones for the Heavenly Essence Pills. Chen Fan took the Spirit Stones and didn't stay to watch the end of the auction. Before he left, people of the Golden Crow stared at him with a weird look.

    After leaving the Golden Crow, Chen Fan walked around slowly.

    He was planning to get familiar with the environment and to look for information about the Chinese in the next couple of days.

    "I heard that Chinese people were exiled and most of them live in the Old China Town in the north. They were born weak, stupid and without cultivation talents, which is why people said they're cursed. There are only a few Immortal Cultivators among them. It's so strange. What actually happened to them?"

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He decided to go to the "Old China Town" after a while.

    Chen Fan suddenly stopped walking and looked ahead. Everywhere around him became blurry as he was enveloped in red mist. He was still on the crowded street a second before, but he seemed to have entered another world right then.

    An illusion!

    Someone had set up an array and dragged Chen Fan into an illusion.

    "Greetings. I'm Gu Hanchen from the Gu Family."

    A hunky young man walked out of the red mist.

    His eyebrows looked like swords and his hair was red. His entire body was like a burner that scorched everything around him. He had apparently achieved the Divine Power and almost reached the Connate Level. Behind the young man were many Ethereal Enlightenment and Divine Sea guards.

    "What do you want?" Chen Fan said calmly.

    "Your three hundred thousand Spirit Stones, of course. It's enough to bid for Treasure Pills and it's too much for you to enjoy by yourself. Also, please hand over all your remaining Heavenly Essence Pills and tell us where you got them. I don't think you'd sell all of them. You must have some left."

    Gu Hanchen smiled.

    "What if I refuse to do so?" Chen Fan said.

    "Then, you can only follow me to Heavenly Fire City. Don't even think of looking for help. The Gu family is known for forming arrays with fire. This array was set up by our Ancestral Patriarch; not even the City Lord of Zhuyan City can notice it easily," Gu Hanchen said with a cold look.

    The other members of the Gu Family also looked at Chen Fan with greed in their eyes.

    Three hundred thousand Spirit Stones!

    That was an astronomical number even for a cultivation family. Chen Fan was a moving cashbox in their eyes, not to mention the Heavenly Essence Pills.

    Many bursts of energy were shot to the sky, filling an area of a hundred feet inside the red mist.

    There were dozens of Immortal Cultivators and Chen Fan was only a mortal. It seemed that he had no chance of fighting back.

    "Didn't the Golden Crow tell you who I was before you came?" Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    "Who are you?"

    Gu Hanchen was shocked.

    "Like… I'm the one who made the Heavenly Essence Pills."

    Chen Fan flashed a beaming smile.

    Everyone chuckled as if they had heard the funniest joke in the world. Only Gu Hanchen looked anxious and was about to yell for help, but it was too late. Chen Fan gently took a step.


    The entire array shook.

    A vicious energy came out of Chen Fan's body and filled the air. He was like a rex, surrounded by an endless terrifying power.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    In a blink.

    The guards of the Gu Family exploded.

    Only Gu Hanchen was barely hanging on, but he also fell on the ground and his body was trembling.

    Gu Hanchen looked up and saw Chen Fan walking towards him. Some crackling sounds were heard; the array seemed to be overwhelmed.

    "Damn it. He's not a mortal, but a Connate Overlord, a terrifying one at that. Our family is not a match against him. The Golden Crow fooled me…" Gu Hanchen thought.

    He wanted to beg for mercy, but Chen Fan wasn't so soft-hearted. He cut Gu Hanchen in half with a wind blade, then reached out and tore the illusion apart. The red mist dissipated and Chen Fan saw an elder in front of him.

    The elder was sitting cross-legged and was infusing his power into the array. He was terrified after seeing Chen Fan, .

    "Please stop. Listen to me…"


    Chen Fan didn't hold back.

    His hand was surrounded by a golden aura and it grew a few feet in size before he smacked down. The elder was crushed together with his Divine Soul without being able to say a word.

    Chen Fan didn't even need another attack to deal with such a normal Connate Cultivator.

    After killing the Ancestral Patriarch of the Gu Family, he looked at the direction of the Golden Crow coldly.

    "Only you knew who I was and the Gu Family came for me. Do you really think I'm a pushover?"

    Chen Fan swayed his body and flashed towards the Golden Crow.

    There would be a slaughter soon.