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Chapter 815 - From Respectful to Haughty

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 815 From Respectful to Haughty

    Planet Tianhuang was full of mountains and howls of fierce beasts. Deep in the desolate mountain range, a valley was found.

    An old altar stood inside the valley and there were five stone pillars with lots of talisman inscriptions carved on them.

    The altar covered an area close to a hundred feet, which showed how thriving this place used to be, but at the moment, there were weeds everywhere; no one had been there in countless years.


    Suddenly, there was a ray of colorful light.

    A giant black hole appeared in the sky; a young man in a black outfit with black hair and black eyes walked out. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


    This breath lasted for about one minute and there seemed to be a storm in the valley.

    "The Spirit Qi is so rich. It is ten times more dense than in Kunxu and a hundred times more than on Earth. I'm finally here on Planet Tianhuang!"

    Chen Fan opened his eyes slowly.

    His body shone. Every cell inside of him was absorbing the energy from the outside world and Chen Fan could feel himself getting stronger after just a few seconds.

    Chen Fan was like a person who had starved for a long time and had suffered the effects of malnutrition. The Spirit Qi on Earth wasn't enough for him at all, which was why his cultivation went slow. Once he arrived on Planet Tianhuang, his power surged at an observable speed.

    Every time he breathed, the Spirit Qi turned into concrete raindrops.

    "If I had been reborn in Planet Tianhuang, I would have reached the Connate Level in a year and the Golden Core level in three."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He looked around and suddenly exclaimed.

    "That's strange. This should be an important place for the ancient Chinese cultivators. If they wanted to return to Earth, they should have guarded the teleport array. Why does it feel like it's been abandoned for a long time?"

    Chen Fan frowned and was a bit worried.

    He had already felt something was wrong along the Path of Heaven, especially during the last few jumps. The ancient Chinese cultivators seemed to have completely abandoned the Path of Heaven, but this wasn't right. Earth still had Divine Treasures, the Yuntian Palace and many of their descendants. Even the Mayans went back from far away. How would they just give up?

    "What happened?"

    Chen Fan extended his Immortal Will.

    After entering the Core Formation State, his Immortal Will could cover a five hundred mile radius. He immediately sensed the howls of many beasts and even the energy of Connate Spirit Beasts, but he ignored them and kept exploring.

    "Someone seems to be fighting three hundred miles in the east. One of the parties looks like it's formed by humans."

    Chen Fan turned into a beam of golden light and flashed towards the east.

    Traveling at ten times the speed of sound, he traversed three hundred miles in a second. He saw eight people being besieged by a wolf pack.

    Those wolves were all three to four meters long and were silver white in color. They could let out ice blades from their mouths and control both wind and snow. Each of them was as powerful as an Ethereal Enlightenment Cultivator and there were a hundred of them. As for the young people, they were around twenty years old; they didn't panic as they faced those wolves.

    All of them were Ethereal Enlightenment Warriors, and they were using their own Dharma Treasures.

    The wolves were attacked by many fireballs, wind blades and golden arrows. The group of young people worked well together and two of them, a boy and a girl, were Divine Sea Warriors. Each of their attacks could kill one Ethereal Enlightenment wolf.

    "Immortal Cultivators."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    These young people would have been the elites of the Seven Exalted Sects in the Realm of Kunxu, and yet, there were quite a few of them on Planet Tianhuang.

    However, even though they had managed to resist the wolves thus far, they would eventually reach a point where they would use up their powers. By then, all of them would die because of the wolves, except the two Divine Sea Warriors.

    Chen Fan immediately rushed down.

    He didn't like helping people, but he had just arrived on Planet Tianhuang and he needed to get some information from someone.


    A cute seventeen-year-old girl in a marten coat let out a spout of flame and forced two wolves to move back. After that, she gasped for air and said, "Sister Hongti, I have only three talismans left and my power has almost run out. When will the backups arrive?"

    The other elegant young people also said, "Right, Ling Shao, Sister Hongti. We have less than half of our powers left, but we've only killed forty Icewolves. There are still more than a hundred of them. We won't be able to make it if the backups take too long in arriving."

    Their leader, a tall and beautiful woman, replied, "I've already delivered the message. Zhuyan City is a thousand miles away. The masters will need an hour to get here."


    Everyone was in despair.

    They had almost run out of powers after just ten minutes. There was no way they could hang on for an hour more.

    The girl with a marten coat said gloomily, "Sister Hongti, you and Brother Ling should go. You don't have to worry about us. These Icewolves can't resist you."

    The others remained silent. Apparently, they didn't want the girl called Hongti to run away alone.

    The man in a Chinese suit called Ling Shao also looked over.

    Mu Hongti seemed to be struggling.

    Ling Shao and her were both Divine Sea Warriors and they could easily leave with their artifacts. The Icewolves couldn't do anything about it. And yet, they couldn't take the other five people with them.

    "All right, I'll stay for a while longer. If we still can't defeat them, I'll take Xiao Yun away."

    Mu Hongti heaved a sigh.

    Then, the girl called Xiao Yun suddenly yelled.


    Everyone looked up and saw a beam of golden light flashing from afar, creating a thunderous sound. The golden light stopped and a young man in a black outfit appeared. He raised his hand and pointed forward.

    The Essence Qi in the sky turned into countless wind blades and slayed.


    There were a few hundred wind blades which were four meters long and they immediately enveloped a hundred feet radius. The Icewolves were cut into pieces and the ground was covered in blood. Even the Divine Sea Icewolf King died after a while.

    "A Connate Cultivator!"

    Everyone's eyes popped out.

    Who else could have the power of controlling the world other than a Connate Cultivator?

    Mu Hongti was surprised to see how young Chen Fan was, but she still went forward and bowed to him. "I'm Mu Hongti from the Mu family of Zhuyan City. Greetings, Senior. Thank you for saving us. The Mu family will definitely return the favor."

    The others also ran forward quickly.

    Chen Fan glanced over at all the young people. They were all respectful and the man in Chinese suit was also courteous.

    Chen Fan looked up.

    "My name is Chen Beixuan. What's this place? Are there humans around here?"

    Everyone was shocked to hear that Chen Fan was asking about this.

    Mu Hongti replied, "Senior, this is the Juehan Mountain Range near Zhuyan City in the Beihan Region. We're only a thousand miles away from Zhuyan City and we hail from there. If you don't mind, you can come with us. Our family will be really grateful."

    "All right."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Then, they packed up and started their journey back.

    As they talked, Chen Fan realized something.

    The Beihan Region was an area that spanned for several million miles; even a Connate Overlord had to fly for a month without resting to travel around. There were many races, sects and cultivation families in the region, but Lord Beihan had the highest status among all of them.

    Lord Beihan ruled the Beihan Region. He had lived thousands of years and no one dared to challenge him.

    The entire Beihan Region was his territory. Thousands of cities, billions of mortals and over ten times the Earth's surface belonged to him, and he designated the City Lords of all cities. Those who wanted to cultivate either joined the large sects or worked for Lord Beihan to get the cultivation arts and books.

    This group of young people came from the cultivation families of Zhuyan City, including the Mu family, the Zhang family and the Yun family, which had Connate Overlords and many Immortal Cultivators. They had made the trip with a large number of guards, but they ran into the Icewolves.

    Many mortal guards had died during the battle. They ran dozens of miles but the Icewolves still caught up to them.

    Other than Mu Hongti, another young man wearing a Chinese suit also had a high status among the young people. He was Zhang Lingfeng, the son of the City Lord of Zhuyan City. Rumor had it that the City Lord was a peak-stage Connate Cultivator and had already lived three centuries.

    "Senior Chen doesn't belong to any family or sect? Why don't you become a Sect-servant at the City Lord Mansion? My father is the City Lord of Zhuyan City assigned by Lord Beihan. The surrounding three thousand miles are under his rule and we have all kinds of Spirit Stones and medicines. If you make great contributions, we'll offer you Golden Core cultivation arts."

    After knowing Chen Fan didn't belong to any sects, Zhang Lingfeng became more passionate.

    He was well-mannered, but not to a point he gave others a feeling that he was a hypocrite.

    "The City Lord is a peak-stage Connate Cultivator and the other cultivation families also have Connate Cultivators. There are at least ten of them in one city. There seems to be more masters on Planet Tianhuang than I imagined!" Chen Fan thought.

    Not only Zhang Lingfeng, the descendants of the other families, including Mu Hongti, also made Chen Fan some offers, but they were apparently inferior to the City Lord Mansion. Zhang Lingfeng cracked a smile like a winner.

    "Other than the large cultivation sects, only the City Lord Mansion can give you the opportunity to read the Golden Core cultivation arts. No cultivators without a sect would reject such an offer, as they've never touched a Golden Core cultivation art in their entire lives," Zhang Lingfeng thought and acted more respectfully.

    The others knew that as well and relented.

    While Chen Fan was about to reject…

    The cute girl in a marten coat called Yun Yier suddenly asked, "Senior… Are you Chinese?"

    Everyone went silent and looked at Chen Fan in shock. Chen Fan was a bit startled. "How did people on Planet Tianhuang know about Chinese people? Was it because of the ancient Chinese cultivators?" he pondered and nodded.

    "Yes, I'm Chinese."

    Just as Chen Fan replied…

    He felt that the way the young man looked at him changed in an instant.

    Zhang Lingfeng suddenly seemed a bit cold and distant, and even Mu Hongti seemed to be disappointed.

    The atmosphere became intense.