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Chapter 324 - The People from Shang Santian!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 324: The People from Shang Santian!

    At Tiannan airport, a young man in ancient attire walked out. There was an old man in gray robes following behind him, appearing incredibly respectful.

    The duo had an extraordinary aura. Due to their odd attire, passersby were staring at them, especially the girls who discussing like they were huge fans.

    “Wow, that guy is so handsome!”

    “I know! He looks a little like the Korean actor Song Joong-ki!”

    Some girls wanted to approach him to get his contact number, but they dared not upon noticing the old gray-robed man behind the young man’s intimidating expression.

    The young man had heard the girls’ discussion loud and clear, and mockery was revealed on his handsome face.

    “Are the people of the outside world that weak? I can’t believe that I don’t see any cultivators among the many people we see. It’s hard to believe that Mad Southern Ye is born in such a trashy place! Haha!”

    The old man caught up with him after hearing that. He said while lowering his voice, “Master Bai, do we go straight to the Ye family now?”

    “The Ye family?”

    The young man squinted and said, “Mad Southern Ye isn’t around, so what’s the point of going? It’s rare for us to be here. Let’s just take a look at the secular world that our ancestors have left behind.”

    He seemed to have sensed something as he spoke to this point. He grinned. “It seems like my Shang Santian’s Bai family is the only one who wants Mad Southern Ye dead. Even the Xue family and the people from the Martial Dao Adjudication Office are here too. Interesting, this is truly interesting!”

    “The people from the Martial Dao Adjudication Office are here too!?”

    The gray-robed old man was stunned. He could not stop blinking in bewilderment. “Then, will they stop us from…”

    “No!” Master Bai said while shaking his head, “If I’m not mistaken, the Martial Dao Adjudication Office is called the Martial Alliance in the secular world. Didn’t Mad Southern Ye kill the Martial Alliance chief? Naturally, their objective is self-evident.”

    “Master Bai, then where are we going next?” the gray-robed old man asked.

    “We’re going to Beijing. Let’s check out the so-called capital of China. We can challenge the so-called experts on the Heaven Leaderboard too, especially the one who ranks No. 2. Since Mad Southern Ye, the person who ranks No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard isn’t around, we can only spar with the next best person. Let’s hope that he doesn’t disappoint me too much!”


    Almost right after Master Bai and the rest left, another middle-aged woman in a black dress walked out. There was a middle-aged man with a bun and gray sideburns with her.

    When the duo met at the exit, they looked at each other. An invisible aura was throbbing in the air.

    A moment later, the middle-aged woman took the lead to speak, “I can’t believe that even your sect is here. Why are they here?”

    “A friend who passed away asked me to come. His family was destroyed by the lunatic. Over 200 of them died devastatingly. They must be avenged,” the middle-aged man said with his deep voice.

    As she stared, the middle-aged woman said, “Seems like that disciple with the family name Su from your Sword Sect is stepping into venerable stage soon, am I right? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked someone else to do it. Aren’t you guys scared that the Dragon Soul might come?”

    The middle-aged man smiled without saying anything.

    “I don’t care if you guys want to kill him, but nobody touches his wife!” the middle-aged woman said expressionlessly.

    The middle-aged man frowned. “Why not?”

    The order he had received was not to leave anyone from the Ye family behind, including the two sisters of the man who had passed away.

    “There’s no reason. No matter what, we want that woman.”


    At Huludao’s bus station, Ye Chen took out his phone to call the number that Yang Tian had dialed earlier. The call was only picked up after ringing for a long time.

    Yang Tian, who was on the other side of the phone, said, “Old Ye, are you coming yet? I’m going to die, and I’d like to see you one last time before I go.”

    “I’m coming. Send me your coordinates. I’ll be there soon,” Ye Chen said in between laughter and tears.

    Upon hearing Yang Tian’s tone, anyone who did not know him would really think that he was dying. Ye Chen, on the other hand, was relieved. He was sure that Yang Tian was in great trouble though not to the point that he was dying.

    “Alright, come here quickly. My body might end up cold if you’re late!” Yang Tian hung up the phone after saying that.

    Soon, Ye Chen received the coordinates that he sent. Subsequently, he walked somewhere desolate and released a sword gleam. He flew toward the address of the coordinates on the sword directly.


    At the same time in Kazuo County within the jurisdiction Huludao, a man who had his entire body wrapped in gauze like a mummy lay on a bed in a bungalow. He could not stop groaning. Meanwhile, there was a pretty lady sitting by his bed. She had an oval-shaped face, and she was in her early 20s. Her features were very pretty.

    If Ye Chen was here, his jaw would definitely drop. The reason being the man that was like a mummy was Yang Tian.

    After Yang Tian hung up, the lady said while holding her chin, “Brother Yang, is your friend really coming?”

    “Yes, he’s coming.” Yang Tian moved around and said with a smirk on his face, “Don’t worry, Tingting. My brother is very powerful. He can definitely save me.”

    “Is your friend really that powerful?” Tingting was in slight disbelief.

    “Of course!” Yang Tian nodded and said immediately, “In this world, nobody would dare say they’re No. 1 if my brother says he’s No. 2!”

    “Keep boasting!” Tingting snickered and said, “You’ve offended the Zhu family’s immortal this time. That’s something that even my aunt can’t afford to do.”

    Yang Tian did not bother to explain as he knew that she would not believe him. He asked instead, “Oh, yeah, where did Aunt Hong go?”

    Tingting glared at him and said angrily, “Of course, she went into the secondary forest for you. If you’re really hoping for that unreliable friend to save you, the scales will get to your heart as soon as seven days is up. You’ll definitely die by then.”

    To her, Yang Tian was already dying. How powerful could his so-called brother be? The reason why Yang Tian was so confident was that he had never witnessed how powerful the Zhu family was.

    “What does Aunt Hong going into the secondary forest have to do with saving me?” Stunned, Yang Tian was confused. “Is it to collect herbs in order to remove the scales on my body?”

    “Collecting herbs is one of them. Aunt Hong is going to help you to beg the few…” Tingting seemed to have realized something as she spoke to this point, so she stopped dwelling on the topic instantly.

    Subsequently, she changed the subject, “Why are you asking so much? If even Aunt Hong can’t save you, it’s futile for your friend to come. I think it’s best that you call your friend now and ask him not to come. Otherwise, you’ll only drag him into this.”

    “Oh, really?”

    At that moment, a calm voice came from the outside.

    “Old Ye is here!”

    When he heard that voice, Yang Tian, who was on the bed, was over the moon. He wanted to get up by instinct, causing his wounds to stretch. He inhaled sharply from the pain. “Tingting, go get the door. My brother is here!”

    A skinny young man walked in as soon as he said that. The young man looked at Tingting first, and his eyes eventually landed on Yang Tian. He said mysteriously, “Oh, Yang Tian, are you turning into a snake? There are so many scales on you.”