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Chapter 323 - A Piece of Skin with Blood!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 323: A Piece of Skin with Blood!

    Dai Wei looked over when he heard Di Jing’s voice.

    “H-how is this possible?!” The expression on his face was replaced by horror. “It was a shroud that I tossed away. How did it become a piece of skin now?”

    “Let’s check it out,” Old Shen said and took the lead to get out of the car. Di Jing did not want to go at first, but she could not fight the curiosity in her, so she went too. Dao Wei caught up with them while clenching his teeth.

    When they got to the piece of skin, they realized that it was a skin with blood in the bush before them. It was a yellowish-brown piece of skin like it had been torn from an animal’s body. There was a thick fishy smell emanating from it.

    With a serious expression, Old Shen turned his head to look at Dai Wei. “Xiaodai, are you sure you tossed the shroud here?”

    “I’m sure!” Dai Wei looked incredibly terrible.

    Old Shen nodded and checked around a 20-meter range with a stick. However, he did not find that red shroud at all. While the shroud was nowhere to be seen, there was this piece of skin.

    The curiosity that they had from running into uncertainty was gone. There was now a chill that rose within them.

    Old Shen bowed at the piece of skin with blood and picked it up with the stick in his hand. He said with his deep voice, “It’s a weasel’s skin!”

    Di Jing’s pretty face changed drastically as soon as she heard that.

    Dai Wei retreated a step back immediately. He fell onto the ground. “Old Shen, are you saying that this is a weasel’s skin?”

    “That’s right!” Old Shen nodded and said, “A weasel’s back has a deeper color. It’s brown or yellowish-brown. It has a lighter color on its abdomen, and it has white spots below its neck. It’s clearly a weasel’s skin given this stench.”

    “Old Shen, why do you think a weasel’s skin has appeared by the road?” Di Jing raised her sharp brows slightly, and she was rather confused.

    “It’s hard to say.” Old Shen took a deep breath. “It’s normal that there’d be weasels around here, but why is it just a skin instead of a carcass? On top of that, the shroud that Dai Wei got rid of earlier is gone.”

    “Could Dai Wei have been w-wearing this?” Di Jing said in a strange tone.

    Old Shen fell into silence instantly.

    “S-stop talking! Stop talking!” Dai Wei screamed in horror and said after getting up, “Old Shen, I want to go home. I want to go home!”

    He understood that he might be targeted by the weasel after what happened last year. For safety purposes, it would be dumb to go on with the geographical survey.

    “If you leave, what are we going to do?” Di Jing said while frowning.

    Dai Wei was the only one who could drive in the team, and the car belonged to him. If he left in his car, they could only go with him.

    “It’s futile.” However, Old Shen shook his head and said, “Xiaodai, they’re onto you. Where are you going to run? Outer space?”

    “Then, w-what do I do?” Dai Wei was going to cry from the horror.

    Old Shen looked at Di Jing and sighed softly. “Xiaodi is from the northeast. We can only get her to find a solution for us. Let’s see if she can contact an immortal to solve the grudge between you guys.”

    “I-I’ll have to contact the immortal?” Di Jing was shocked.

    “That’s right!” Old Shen nodded and said, “From what I know, most immortals are gathered in the northeast. There are many people in the northeast that worship immortals and perform the chumaxian ritual. Please help Xiaohai to contact a famous family and try it with a chuma disciple.”

    Dai Wei looked at Di Jing and begged as if he was holding onto a life-saving straw, “Di Jing, I’ve always treated you well. You can’t leave me to die.”

    “A-alright, I’ll try my best.” Eventually, Di Jing agreed to that, feeling pitiful. However, she had no confidence. After all, she did not know any immortals or any chuma disciples either.

    However, she figured that her seniors might know some.

    “Come on. Let’s get going now. Try to get to Huludao before the sky turns dark,” Old Shen sighed and urged them to get going.

    Dai Wei peered at the piece of skin in the bush and asked by instinct, “Then, w-what do we do about this?”

    “Ignore it. That thing holds grudges, so it won’t work even if you bury it. Instead, it’ll just be a waste of your time.” Old Shen shook his head and got into the car.

    As the car began moving, Ye Chen turned his head and looked deeply into the forest that was 100 meters away. He saw a few yellow shadows moving in the forest faintly.

    Shaking his head, he looked away. He decided to not stick his nose in. After all, it was Dai Wei who had done this to himself. Naturally, he would have to be responsible for it.

    Most importantly, he disliked Dai Wei’s personality. Otherwise, so what if he helped him?

    They ran out of gas after driving some ten kilometers out. When Dai Wei was going to call his insurance company to send gas over, a Land Rover passed them. Di Jing went over to stop it, and it took her some effort to get the driver to sell them some gas.

    This time, Di Jing was no longer discriminating against Ye Chen that much. To the annoyance of Dai Wei, who was driving, they were chatting and laughing.

    He liked Di Jing, so it was only natural that he did not want her to talk so much to another man. Given that he had embarrassed himself so many times earlier, naturally, he vented his rage out on Ye Chen.

    When they were less than 20 kilometers away from Huludao, he suddenly turned his head to look at Ye Chen. “We’re arriving soon. When are you getting off?”

    “Just send me to the bus station,” Ye Chen said calmly. Yang Tian had sent him the address before he arrived. He should be able to find transportation when he got to the station.

    “Mr. Ye, where’s your friend? If he’s not too far away, let’s get Dai Wei to send you there,” Old Shen said while smiling.

    Dai Wei secretly scoffed. He wanted to decline that offer.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “No need.”

    He was not being polite to Old Shen, but he did not want to be dragged into Dai Wei’s karma. Neither did he want Yang Tian to be dragged into that.

    Dai Wei interrupted as soon as he noticed Old Shen was going to say more, “Alright, Old Shen. Mr. Ye isn’t a three-year-old child. Are you worried that he’ll lose his way? Moreover, we have our own matters to worry about. We don’t have much time.”


    Some half an hour later, the off-road vehicle arrived at Huludao’s bus station.

    “Please, Mr. Ye,” Dai Wei opened the door and said with a plastic smile on his face. He was worried that Ye Chen would want him to send him to his destination.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly. Just when he was getting out of the car, Di Jing, who was next to him, suddenly called out to him, “Wait! Call me if you get into any trouble in Huludao. This is my hometown after all. What I say is more powerful compared to an outsider like you.”

    Then, she handed Ye Chen a name card.

    “Thanks for your kindness but there’s no need for that,” Ye Chen smiled lightly and rejected her offer. He got Iron Tower to disembark from the car, and they then walked to the station. They did not even turn their heads.

    Di Jing was a little dumbstruck when she saw Ye Chen refuse to take her name card. She was a little pissed off.

    ‘Hah. Forget it then! Do you think I’m dying to give it to you?!’

    “Di Jing, ignore him. He thinks he’s someone significant.” Dai Wei started the car after a scoff.

    Di Jing turned to where Ye Chen had left. She could not help but ask, “Old Shen, who do you think this Mr. Ye is exactly?”

    She noticed that Ye Chen hardly spoke and he had been cold along the way. To be exact, he looked at everything with contempt. Although Dai Wei targeted him over and over again, Ye Chen had ignored him directly with disdain.

    “I’ve no idea but from my observation, I believe that Mr. Ye must be someone extraordinary,” Old Shen shook his head and said.

    “Haha! Someone extraordinary?” Dai Wei could not help taunting, “Old Shen, have you met anyone extraordinary who is so shameless to hitch a free ride from us instead of taking a plane?”

    Di Jing thought what he said made sense as she thought about it. She shook her head.

    ‘That’s right. It seems like I’ve been overthinking!’