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Chapter 814 - Arriving on Planet Tianhuang

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     814 Arriving on Planet TianhuangThe Spirit Qi on Earth wasn't enough for Chen Fan to complete a superior-grade or super-grade Golden Core. Comparing the several paths for leaving the planet, Planet Tianhuang was the most suitable. Such a cultivation planet could definitely help him enter the Nascent Soul or even higher levels.


    A beam of colorful light flashed across the universe.

    Chen Fan was extremely cautious when he returned to the Path of Heaven. This planet, which was called the Southern Gate of Connate thousands of years in the past, was still barren. There were only skeletons of the Predators and ruins.

    "Looks like there are no hidden Predators."

    Chen Fan checked the investigation array and found that it had never been used. He then flew into the sky and searched the entire planet with his Immortal Will. After confirming there was no one there, he initiated the teleport array again.

    What surprised Chen Fan was that the following path was very smooth.

    He kept moving forward along the Path of Heaven but he didn't see any Predators as he traveled. There were only more and more dead bodies of human cultivators and skeletons of larger Predators. Chen Fan looked even more serious as he moved along the way. Those humans were his ancestors.

    When he arrived on the third planet.

    He saw many dead bodies of Golden Core Predators and Golden Core Cultivators.

    The skeletons of the Golden Core Predators were several hundred meters large, while those of the Perfected Cultivators were crystal clear. They sounded like metals when Chen Fan knocked on them and they had yet to decay after thousands of years.

    "The battle seemed to be more and more intense."

    Chen Fan frowned.

    This was the battle between mankind and the Predators. There was no surrender or begging in such a war. Even a Foundation Establishment Cultivator had to fight with a hundred-meter Predator.

    There were many other nameless planets full of debris along the way.

    Chen Fan even saw a cracked planet. A skeleton ten thousand meters large floated in the air and it still felt vicious after all these years. Normal Connate Beings would immediately be terrified.

    "A Nascent Soul Predator."

    Even Chen Fan was stunned.

    He could imagine how intense the battle had been. Even a Nascent Soul Being had died there.

    Half of this thousand-kilometer planet exploded and only half of it was left. There were bodies of a hundred Golden Core Cultivators next to the skeleton of the Nascent Soul Predator, but what really killed it was an attack that penetrated its head and destroyed its Divine Soul.

    "It feels a bit familiar…"

    Chen Fan mumbled.

    He stayed on this planet for a while and kept going, but he was a bit nervous. He had never thought that the Path of Heaven would be that long. The Spirit Stones from the Realm of Kunxu weren't enough, as he needed more than ten thousand of them every time he jumped.

    "I hope I can arrive at Planet Tianhuang before I use up all the Spirit Stones. Otherwise, I'll be trapped in the universe for decades."

    Chen Fan smiled wryly.

    Swish, swish, swish.

    Beams of colorful light flashed across the universe.

    When Chen Fan arrived at the seventeenth planet hub, he suddenly found that it was no way out anymore.

    "This is?"

    Chen Fan looked up.

    His Immortal Will penetrated the air and he could sense the Blade Qi inside the dimensional storm. It shattered the passage and turned into a shield which blocked the Path of Heaven.

    Blocking the Path of Heaven with a slash!

    Even though the teleport array was intact and he could only find the coordinates of the next planet, the passage had been broken. This Blade Qi blocked the way out and whoever wanted to get through had to survive the dimensional storm or fly across the universe.

    "Someone who could make such a slash must be at least a Nascent Soul Cultivator, a Nascent Soul Overlord," Chen Fan thought.

    The Blade Qi was very similar to the one that killed the Nascent Soul Predator. Chen Fan knew who the attacker was.

    The top Overlord of ancient China and the Master of Yuntian Palace, Heaven's Equal!

    "No wonder it feels so familiar to me. The energy here is similar to that on the Artifact Spirit and in Yuntian Palace." Chen Fan looked up.

    Although he exterminated the Yuntian Palace, it was because of what their disciples did. Chen Fan held no grudges against the Artifact Spirit and its master. After all, they were all from China.

    Chen Fan became more serious.

    The situation had to be really bad, for a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord to be forced to block the Path of Heaven. In fact, just by seeing the skeletons of the Golden Core and Connate Cultivators, Chen Fan could imagine Heaven's Equal was trying to save himself with the attack, which left almost half of the cultivators on the planet; they could only fight until they died.


    There were dead bodies all over the place and only two Chinese cultivators had remained, but none of them surrendered. Even after thousands of years, he could still imagine how intense and magnificent the battle had been.

    Chen Fan stood solemnly.

    Strictly speaking, those people were his ancestors. He was at the moment following their footsteps, traveling on the Path of Heaven.

    Chen Fan buried the bodies of the cultivators and chiseled a stone stele, carving some words on it.

    "Ancestors of mankind died here."

    Chen Fan raised his glass and said seriously, "May our ancestors protect us."

    After worshipping, he went around the planet and he couldn't find any living Predators, a fact that left him in shock.

    "They must have gone after them directly by crossing the universe."

    Chen Fan looked around and searched for the energy left thousands of years in the past with secret arts. A hidden passage suddenly appeared which extended deep into space.

    But the universe was vast.

    Chen Fan believed that it would have taken a century for the Predators to arrive on the next planet.

    "Now, the problem is Heaven's Equal not only stopped the Predators, but it's also blocking my way!"

    He shook his head.

    Chen Fan stayed on the nameless planet for a long time and was finally relieved. Heaven's Equal wasn't a truly powerful being after all. His Blade Qi had become quite weak after thousands of years and it could only cause a dimensional storm.

    Such a dimensional storm might be deadly for a Connate Cultivator or a normal Golden Core Cultivator, but Chen Fan's phenomenal success body could bear it.

    "Let's go!" Chen Fan yelled firmly and initiated the teleport array.

    This time, it was a bit different. The raging power of the dimension created chaos in the passage and many giant dimension gaps and fragments appeared.

    Chen Fan dodged them immediately.

    Those dimension gaps like black holes led to dead space, some unknown dangerous lands or deep inside a planet. If Chen Fan was sucked in, it would be difficult for him to escape.

    "Swish, swish."

    His body was wounded by countless fragments.

    In the end, Chen Fan turned into the Kun Peng and used the Great Chaos Art to escape from the universe passage.


    Chen Fan fell on a planet covered in azure blood. Each drop of blood had some strands of gold mixed within. Those were countless tiny talisman inscriptions and there were a hundred of them on his body. The most dangerous one had almost killed him.

    "Luckily, I got out."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    Then, he immediately searched for a place nearby to heal.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was indeed the most powerful Divine Body. Chen Fan sat on the planet and absorbed the power of the planets and countless galaxies in the universe. A Divine Tree grew behind him and the branches penetrated the air, reaching toward the other dimensions to absorb energy.

    Some energy like a golden liquid moved from the Divine Tree and into Chen Fan's body.

    In just half a month, Chen Fan got up again, fully recovered. His hair was black, his skin was fair, his eyes were shining like gemstones and his power became stronger. This journey was a challenge for him to make his Divine Body tougher.

    "Strange. I've been cultivating here for so long. Why hasn't anyone come here to disturb me?"

    In the end, Chen Fan looked around this small planet and found no signs of the Predators. It seemed like the Predators had given up or lost the cultivators.

    This made Chen Fan feel relieved.

    The Path of Heaven seemed to be more peaceful after that. However, his Spirit Stones were becoming less and less after every jump. Chen Fan finally saw something when he was starting to feel hopeless.

    On the twenty fourth planet hub.

    When Chen Fan thought he would be disappointed again, he looked up and saw a giant planet.


    It was floating at the center of the universe like the sun, and it was surrounded by powerful energy. There was a heavenly sound reverberating around the planet. It was so shiny Chen Fan couldn't even see the planets next to it. Its size was ten thousand times bigger than the Earth and he could feel the Spirit Qi from afar.

    "I'm finally here, on Planet Tianhuang."

    Chen Fan gave a beaming smile.

    After travelling billions of miles via twenty four planet hubs, he finally found the legendary Planet Tianhuang.

    Chen Fan sized up the planet greedily. The size and concentration of energy of Planet Tianhuang were inferior to the real cultivation planets Chen Fan had seen before.

    Deep in the universe, there were many historical planets billions of miles large. There were creatures born to be Divine Beasts and humans were born to be Connate Connate Cultivators who could live a few centuries.

    But after living on a barren planet like Earth, Planet Tianhuang was quite lovely and wonderful in Chen Fan's eyes.

    "Only cultivation planets like this can nurture Soul Formation Cultivators. Planet Tianhuang is much better than I thought it would be."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    But he was wondering why the ancient cultivators weren't stationed on this planet hub. Had they completely given up on the Path of Heaven? After testing, he found that the teleporting array could still be used and everything on Planet Tianhuang was apparently fine.

    "Did something happen to the ancient Chinese cultivators?"

    He was a bit anxious.

    "Whatever. I'll know when I get there."

    Then, he took out the remaining Spirit Stones and initiated the teleport array.

    Inside a beam of colorful light, Chen Fan went to the Planet Tianhuang following the dimension passage.