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Chapter 813 - Leaving Earth

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     813 Leaving Earth"Perfected Cultivator Chen, I know you once had a powerful background, but don't underestimate Planet Tianhuang.

    "It's a real cultivation sacred ground which has lots of large sects and elites. There was an elite who came to Planet East along the Path of Heaven. He was only a Golden Core Cultivator, but he defeated all the True Gods and Sky Immortals. Only the Heavenly Lords managed to stop him," the Artifact Spirit warned Chen Fan.

    "That elite was called Di Shi and he came from one of the largest sects on Planet Tianhuang, Mount Emperor. He was still an initial-success Golden Core Cultivator back then, but no one on Planet East could stop him. I heard that he had formed a superior-grade Golden Core and his power is much stronger than cultivators of the same level. However, Di Shi isn't the most powerful one on Planet Tianhuang. There is a real son of God who doesn't like to get out of the planet."

    Chen Fan finally realized how powerful Planet Tianhuang was.

    It was the strongest among the planets in the surroundings.

    The most powerful elites and sons of Gods on Planet Tianhuang didn't even want to leave. Only those who were one level lower would go to other planets to fight and become stronger. And yet, those talents were still able to conquer other planets.

    For thousands of years, Planet Tianhuang had been the center of the area. The top sects, the most complete cultivation arts, the most powerful elites and the most beautiful goddesses were all there.

    "The most powerful cultivators on Planet East would go to Planet Tianhuang to prove themselves, but they were soon defeated. That planet has too many Overlords and not even a Heavenly Lord would be able to rule the world," the Artifact Spirit said.

    It was worried that something had happened to Heaven's Equal on that planet.

    Very few people on Earth could threaten Heaven's Equal, but Planet Tianhuang was different. There were Soul Formation Cultivators and a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord wasn't invincible to them.

    "Don't worry. I'll ask people about it when I go," Chen Fan said.

    After all, both Heaven's Equal and him were from Earth; it would be better to take care of each other when on another planet.

    As for the sects and elites, Chen Fan didn't care about them at all.

    "I'm the most powerful elite in the world. There are many top arts and Divine Powers in my mind. Compared to the Immortal Sects, Goddesses and Immortal Lords in my last life, Planet Tianhuang is nothing. I'll be able to defeat them when I'm in a normal cultivation environment," Chen Fan said arrogantly.

    He was confident enough.

    He had only been a mortal in his previous life, but he could still win against the elites of thousands of clans. Since he had been reborn with the memories of the Celestial Lord, how could he lose? The reason why his cultivation went slow this time was because of the bad environment on Earth; but still, he had entered the Golden Core Level in a decade. Such a speed was already astonishing in the universe.


    Chen Fan received a lot of information about Planet Tianhuang from the Artifact Spirit and started preparing for his departure.

    As a cultivator that had lived two lives, Chen Fan would never act this arrogantly if he wasn't confident about it. Every move he made was based on his capabilities. This time, he wasn't sure what would happen along the Path of Heaven, so he had to be well-prepared.


    Chen Fan started making all sorts of medicines.

    The Treasure Herbs from the Realm of Kunxu, and the flesh and blood of the alien races were great ingredients for making pills. Chen Fan had once used the Inner Essence of the dragon and the son of God to complete the "Thunder Soul Refining Pill." With the essence of a hundred Connate Beings he had harvested, he could make something ten times more powerful.

    "With the spirits and essence of so many Connate Beings, I can make a whole cauldron of ‘Hundred Spirit Blood Pills.'"

    Chen Fan sat in the hall cross-legged with a three-foot cauldron in front of him. The cauldron had many cloud patterns and the drawings of the ancient Deities conquering the alien races carved on it. The fire burning around it was much larger than any other cauldrons before.

    It was apparently a treasure cauldron that came from Yuntian Palace and legends said that it had been made by Heaven's Equal himself.

    But the Artifact Spirit wasn't sure if it was true or not.


    Chen Fan spouted out three flames from his eyes, including the Golden Divine Flames, the Kylin Fire and the Blood Fire, to warm the cauldron. The Hundred Spirit Blood Pills were superior-grade Treasure Pills, made with the blood of a hundred kinds of Connate Beings. They were incomparable medicines, known for their vitality boosting effect.

    Any mortal would be able to enter the Connate Level after taking one, getting the blood and possibly be gifted Divine Powers of the alien races, like those of the Light Race and the Mermen.

    Cultivators would also have a great improvement in their cultivation level after taking the pills. Their vitality would increase and any injuries would be healed in a second. Besides, their True Essence would also be restored. The pills had many other effects, which was why they were kind of an all-purpose medicine.

    "Luckily, there are many alien races on Earth. I might not be able to get a hundred types of blood, but there are at least dozens of them. These Hundred Spirit Blood Pills would still be worthy of the name."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Someone in the universe had once collected the blood of ten thousand races to make Blood Pills! Such a kind of medicine had gone beyond the level of Treasure Pills and was regarded as Supreme Divine Pills. One of them might already be enough to help cultivators enter the Golden Core or the Nascent Soul level!

    And yet, even though the Hundred Spirit Blood Pills had a much weaker effect, there was a larger quantity of them.

    With Chen Fan's professional techniques, he made a total of thirty six "Hundred Spirit Blood Pills."

    When the cauldron opened, the sky was covered with thunderclouds, becoming a sea of lightning that could blow up Jin City. However, Chen Fan had achieved the Sky-shattering Painting and he could turn into a Thunder Loch, so he wasn't afraid of these clouds.

    They dissipated after a second.

    "Master, these are the Hundred Spirit Blood Pills?"

    A'Xiu and the others gathered around the cauldron.

    There were thirty six Blood Pills floating inside. They were like the most transparent blood ambers and the room was filled with a pleasant smell. Everyone's power improved and they felt more energetic right after they took a sniff.

    "I'll take half of the Blood Pills and leave the rest in the North Qiong Sect. If you're in danger or under attack, take some, but only when you have no other choice. I don't want you to reach the Connate Level by relying on the pills," Chen Fan said.

    Everyone listened carefully.

    Breaking through levels with medicine would result in an unstable foundation, which would be a great obstacle for their cultivation journey in the future.

    In the next couple of days, Chen Fan focused on teaching his disciples cultivation arts and Dharma Spells. They knew Chen Fan didn't have much time, so they paid their utmost attention. Wang Xiaoyun and Fang Qiong also concentrated on cultivating.

    After that, Chen Fan traveled around to see his old friends and to eliminate all the hidden threats in the forbidden lands and the secret lands.

    He first went to Chu Zhou City to see Jiang Tanqiu and Yan Xiaobai. Yan Xiaobai already had a couple of kids. His son was chubby while his daughter was well-behaved and cute. Jiang Tanqiu was also living his best life. Since he knew Chen Fan, nobody in Chu Zhou City and even the entire Jiang Nan Province would dare to offend him.

    Chen Fan then went to meet Auntie Tang.

    "Xiao Fan, why are you here? Come in."

    Auntie Tang was thrilled and she welcomed Chen Fan as if he were her son. Although Jiang Haishan was embarrassed, he also nodded and bowed.

    The mansions on Yun Wu Mountain had been renovated by North Qiong Corp. Chen Fan ordered them to give Auntie Tang the best one, so she could enjoy the view outside once she woke up.

    "Who would have thought that you'd be gone for ten years? I remember you were still seventeen when you first came to our home. And now, you've become the astonishing Perfected Cultivator Chen," Auntie Tang said.

    Jiang Haishan was feeling extremely regretful.

    If he hadn't looked down on Chen Fan back then, Chen Fan might have already become his son-in-law.

    "Although I've become Perfected Cultivator Chen, I'm still your Xiao Fan." Chen Fan smiled gently. Auntie Tang gave him a beaming smile and felt extremely pleased.

    Chen Fan didn't see Jiang Churan this time.

    According to Auntie Tang, Jiang Churan had been quite into Taoism lately and was visiting some famous mountains and rivers alone in the last few years. She was in Qin Mountain at the moment.

    Chen Fan was a bit shocked after hearing what she said. He had never thought that the snobbish little girl had changed this much.

    He left a bottle of superior-grade Spirit Pills for Auntie Tang before leaving. Those Spirit Pills were enough for her to live a century more.


    Chen Fan traveled around the Earth.

    First, he went to Ocean City. Even though the Mermen escaped and went back to the sea, they couldn't get away from Chen Fan. All the masters of the clan were killed and the remaining people surrendered to him.

    Chen Fan also went into the Devil's Cave and killed seventeen Connate beasts. He then dug down three thousand meters and stopped until he saw lava.

    After all this.

    Chen Fan stayed at home and spent time with Fang Qiong, An Ya, Xu Rongfei and his family. This was the most carefree time he had enjoyed thus far. He didn't have to think about anything and lived like a normal person, doing things like shopping, eating out and traveling. Chen Fan's mind gradually became calm and everything went back to the basics.

    Three months later.

    Outside the teleport array in the Heavenly Capital of the Realm of Kunxu.

    The Earth Level Deities and the Entities from Kunlun and Earth, including those of the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun, had gathered there respectfully. Wang Xiaoyun, Fang Qiong and some of the others were at the forefront.

    A'Xiu and a few other female disciples were drenched in tears. Although Fang Qiong and An Ya didn't want Chen Fan to go either, they still tried their best to give encouraging smiles.

    "This journey is going to be dangerous. Be careful," Chen Huaian said.

    "Don't worry, everyone. I'll only be gone for three years at most. I'll be back once I attain the Golden Core level," Chen Fan replied with a smile.

    In the end, Chen Fan hugged the others and stepped into the teleport array, starting his journey on the Path of Heaven again.

    His destination was Planet Tianhuang.