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Chapter 321 - The Marks At the Back of His Neck!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 321: The Marks At the Back of His Neck!

    Dai Wei almost floored the pedal to the edge on the way to Huludao. The off-road vehicle was rampaging on the road like a horse on the loose.

    If this had happened on a usual day, Old Shen and Di Jing would have advised him to drive slower and be careful. However, they wanted Dai Wei to drive as fast as he could.

    It was quiet in the car. All of them were panting hard as they looked like they were still startled. Clearly, they had yet to snap back to their senses after what happened at the small hotel.

    The sky was turning bright when Dai Wei drove over 40 kilometers out. They could see the faint white in the east of the sky.


    Eventually, Dai Wei pulled over by the roadside while he leaned onto the steering wheel. He drove all the way for 40 kilometers now. Knowing that they were safe, he collapsed like a pile of mud. Most importantly, he was still wearing the red shroud as he did not have the time to take it off at all.

    Old Shen said in concern, “Xiaodai, are you alright?”

    “I’m alright. Why would I not be?” Dai Wei said loudly, but the expression between his brows betrayed him.

    Di Jing patted her busty chest and said with her face still pale, “That was just too terrifying. Why would we have encountered something like this?”

    Ye Chen said while smiling calmly, “I already reminded you guys earlier not to stay at that hotel, but you refused to listen to me. Instead, you even suspected me.” He was not boastful to go on to say that Dai Wei and the rest would not have lived if not for him taking care of the situation earlier.

    “How do you know that we shouldn’t stay there?” Dai Wei glared coldly at him and said, “Don’t tell me that you’re a gang with them!” He hated Ye Chen even more now.

    After all, it was Dai Wei himself who had encouraged them to stay at the hotel. Besides that, he declared that he was not scared of nothing. Never had he thought that he would be behaving the most scared when the series of events unfolded.

    That embarrassed him and pissed him off. Therefore, naturally, he was venting it out on Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen glanced at him with contempt. He shook his head, not bothering to waste his effort on such a person.

    On the other hand, Old Shen asked in confusion, “Mr. Ye, how did you know that we shouldn’t stay at the hotel? Did you notice something wrong with it from the beginning?”

    If he was being nice to Ye Chen earlier due to the order from his boss, he held Ye Chen in slight respect now.

    From the incidents earlier, even after having seen everything, he was startled. However, Ye Chen had been calm since the beginning until the end. He had either seen many things in his life throughout his extraordinary experiences, or there was something wrong with his head whereby his reaction was slow. To put it simply, he was dumb.

    Di Jing could not help but look at Ye Chen after hearing what Old Shen said. There was puzzlement in her pretty eyes.

    “No.” Ye Chen thought about it and decided not to tell them what he saw. Otherwise, they would definitely wet their pants from the horror.

    “I thought you’d be something. So, you’re just lucky at guessing,” Dai Wei scoffed directly.

    As Ye Chen glanced at him, mockery appeared at the corner of his lips. The man was going to die, but he had no idea about it!

    Noticing that the atmosphere was off, Old Shen glared at Dai Wei instantly and mediated, “Alright, don’t talk so much, Xiaodai. Rest for a while and let’s think of a way to get to the county for gas.”

    “Dai Wei, c-can you take off the shroud?” Di Jing peeked at the shroud on Dai Wei and said while raising her sharp brows slightly. She could not help but recall what happened earlier when she had first seen the shroud on Dai Wei.

    Dai Wei reacted only after her reminder. He ripped the shroud off directly before them. He then tossed it by the road like he was tossing trash. “God damn it, why am I the one wearing the shroud when there are so many of us here? And there was a picture of me in the memorial hall!”

    The atmosphere froze as soon as he said that.

    Old Shen and Di Jing looked at each other by instinct. They saw the dense doubt in each others’ eyes.

    That was right!

    Among the five of them, there were four men. Why did Dai Wei have a shroud on him? And why was his picture in the memorial hall?

    Just when Old Shen was going to speak, they suddenly heard Di Jing scream, “Dai Wei, what’s that around your neck?”

    Immediately, Old Shen saw a red mark behind Dai Wei’s neck. It looked a little like a cat’s claw.

    Dai Wei’s expression changed. He turned his head but could not see it, so he demanded quickly, “What happened to the back of my neck?”

    “There’s a mark. No, to be exact, there are four marks as if a cat’s claws have been imprinted,” Di Jing said while staring with her pretty eyes opened wide.

    “No!” Old Shen shook his head. “Those don’t belong to a cat. They look more like weasel footprints. I saw a weasel that always scampered off the mountain to steal chickens when I was living and working in a rural area. The locals spread a layer of lime around the chicken coop to deter it. The prints on it are exactly the same as those on Dai Wei’s neck.”

    “Old Shen, Di Jing, stop scaring me.” Dai Wei’s face twitched hard. “Why would there be weasel footprints on my body? I don’t remember there being any before!”

    “I’m sure that those are weasel footprints!” Old Shen said in his deep voice, “Xiaodai, did you encounter any weasels?”

    “No…” Dai Wei wanted to say no by instinct. However, he recalled something as he was speaking. He changed his words immediately. “I remember now. I encountered a weasel last year when I was in the northeast.”

    “What happened?” Old Shen’s expression changed slightly.

    Dai Wei said with an unnatural expression on his face, “It was at night. I had just gotten out of a bar after drinking with my friends…”

    From his story, they found out that he had seen a weasel standing upright like a human that night when he was passing by a piece of barren land. It had worn a straw hat and was the height of an adult woman when standing up. It had even donned stockings and a skirt.

    Because Dai Wei had some drinks back then, he was tipsy and did not see it clearly, so he thought that it had been a lady. He thought of bringing her home, so he took the initiative to flirt.

    However, a weasel’s face appeared before his. As a result, Dai Wei’s tipsiness had subsided a little from the scare.

    Later on, the weasel that dressed like a lady had spoken to him in the human language, “Do I look like a human?”

    Dai Wei had condemned it. However, instead of being infuriated, it had kept repeating the same thing, “Do I look like a human?”

    Dai Wei was mad while he scolded it, “Human, my a*s. No matter how much you try, you can’t change the fact that you’re an animal!”

    Fear and despair had been written on its face when it heard his reply. As if what Dai Wei said had hurt it, it had disappeared into the night sadly. However, it had glared at Dai Wei in resentment before leaving.

    Dai Wei had gone to bed as soon as he got home and forgotten about it when he woke up. If Old Shen had not asked him about it, he would not have recalled that.

    Old Shen had a drastic change of expression after hearing his story. He said after a soft sigh, “Xiaodai, oh, Xiaodai. I finally know why you went through whatever happened today!”