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Chapter 320 - The Extra Portrait of Deceased!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 320: The Extra Portrait of Deceased!

    They were terrified to hear what the old lady said. Dai Wei said in horror, “What did you say? Your son has been dead for three years?”

    The old lady looked rather sad as she said, “That’s right. My husband was in my son’s car three years ago, and they were going into the city to see a doctor. They were hit by a drunk driver on the highway. My husband and son died on the spot, and the culprit escaped. My granddaughter and I were the only ones left.”

    She wiped her tears as she spoke to this point, “However, my granddaughter found out that her boyfriend had secretly married another woman last month. She was so upset that she hung herself in this room.” She did not look like she was lying.

    The few of them in the room looked at each other. They had no sympathy at all. Instead, they had goosebumps.

    If the old lady’s son who was the hotel owner was dead, then who was the man that they saw earlier? Could it have been a ghost?

    “Go on with your lies, old lady. I don’t buy it,” Dai Wei scoffed and gestured to Old Shen. The few of them walked out of the room directly and went downstairs. They seemed to want to get the hotel owner to prove the old lady’s lies.

    However, they did not find the hotel owner anywhere when they got to the first floor. Instead, they noticed three pictures in the memorial hall.

    One was an old man whose face was filled with dark spots. Another one was a pretty lady who looked in her 20s. They must be the old lady’s husband and granddaughter that she was talking about earlier.

    Meanwhile, there was a middle-aged man in the last picture. His man’s face was pale. The most attention-grabbing thing about him was the big birthmark on the left side of his face. He was none other than the hotel owner that the few of them had seen earlier.

    Di Jing turned ashen as she was shocked and terrified. She said while covering her mouth, “I-is he really dead?”

    “How is that possible?!” Dai Wei’s teeth were shaking as he demanded.

    A man who they thought had been alive earlier was now someone who had been dead for three years. Nobody could accept that.

    Old Shen’s face twitched hard. He went over to look closer with a flashlight and suddenly screamed, “Guys, look! Look at that!”

    The few of them turned to where his finger was pointing at. They saw another picture among the three pictures behind the lady.

    There was a man in a red shroud in the picture. He looked rather handsome, and he was approximately 24 or 25 years old. There was a strange grin at the corner of his lips.


    Di Jing and Old Shen looked at Dai Wei who was next to them and said while shaking, “Dai Wei, i-is that y-you in the picture?”

    Dai Wei was dumbstruck at the moment as if he was struck by lightning. “W-Why is there a picture of me here? I-I’m still alive!”

    Di Jing and Old Shen could not help but take two steps back. Not daring to stay close to him, they had fear in their eyes when they looked at him. However, they did not notice Ye Chen, who was next to them, reveal a mocking smirk at the corner of his lips. He seemed to be in disdain.

    “Why are you guys looking at me like that?” Dai Wei gulped hard and said when he noticed that they were scared of him, “Do you guys think I’m a ghost?”

    He was really scared now! If he had not been afraid of anything with his courage earlier, then the series of events that happened had broken his guard completely.

    “Dai Wei, c-can you explain why your picture is here? Also, the shroud on you…” Di Jing said while stammering.

    They were no longer suspicious of Ye Chen now because they had just known Ye Chen not long ago, and there had been no chance of him stepping away along the journey. How could he have Dai Wei’s picture? On top of that, it was a picture of the dead!

    “Explain, my a*s! How would I f*cking know?!” Although he liked Di Jing before, Dai Wei, who had been polite to her, could not help but curse, “I know it now. There’s something wrong with this hotel. There’s something wrong with the hotel owner, and there’s definitely something wrong with that old lady!”

    “Damn, they’re doing all these to fool me. Do they really think I’m a pushover?” Dao Wei pushed the memorial tablet before him and turned around. He rushed to the second floor, apparently wanting to look for the old lady from before to get to the bottom of this.

    “Let’s go with him!” Old Shen said and took the lead to catch up with Dai Wei.

    Di Jing hesitated and glanced at Ye Chen. She bit her lip and stood behind Ye Chen. Clearly, she dared not be alone now.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly and walked to the second floor as if he was taking a stroll. They saw Dai Wei scanning through all of the rooms on the second floor with his bloodshot eyes. He condemned, “Damned old lady, why are you hiding? Show yourself now!”

    However, he found no one after looking through the entire floor. It seemed as if the old lady from before had vanished from the world.

    “There’s really something wrong with this hotel!”

    Old Shen stopped Dai Wei and forced a smile. “It seems like it was a mistake for us to stay here. The hotel owner said that the old lady has been dead for five years while the old lady said that he’s been dead for three years. They’re confusing us.”

    “Old Shen, now that all of them are gone, do you think they’re…?” Di Jing said weakly, appearing terrified.

    “Forget it!” Old Shen sighed softly. “Go. Let’s go. Let’s leave this strange place immediately. We shouldn’t stay for a second more!”

    Old Shen took the lead to walk in front after saying that.

    When they arrived on the first floor, a pretty lady in a white chiffon dress came to them. She was nothing more than 24 or 25 years of age.

    Old Shen suddenly stopped. Dai Wei and Di Jing who were behind Old Shen almost pissed their pants after seeing the lady’s face.

    The reason being, she was the lady in the picture—the one who had hung herself!

    The lady looked at them and said while frowning, “Why are you guys in my home? Who let you guys in?”

    “A-are you a human or a ghost?” Old Shen shouted.

    “Hehehe!” The lady could not help giggling out loud, feeling humored. “Sir, why are you so funny? Of course, I’m human. If I were a ghost, I would’ve eaten you guys.” She twirled as she spoke then said while smiling, “Do you guys think I’m a human or a ghost?”

    They noticed there was a shadow on the floor when she was twirling. They could not help but feel a little suspicious, but their guards remained up.

    Dai Wei glared deadly at her. “Didn’t your father and grandmother say that you died last month?”

    “Ptui!” The lady spat at her and said angrily, “You’re the one who’s dead.”

    Subsequently, her expression changed drastically. “What did you say? My dad and grandma said that I’m dead?”

    Old Shen nodded.

    The lady’s eyes were wide open now. “Is that a mistake? My dad and grandma died a long time ago, so how could they have possibly told you that? Did they tell you that in your dreams?”

    “Go, let’s go!” Old Shen’s scalp turned numb, and he no longer wanted to dwell on this. He ran out of the hotel door after grabbing Di Jing who was behind him.

    Dai Wei jolted and caught up to them immediately while Ye Chen and Iron Tower were behind them.

    What they did not notice was that the lady was watching them leave with an eerie stare. Her eyes were like a venomous snake’s, and she seemed to be struggling whether to go after them.

    At that moment, Ye Chen turned his head to look at her as if he sensed that. He hissed softly, “Scram!!!”

    The lady let out a low groan from his stare while a cloud of black smoke appeared from her body!