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Chapter 812 - Planet Tianhuang

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 812 Planet Tianhuang

    The Realm of Kunxu's Deities astonished the world with their actions.

    The King of Kunxu!

    Chen Fan had become the King of Kunxu! Many realized that Chen Fan was able to return from Kunxu safely because he had conquered the realm and they were extremely startled by such news.

    Dominating a realm all by himself!

    "We really underestimated Perfected Cultivator Chen." the Ancestral Master of the Ba Ji Sect smiled wryly.

    Countless Martial Arts Overlords and the superpowers were terrified. If Chen Fan had even conquered Kunxu, who else on Earth could challenge him? Even the United States would need to resort to nuclear weapons to save themselves, and they were much weaker than the North Qiong Sect.

    "Looks like Perfected Cultivator Chen will certainly become the leader of the Earth!" someone said on the internet.

    Meanwhile, the North Qiong Sect had opened its door and allowed those from Kunxu to enter. Fang Qiong and the others first saw Lu Yanxue, who was in a white palace gown. After a few years of cultivation in Snow God Palace, she had become as fierce as the fairies of Moon Palace, Bai Suxian and the sisters of the Qi Family.

    They recognized Lu Yanxue, but many of them were stunned by how much she had changed.

    Fang Qiong smiled and welcomed the Deities from Kunxu.

    Chen Fan ignored them and kept looking at the sky.

    "You scared many people with your fleet."

    "We should let the superpowers and the world know you're not only the King of Kunxu, but also the Lord of Earth," Lu Yanxue smiled and said.

    After ruling Kunxu, she became more decisive and fierce.

    "Right, we'll kill whoever refuses to obey Perfected Cultivator. No matter how powerful the nuclear weapons are, they can't hit me!" the Fire Spirit King yelled.

    The Heavenly Ocean King and the others also looked vicious.

    This group of Deities had always run wild in the Realm of Kunxu and they thought they were superior when compared to people of the mortal world. How would they take countries like the United States, England, France and Japan seriously?


    Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan could only smile as they watched those furious Earth Level Deities.

    The most powerful ones among them were only early-stage Connate Beings and there were more than a couple peak-stage Connate Beings among the Deities from Kunxu. Besides, they had a hundred Deities and no one would be able to resist them, except the Ancestral Dragon.

    Some observant disciples of the North Qiong Sect suddenly felt something was wrong.

    After the secret lands on Earth had been exterminated, the North Qiong Sect was the dominator of the planet. Even though the Deities from Kunxu were on their side as well, there seemed to be two hidden parties, led by Fang Qiong and the leader of the Deities, Lu Yanxue, respectively.


    Chen Fan nodded.

    He was worried that the North Qiong Sect couldn't deal with the chaos on Earth after he left, but it would be different with the Deities from Kunxu. Even if the Mermen reappeared, they would be able to handle the enemies together. As for the matters between women, he didn't have time for that.

    "Master, you're here."

    Qian Yexue saw the Sect Master of Snow God Palace and she went forward to greet her.

    "Good to see you here."

    The Sect Master nodded and looked pleased.

    Both of them didn't know what else to say.

    The last time they had parted, they were both superior figures in the Realm of Kunxu. Qian Yexue and the Sect Master of Snow God Palace were regarded as Goddesses and everyone worshipped them. Who would have thought that they would encounter so many problems after entering the mortal world?

    Qian Yexue had become a prisoner, Snow God Palace was destroyed and even Kunxu had yielded.

    "How ignorant of me to sneer at him back then."

    Qian Yexue glanced at Chen Fan with a complicated feeling.

    Then, Chen Fan was surprised after noticing someone in the crowd.

    "Perfected Cultivator Chen, it's been a while! You still look the same!"

    Someone in a white outfit—with a blurry face, who was enveloped in mist—floated forward like a plume of smoke.

    Chen Fan also smiled and said, "Congratulations for getting rid of the Yuntian Palace. You can travel around the world now!"

    That was the Artifact Spirit of the Yuntian Palace. After it learned the secret art from Chen Fan, it cultivated it for years, then finally turned a strand of Essence Soul into a substance and left the Yuntian Palace.

    "It's just temporary. It'll take a century more for me to be completely independent," The Artifact Spirit said.

    "The day will come. By the way, I have quite a number of things I'd like to ask you," Chen Fan said.

    "Oh? About the Path of Heaven?"

    The Artifact Spirit became serious.

    Its Master was the leader of the ancient cultivators, Heaven's Equal. He had yet to return after thousands of years, and even the Artifact Spirit felt something was wrong. It wondered if its Master had already died.


    Chen Fan nodded.

    After settling the Deities from Kunxu, Chen Fan took the Artifact Spirit to the hall of the North Qiong Pavilion. This was the place where the Sect Master cultivated and Chen Fan had set layers of restrictions there. Not even Chen Huaian and Wang Xiaoyun could enter.

    "Oh, that's the ‘Monster Mirror.' It's a well-known Dharma Treasure of the ancient times. It's controlled by the dragons and can be used to manipulate all giant monsters."

    "This is the Apollo Halberd of the Gold Clan. It's a Spirit Treasure made by Apollo and it has endless power."

    "The Wolf God Sword from the Dark Wolves! This is a famous Divine Weapon. I fought with it back then…"

    Once the Artifact Spirit entered the hall, it was startled.

    In the wide hall, a few glittering Divine Weapons floated in the air. They were apparently the famous treasures from the ancient times on Earth. What surprised the Artifact Spirit more was that those treasures came from different alien races.

    The Monsters, the Gold Clan, the Dark Wolves, the Light Race…

    It found treasures of almost all the ancient races in the hall, which completely astonished it. Did Chen Fan loot all the secret lands and exterminated all of them?

    "Wait… Is this the core of the most powerful battleship of the Mayans, the Titan?"

    The Artifact Spirit looked at the treasure at the center of the hall. It was surrounded by blue electric light like a giant crystal.

    The crystal was a few feet tall and countless blue light dots formed a galaxy in the middle, which exploded from time to time. It carried a terrifying energy and could blow up the entire Jin City or half of Jiang Nan Province.

    "Yes, this is the core energy device of the Titan," Chen Fan said calmly.

    The Titan was too big and it couldn't be stored on East Mountain. Chen Fan found a place to put it and only took its energy core back to the North Qiong Sect. The power this core had could generate ten years of electricity for all the people in China.

    The Artifact Spirit exclaimed and looked at Chen Fan with a wry smile, "It's beautiful. I've only heard about the Titan. The Mayans had not finished developing it back then. I can't believe I can see it with my own eyes today.

    "I never thought that you'd manage to get Titan's core. Looks like the Mayan fleet arrived and was defeated by you. What happened? These secret lands should have been hiding from the world still, waiting for the treasure at the core to come out. Why did they show up earlier?"

    The war in the ancient times had been caused by this treasure. Many races fought with one another for it and there were even enemies from other galaxies. In the end, all of them suffered huge losses and had no choice but to leave Earth.

    "I'm not quite sure. According to the information I got from the Mayans, they have some kind of an oracle, which is why they came here sooner," Chen Fan said.

    "An oracle?"

    The Artifact Spirit was shocked.

    It wasn't aware that the Mayans also had an Entity. After all, they were known for their technology in the ancient times.

    Chen Fan then sat on the ground and asked, "Artifact Spirit, the reason why I brought you here is to ask about the Path of Heaven. Heaven's Equal and the others must have gotten a certain understanding about it before going there."

    The Realm of Kunxu had no records of those things. Only this Artifact Spirit which had existed since the ancient times knew a bit about it.

    The Artifact Spirit went silent for a while and finally said, "I don't really know much about the other side of the universe, but I know that the planet at the end of the Path of Heaven is called ‘Planet Tianhuang.'"

    "Planet Tianhuang?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    "Right." The Artifact Spirit nodded.

    According to the Artifact Spirit, Earth was a thriving cultivation planet in the ancient times and the Deities of the East were the most powerful among all, which was why the planet was also called "Planet East."

    There were a few other planets other than Earth, and the Monsters, the Mermen and the Gold Clan came from them, but the most powerful one was Planet Tianhuang.

    Planet Tianhuang was extremely historical.

    It had been there since the beginning of the era.

    There were mostly human cultivators on the planet, and there were many powerful beings and sects. It was on top of the other planets. Compared to Planet Tianhuang, the cultivators on Earth and the Mayans were nothing. Some said that even the cultivation arts on Earth were from Planet Tianhuang.

    "We used to communicate with Planet Tianhuang in the past, so Heavenly Lord decided to go back there. He said he'd send someone to Earth soon, but it's been a few thousand years since then. I don't know if something happened to him."

    The Artifact Spirit looked worried.

    It had an androgynous look. Such a Dharma Treasure spirit had no gender at all, but Chen Fan felt like it was a bit more masculine with the energy of Yuntian Palace.

    "Looks like Planet Tianhuang is worthy of its name."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    In the universe, a race could only be a universe clan if they had Soul Formation Overlords. In the galaxy, only planets that had Soul Formation Cultivators could be called cultivation planets. Cultivators who entered the Soul Formation realm were regarded as powerful beings; they could travel across the universe and were the foundations of a sect, a realm and a race! Those who were not powerful beings were just like ants in the vast universe.

    So, it was something of a misnomer to refer to Earth as a cultivation planet. It was only a cultivation star.

    "This is what I was looking for. This is the real Realm of Cultivation!"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.