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Chapter 319 - The Strange Shroud!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 319: The Strange Shroud!

    As everyone watched in fear, Dai Wei took out five stacks of hell money from his black hiking backpack, which came up to approximately 20,000 yuan per stack.

    “Impossible, that’s impossible!” Dai Wei suddenly poured all of the money onto the floor. He had fear all over his face. “It was real cash yesterday. How did it turn into hell money?”

    Di Jing was shocked while Old Shen was secretly jarred too. He had never seen anything that strange although he had lived for so many years. He saw with his very own eyes that Dai Wei had brought real cash in last night. After all, a glance was all it took for one to differentiate cash from hell money.

    “Did any of you replace the cash into hell money when I was sleeping? Is this a prank?” A thought popped into Dai Wei’s head by instinct, and he lifted his head to look at Ye Chen. “It must’ve been you who did it!”

    “Do you mean I replaced the cash into hell money and put the shroud on you as a prank?” Ye Chen chuckled.

    “Yes, that’s right!” Dai Wei smirked. “Among us, I know Old Shen and Di Jing very well. It’s impossible for them to have done something like this. You’re the only outsider here. Who else could have done it but you?”

    He was sure of his speculation as he spoke to this point, “If that’s not the case, how would you have known that something was wrong with the money? You must be eyeing my 100,000 yuan.”

    Old Shen and Di Jing’s expressions changed after hearing that. They could not help but look at Ye Chen as they secretly thought that Dai Wei made sense!

    After all, Ye Chen had asked Dai Wei not to pick up the money when he was at the door. He might really have been eyeing the money.

    The five of them had been in the same room. Dai Wei’s money turned into hell money out of nowhere, and he was wearing a shroud. It was impossible for anybody to have done that instantly, so they could totally rule out the possibility that somebody else had come in.

    The reason was that the door was closed, and it was locked from the inside!

    Even the hotel owner could not unlock it!

    Di Jing had her guard up when she looked at Ye Chen now as she thought to this point. ‘Dai Wei is right. Ye Chen and his bodyguard are the only outsiders among us. They’re the biggest suspects!’

    “What? Are you quiet now because I’ve busted your trick?” The smirk on Dai Wei’s face grew when he noticed that Ye Chen said nothing. “Old Shen, I’ve said from the very beginning that we can’t trust this brat. As expected, he’s doing all these for the sake of the 100,000 yuan!”

    He walked to Ye Chen as he spoke, “Ye, I’m giving you a chance. Give me the money, or I’ll break your arms and toss you out!”

    He was peeking at Iron Tower, who was standing aside, with his side-eye when he spoke. To him, Ye Chen was tall but rather skinny. It was impossible for him to be a match for him, the retired soldier.

    The only threat would be Ye Chen’s bodyguard, Iron Tower. He was over 1.8 meters, which was similar to his height. However, Iron Tower was much more muscular than him.

    Ye Chen secretly frowned when Dai Wei suspected him and attempted to attack him.

    At that moment, Old Shen stopped Dai Wei immediately and said, “Xiaodai, don’t act by impulse. There might be some misunderstanding here.”

    Although all of the evidence pointed to Ye Chen, Old Shen still believed him.

    “A misunderstanding?” Dai Wei smiled instead of being angry, “Old Shen, nobody has even pranked me like this. Tell me, what kind of misunderstanding this is?”

    Old Shen sighed lightly. He could not help but turn his head to look at Ye Chen. “Mr. Ye, would you mind explaining yourself?”

    Di Jing could not help saying instantly, “Mr. Ye, now it’s not the time to be stubborn. You’re the biggest suspect among us, so it’s better that you explain yourself.”

    “Explain myself?” Ye Chen looked indifferent as usual while his voice was extremely calm with no emotions. “I didn’t do it, so why do I have to explain myself?”

    Di Jing’s expression froze. She secretly shook her head, feeling rather upset!

    ‘So, this is what I get for being nice!’ She knew Dai Wei very well. He had been a soldier before, and he fought really well. Seven to eight regular hunks were not his match, even Ye Chen and that bodyguard. Although there were two of them, they could not fight Dai Wei at all.

    As expected, Dai Wei was enraged. “Old Shen, scoot. Don’t stop me. I’ll teach this brat a good lesson today, and he’ll know how powerful I am by then. Don’t think I don’t dare to fight you just because you have a bodyguard.”

    “Fight me? You?” Ye Chen was in disdain.

    Dai Wei could no longer hold back when he heard that. He stretched his arm and pushed Old Shen away. At that moment, someone knocked on the door and everyone instantly fell quiet.

    “Who is it?” Dai Wei and Di Jing shouted almost at the same time.

    Day had yet to break. Apart from the power being out, Dai Wei was wearing a shroud. Anybody would have been terrified by the door knocking that came out of nowhere.

    Nobody responded, but the knocking still went on. It was even getting louder.

    Di Jing screamed and hid between Old Shen and Ye Chen while covering her mouth. Her pretty face turned pale.

    Dai Wei stared at the door with his eyes opened wide. He had completely forgotten about wanting to teach Ye Chen a lesson.

    Eventually, Old Shen took a deep breath and walked to the door. He opened it, and everyone looked in that direction immediately. A pale and old face greeted them.

    “Ahh!” Di Jing threw herself into Ye Chen’s embrace.

    A husky voice came, “Why aren’t you guys sleeping? What are you guys fighting about?” The person at the door shook the flashlight in her hand and could not stop complaining.

    Dai Wei pointed at her and looked as if he had just seen a ghost. “A-Aren’t you the old lady who was burning joss paper earlier?”

    When Old Shen and Di Jing looked again, they realized it was really the old lady from before. They almost pissed their pants from the scare.

    “A-are you human or a ghost?” Old Shen said in horror.

    The old lady was upset now. “What are you guys talking about? I’m alive. Of course, I’m human!” She scoffed as she spoke to this point, “The power went out in the middle of the night and I heard you guys fighting upstairs. I came up to check it out because I was concerned. I never would have thought you guys imagined I’m a ghost.”

    “B-but the hotel owner told us that you were d-dead five years ago!” Dai Wei said while stammering.

    “Hotel owner?” Stunned, the old lady said, “I’m the hotel owner. I’m the only one left after my husband, my son, and my granddaughter died. It was I who brought you guys in earlier. Are you guys delirious?”

    “That’s impossible!” Old Shen said while shaking his head immediately, “It was a man with a birthmark on his face who took us in.”

    “You guys must be talking about my son.” The old lady stared at them as if she was looking at some monsters. “It’s been three years since my son’s death. How could it have been possible that he checked you guys in?”

    Their scalp turned numb upon hearing that!