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Chapter 811 - I“m the King of Kunxu

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
811 I“m the King of Kunxu"Swish."

    Many ships flew across the sky.

    Many Deities stood on the ships and countless people looked up immediately.

    The Fire Spirit King stood at the bow and looked around. "This is the mortal world? It's as flourishing as the Realm of Kunxu, except for the lack of Spirit Qi."

    The sisters of the Qi family and Bai Suxian also widened their eyes.

    Lu Yanxue said, "Even though Kunxu has a lot of Earth Level Deities, the mortal world is more bustling. Morals might be small, but the energy they have together is earth-shattering."

    She was wearing a traditional palace outfit and the sleeves were fluttering in the breeze. She looked gorgeous as she stood in the middle of the others.

    The Heavenly Ocean King chuckled and said, "I hope we can meet Perfected Cultivator soon. He would be thrilled when he sees this gift."

    This Earth Level Deity was the King of the islands in the east. After the Seven Exalted Sects were exterminated, the Heavenly Ocean King immediately yielded to Chen Fan.

    The Deities around him also smiled.

    "He will," Lu Yanxue said calmly.

    She smiled and looked at the East confidently.

    The Deities of Kunxu had arrived.

    The legendary secret land was finally opened!

    The planet immediately went into chaos. A few Earth Level Deities could already conquer a superpower, let alone a hundred of them. After seeing the flying ships of Kunxu, all of the countries were even more alarmed.

    Li Wuchen called immediately, "General Chen, the Deities of the Realm of Kunxu are here. We are helpless against them. Please help."

    Li Wuchen remained speechless after that.

    China sent troops to stop the Deities from Kunxu, but they were annihilated. Not even the Navy dared to get close to the fleet.

    Mortals would never be able to resist a hundred Deities.

    "Don't worry," Chen Fan replied and hung up.

    Li Wuchen wondered what that meant. As he was about to call again, Ye Qincang suddenly sent him a message. Li Wuchen was relieved after hearing it and he ordered the Navy to retreat.

    The ships from Kunxu went across half of China and kept going forward slowly.

    They flew over many cities without being stopped by the Navy. Countless people looked up to see those spaceships; all of them were awed and terrified.

    The other countries became really anxious after seeing that China was not resisting. The North Qiong Sect received many calls, hoping Chen Fan would destroy the fleet. Otherwise, the Deities from Kunxu might eliminate all of mankind on Earth.

    But Chen Fan didn't pick up the calls.

    They became more and more anxious.

    "This is BBC. What you're looking at is the fleet from the Realm of Kunxu. Among all the secret lands, the Realm of Kunxu is the most powerful one, and it is said to have a hundred Deities. Today, the Realm of Kunxu is finally open… The Earth's armies simply cannot resist against a hundred Earth Level Deities at all. It is another big crisis following the Mayan fleet.

    "We can only hope Perfected Cultivator Chen will step up and save the world again.

    "But he doesn't seem to be doing anything this time…" the blonde host said seriously.

    The entire world was watching while on tenterhooks. Everyone was frightened as they looked at the fleet. Would there be another war after a few months of peace?

    "A hundred Earth Level Deities! That's more powerful than the rest of the secret lands put together. It's indeed the Realm of Kunxu."

    "Why isn't Perfected Cultivator Chen doing something? Is he injured?"

    "How can we stop those Deities without Perfected Cultivator Chen?"

    Many netizens were nervous.

    Unfortunately, Chen Fan had not made an appearance ever since he returned and normal people had no means to get in contact with him.

    The world could only wait.

    The fleet of Kunxu was getting closer and people saw that they were heading towards the North Qiong Sect in Jin City.

    "Are the Deities trying to find trouble with Perfected Cultivator Chen? I heard that Perfected Cultivator Chen went to Kunxu three years ago. Did he offend the Seven Exalted Sects?" someone wondered.

    Those who disliked Chen Fan were thrilled.

    If Chen Fan was hurt while the Deities of Kunxu came for revenge, they might be able to take down "Captain Chen!" Many senior officials of the superpowers even hoped that people would start to hate Chen Fan.


    Under everyone's attention.

    The fleet of Kunxu arrived before the North Qiong Mountain.

    At that moment, millions of people in Jin City looked up at the same time and saw the fleet that was covering the sky.

    "One, two, three… a hundred and seven."

    People turned pale as they counted the ships. The others were also terrified and some even cried. Each of the ships was a few hundred meters long, and was as large as an aircraft carrier.

    They covered half of the sky.

    Even though their ships were much smaller than the ones of the Mayan fleet, the pressure they gave people was the same.

    "Will Perfected Cultivator Chen be alright?" Tang Yifei said anxiously while she witnessed this from the mansion of the Tang family.

    "Perfected Cultivator even defeated the invincible Mayan fleet. This is nothing to him!" Tang Yuanqin said with a worried look.

    More people.

    Like the relatives of the Chen family, all the members of the Qiao family and the Fang family looked towards the North Qiong Sect.


    The wind blew.

    North Qiong Mountain was in silence and nobody came out, as if everyone inside was afraid of the Deities from Kunxu. Famous Earth Level Deities including Hua Yunfeng, Chen Huaian and Xie Yan, A'Xiu and Yukishiro Sa weren't there. Only a hundred ships stopped outside, which made people feel nervous.

    It felt as if a century had passed.


    The door finally opened.

    A young man came out with a smile. He was wearing a white outfit and his white long hair had turned black again. It was Chen Fan.

    He looked at the fleet in the sky.

    "What are you doing?"


    Something completely unexpected happened. All the people around the world were caught by surprise.

    An Earth Level Deity flew down from a ship and lowered his head respectfully.

    "Greetings, Perfected Cultivator."

    After that, other Earth Level Deities also came before Chen Fan and repeated the greeting.

    "Greetings, Perfected Cultivator."

    In the end, a woman stood in front of the Earth Level Deities and bowed.

    "Greetings, King of Kunxu. May your power last forever!"

    At that moment, the entire Earth went silent.

    Countless people were dumbfounded. This had gone further beyond everyone's imagination!