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Chapter 810 - Before Parting

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
810 Before Parting"Whoosh."

    The Kun Peng spread its wings and flew in the sky. People looked up and saw this Divine Beast covered in azure light.

    "Greetings, Perfected Cultivator Chen."

    East Mountain was packed with people. The Martial Artists and senior officials of half of China were there.

    The mountain had been renamed "North Qiong Mountain" and the country made it a private area of the North Qiong Sect, so nobody could enter without permission. At the same time, this place had also become a sacred ground for Martial Artists around the world.

    Thousands of people knelt at the same time and their voice was extremely loud.

    Chen Fan turned back into a young man in a black outfit. Chen Huaian, Wang Xiaoyun and Fang Qiong had already run forward and Chen Fan even saw Xu Rongfei.

    "Xiao Fan."



    Looking at the familiar faces, Chen Fan smiled and felt like it was worth it to fight so hard a few months back. "I'm back!"

    An Ya and the others cried.

    Chen Huaian nodded and said, "Good to have you back. You didn't disgrace the family."

    Many disciples of the North Qiong Sect looked over with respect. Chen Fan wasn't a mortal anymore in their eyes. He was God, a Deity, a Saint, who came to Earth to save people!

    After entering North Qiong Pavilion…

    The governments around the world and many consortiums sent their representatives to congratulate them. Countless luxury cars, helicopters and planes surrounded the mountain.

    The citizens of Jin City were also proud.

    "See, the North Qiong Sect and the Chen Family are from Jin City. Even the Prime Minister of England and the officials of Japan have to walk up there and wait for permission to enter. Which city in the world can compare with Jin City? New York and London are nothing."

    By then, the people in Jin City liked to talk about the North Qiong Sect non stop, and those who knew Chen Fan were worth a hundred times more than before.

    The Jin City Business School even became a famous university in the world because Chen Fan had studied there for a year.

    Their headmaster was thrilled about it.

    The Jin City University's Biology Department became a famous research center because Chen Fan developed the Vitality Serum there. Countless Nobel Prize winners hoped to be part of the team every year.

    People who knew Chen Fan, including Tang Yuanqin and Qiao Luoyin, also became heavy hitters in town.

    Countless people went to Jin City every day, hoping to join the North Qiong Sect to learn Perfected Cultivator Chen's invincible techniques. Parents even started to sign their kids up for Martial Arts, Inner Essence and Qi Refinement classes.

    The world was gradually changing because of Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan first met his family and friends after returning.

    Everyone immediately asked him about the battle in space. They could only watch it through space telescopes and the footage wasn't really clear most of the time.

    When Chen Fan told them the details, everyone gasped.

    "So, the Mayan fleet had a few hundred Connate Beings, five True Gods and a super power warrior?" Chen Huaian was shocked.

    Chen Huaian, Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan were the only Connate Cultivators of the sect. Even though Fang Qiong and A'Xiu were as strong as Connate Cultivators when they had Spirit Treasures, they might not be able to resist the attacks of a normal battleship from the Mayan fleet.

    Everyone knew how dangerous it was for Chen Fan during the battle and many of them looked at him anxiously.

    Chen Fan smiled and said, "Don't worry. I've already recovered. I took this time to interrogate Edlin and to refine my Dharma Treasure in the last five months."

    The power of the sun was concentrated on the vantage point of the moon, so Chen Fan had the Essence Magnet Divine Seal absorb some of it and made the Essence Magnet Divine Light more powerful.

    "That's Edlin, the God-killing Warrior?"

    A'Xiu widened her eyes.

    Kolin was later captured by Hua Yunfeng and locked in the North Qiong Pavilion. This was the last Mayan and the technology he had could help the Earth's technology advance three centuries or more. Everyone knew where Edlin was because of him.


    Chen Fan stretched out his hand.

    A blue light ball appeared on his palm. Everyone looked closely and saw a six-faceted crystal with a soul sleeping inside, which was Edlin.

    "That's an Overlord who can kill True Gods and he's now in someone's hand."

    Chen Huaian looked at Chen Fan. If this young man wasn't his grandson, he would also be afraid. He was talking respectfully to Chen Fan at the moment.

    "Will the second and third Mayan fleets come to Earth?" Fang Qiong frowned and asked.

    Chen Fan smiled and comforted her, "I don't think so. I know that the planet of the Mayans is far away from Earth. It takes a decade to travel with a spaceship and it's normal to have a delay of three decades or so. Together with the transmission time of the information, the next time the Mayan fleets come will be fifty years later and I'll already be a Nascent Soul Cultivator by then."

    Just like the difference between the Connate and the Golden Core Level, there was an enormous gap between the Golden Core and the Nascent Soul levels. If Chen Fan reached the Nascent Soul level, he would be able to destroy an entire fleet with a finger.

    "That would be great."

    Everyone was relieved.

    After that, Chen Fan spent time with his family and took a break, instead of meeting the leaders of different countries. Fang Qiong and him had been apart since they got married, so they wanted to be together every day once they reunited.

    On that day, Chen Fan was sitting on the couch, enjoying the sunlight. An Ya knelt next to him and fed him lychees. Chen Fan only had to open his mouth, just like a young master.

    A'Xiu came up and reported, "Master, the President of the United States is here to apologize to you. He's waiting outside."

    "The President of the United States?" Chen Fan raised his eyebrows. "Keep him waiting. No one can let him in without my permission."

    "Got it."

    A'Xiu nodded.

    Xu Rongfei, who was wearing a robe and reading taoist scriptures, chuckled and said, "President McCain is almost eighty years old and you want him to wait outside. What if he gets sick?"

    Xu Rongfei had been staying at the North Qiong Sect ever since Chen Fan returned. She was the goddaughter of Wang Xiaoyun and was close to Chen Fan, so nobody dared to send her away. On the contrary, A'Xiu and Yu Wenjin were even fans of this goddess.

    Chen Fan said, "The United States has done a lot of things to betray humanity with Kolin's power in the last three years. Although McCain didn't do that, he's responsible for it. We'll just let him wait for a few days!

    "But you! I'll punish you if you don't memorize the "Nine Transformations" in three days. Xiao Qiong and Sister An Ya have already reached the Divine Sea Level and you're still at the Foundation Establishment Level."

    Xu Rongfei blushed and lowered her head. "I started late. Besides, cultivation is boring. Why do I have to do it when I have your protection?"


    Chen Fan shook his head. "Let alone if I can protect you forever, a mortal can only live a hundred years and at most three centuries with elixirs. If you don't achieve the Connate or the Golden Core Level, you'll be long gone a thousand years later while I'll still be here. Do you really want this? Besides, you'd already become old after a century."

    Everyone was startled.

    Fang Qiong also stopped chuckling and pondered.

    It was difficult for these girls to think about matters that would take place thousands of years later, but Chen Fan had been through it. Besides, as he reached higher levels, he might need decades of seclusion each time to cultivate, so he had to think about everything thoroughly.

    "All right."

    Xu Rongfei swayed her fist expressionlessly. "Don't worry. I'll catch up with Sister An Ya and Sister Xiao Qiong."

    Fang Qiong seemed to understand what Chen Fan really meant and she looked worried. "Xiao Fan, are you leaving us?"

    Everyone was surprised.

    They looked over immediately.

    Chen Fan nodded and said, "Yes, I might leave the Earth soon. The Spirit Qi here isn't enough for me to continue my cultivation. I must find a real cultivation planet to reach the Golden Core level."

    The girls went silent.

    Tears welled up in the eyes of Xu Rongfei and A'Xiu, the youngest pair among them.

    "Are you taking the spaceship to the planet of the Mayans?" Fang Qiong wondered.

    "It's too far away, and the universe is full of danger. I wouldn't go there if I have a choice." Chen Fan shook his head.

    Even Golden Core Cultivators were like dust in the universe. Without a spaceship, they might not even be able to fly out of the solar system in a century, not to mention traveling through space. Only Soul Formation Cultivators could travel around freely.

    "Then, where are you going? The gate at the Blood Sea, the path of the Gold Clan or the one under Dragon Lake?" someone asked.

    There were a few paths to leave the planet.

    Every secret land represented a path for leaving the planet, but those destinations weren't the best choices for Chen Fan. The Kindred, the Dark Wolves, the Light Race or the Gold Clan were alien races and the Realm of Cultivation at the end of the Path of Heaven was more suitable for him to cultivate.

    "Don't worry. I'll think about it."

    Chen Fan said calmly, "I'll arrange everything before I leave so that the North Qiong Sect will have enough power to rule the planet. You won't have to worry even if some True Gods or Sky Immortals come later on."

    Everyone nodded.

    They immediately became intense. Even the lazy Xu Rongfei started to cultivate every day and treasured the remaining time with Chen Fan.

    Time passed very soon.

    Suddenly, news came saying that the Gate of Heaven in the Deity Burial Valley had reopened and the Deities returned to the mortal world.

    The time for Chen Fan to leave the Earth was getting closer.