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Chapter 317 - Someone Indeed Died in Room!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 317: Someone Indeed Died in Room!

    The old lady’s words stunned them.

    Dai Wei gulped by instinct. “What did you say? Your granddaughter died in this room?”

    “Yes, yes!” the old lady cried while wiping her tears, “My eldest granddaughter hung herself in this room. I heard that people who have taken their own life can’t reincarnate, so I thought I’d burn more for her to help her get a better connection down there.”

    Hung herself?

    Di Jing’s face turned pale upon hearing that. She went closer to Ye Chen without realizing it. She was rather scared as she looked at the room that was at the far end of the corridor.

    Dai Wei was secretly enraged when he saw what she did. He kicked the iron basin on the floor and condemned, “Get out! Get out right out. I’ll beat you up if you don’t!”

    Perhaps because the old lady was scared, she cleaned the ashes on the floor and left trembling after picking the iron basin up.

    “God damn it! I can’t believe we encountered this at a hotel. This is such bad luck!” Dao Wei grumbled.

    Di Jing hesitated and could not help but plead, “Dai Wei, let’s not stay here. We’ll sleep in the car.” Although she had a high level of education, she was a girl after all. This was what a girl was most afraid of.

    Moved by her fear, Dai Wei kind of agreed to what she said. However, he looked at Ye Chen who was standing behind Di Jing by instinct. Noticing that Ye Chen was pretending to be calm, he said in determination, “Don’t worry. I’ve never been afraid of that.”

    “Old Shen…” Di Jing looked at Old Shen instantly.

    Old Shen thought to himself for a moment and said while smiling, “Xiaodai is right. This is nothing. The old lady was just burning joss paper. Moreover, the temperature out there is rather low at night. We might catch a cold if we sleep in the car.”

    As the leader of the expedition team, he was responsible for everyone’s safety in the team. Besides that, he had seen many mysterious things since he was old, so he would not be scared by what happened earlier.

    Seeing that Old Shen was determined, Di Jing could only nod unwillingly. Subsequently, she stretched her arm out and pushed the door open before entering the room on the far left.

    The three rooms were connected, and the room numbers were 443, 444, and 445. Meanwhile, Di Jing entered room No. 443.

    Old Shen looked at Ye Chen and said, “Mr. Ye, which room do we sleep in?”

    “It doesn’t matter.” Ye Chen shrugged.

    Dai Wei was secretly elated as he pointed at room No. 444 where the old lady said her granddaughter had hung herself in. “Since it doesn’t matter to you, you’ll sleep in this room.”

    Ye Chen said while looking at him amusedly, “Didn’t you say that you weren’t scared?”

    “Who told you that I’m scared?!” Dai Wei was secretly guilty as Ye Chen stared. He said calmly, “The damned old lady just upset me.” He felt rather uneasy saying that. He thought that Ye Chen was unwilling to sleep in the room, but he never thought that Ye Chen would have nodded. “Sure!”

    Ye Chen entered room No. 444 with Iron Tower in his trail. Dao Wei was stunned at the moment, and he failed to react.

    “Xiaodai, look at Mr. Ye. He doesn’t believe in all those mumbo-jumbo.” Old Shen sighed softly and entered the room.

    Dai Wei’s face was pale. Eventually, he scoffed and entered room No. 445 on the right with a window.


    Room No. 444 was less than 50 square meters wide. Although the decoration was simple, it was complete with all amenities. However, there was only one bed.

    “It doesn’t look like someone hung herself in this room.” Old Shen chuckled and then said, “Mr. Ye, you guys will sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor. I’m old and I can’t get used to sleeping on a mattress.”

    “Old Shen, you’re the senior. It doesn’t make sense for the senior to sleep on the floor. You’ll sleep on the bed. Let me and my bodyguard sleep on the floor.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. Before Old Shen could reject him, he walked to the wardrobe and grabbed a quilt. He placed it on the floor and lay on it.

    Meanwhile, Iron Tower stood still at the door.

    Old Shen felt warmed by his actions. He looked at Iron Tower by instinct, feeling rather doubtful. “Doesn’t your bodyguard sleep? Also, I’ve not heard him speak throughout the journey.”

    “He’s a bodyguard. His job is to protect my safety around the clock. He doesn’t need sleep,” Ye Chen chuckled softly and said, “Also, he’s quiet. Just get used to it, Old Shen.”

    Old Shen did not think too much about it. Just when he removed his jacket and was going to go to bed, someone knocked on the door.

    “Who is it?” Old Shen had his guard up.

    A smiley voice came from outside, “It’s me, the hotel owner. I’ve brought you guys food.”

    Old Shen walked over to open the door. As expected, he saw the man with the birthmark standing at the door. He held a plate with five bowls of rice on it. There was twice-cooked pork in hot pepper on the rice.

    The owner said out of kindness, “Hi, I know that you guys rushed here from somewhere else and didn’t eat along the way. I happen to have leftover food at home, so I thought of giving it to you guys. It’s free of charge.”

    At that moment, Dai Wei and Di Jing walked out after hearing the commotion. Dao Wei complained to the owner, “Boss, what are you thinking? You’re running a business here. How could you let someone burn joss paper at our door?”

    “No, when did I allow anyone to burn joss paper at your door?” The owner looked confused.

    Seeing that he refused to admit that, Dai Wei pointed at room No. 444 and scoffed, “Your mother was burning joss paper at the entrance of this room when we came up. She said it’s for your daughter. He even said that your daughter hung herself in this room.”

    “That’s right, boss. You’re so dishonest not to have told us that someone died in this room.” Di Jing looked horrified. If she had known that, she would not have checked in no matter what.

    The hotel owner said questioningly “My mom died five years ago, and my daughter didn’t hang herself. She died of a car crash. Did you guys make a mistake?”

    They were shocked to hear that.

    Di Jing said as her face turned pale, “Then, who was the old lady who was burning joss paper earlier?”

    “What old lady?!” The hotel owner shook his head and said angrily, “There’s only one exit on the second floor, and I’ve been guarding the first floor. I didn’t see anyone else apart from you guys go in and out. You guys must be delirious to have seen that old lady.”

    Now, even the calmest Old Shen could no longer stay still. He said, “It’s impossible for us all to have been delirious. All of us saw her.”

    “Then, someone must’ve sneaked in when I wasn’t looking.”

    The hotel owner said, “To be honest, someone did indeed die in room No. 444, but it happened last month. There was a couple who was in conflict, and the girl hung herself after the fight. The girl’s family comes over to stir things up every day. We’ve lost a lot of money because of that.”