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Chapter 809 - Ruled the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     809 Ruled the WorldThe battle in outer space finally ended and it caused a great furor all over the Earth. People and Martial Artists of the East and the West were celebrating.

    Countless netizens posted comments on the Internet to express how excited they were.

    But the secret lands and the superpowers were terrified.

    The power Chen Fan showed was beyond everyone's imagination! He even destroyed the Mayan fleet. Who else would dare to offend him?

    "The Titan lost? Lord Edlin is dead?"

    Kolin seemed to have lost his soul.

    The God-killing Warrior and the Titan were the most powerful forces the Mayans had, but they were both killed by Chen Fan.

    "It's impossible. Even the strongest True God can't do that!" Kolin couldn't believe it, but he could only give a wry smile.

    He thought he could set Chen Fan up.

    But his plan didn't work at all in front of Chen Fan's absolute power.

    "How did humans make such a monster like Chen Beixuan? What should we do?" Kolin heaved a sigh.

    Not only him, all of Chen Fan's enemies were trembling.

    After this battle, Chen Fan had become invincible; nobody would dare to be his enemy anymore! The North Qiong Sect also became the top sect in the world; many tycoons and officials went to congratulate them.

    At the same time, Chen Fan left the moon with the remains of the Titan and Edlin's soul.


    Once he was out of the satellites' range…

    The Kun Peng shrank to a thousand meters, but its eyes and the aura around it became brighter. Its body was extremely hard as if it were made of iron.

    The previous ten thousand-meter Kun Peng gave people a sense of fantasy. At the moment, it had become realistic.

    "This is your true power!" Edlin yelled regretfully.

    He might have won if he had lasted longer, but Chen Fan destroyed the Titan at the last moment. Since his body had been pulverized and his soul was in Chen Fan's hands, he couldn't go anywhere else.

    "I can kill you even now," Chen Fan said calmly.

    This battle was pretty hard for him. He almost used all of his trump cards.

    The Mayan fleet was too powerful. They had a hundred battleships, five castles and the Titan. Chen Fan might not be able to win even with his Core Formation Level, Divine Body and the many Divine Powers and secret arts, which was why he had to burn his "Golden Core" in the end. He used secret arts to boost its power several times.

    But it made Chen Fan suffer a huge loss.

    He had used up Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao's Golden Core energy; it couldn't be used anymore.

    His phenomenal-success Divine Body was also full of injuries; it would need a few months to heal. Even his Essence Core was a bit unstable.

    "It was worth it though. I eliminated the Mayan fleet and the threat to Earth! Their planet is quite far away from Earth. If they want to come again, it'll take at least decades, so I can rest assured as I leave for the Path of Heaven!" Chen Fan thought as he looked at Edlin and the remains of the Titan.

    Both of them were useful to him.

    After some research, the remains could serve to propel Earth's technology forward.

    Edlin also had a strong Soul Core. If Chen Fan could turn Edlin into a Treasure Pill, it would be a thousand times more powerful than the "Soul Forming Pills" and he would be able to enhance his Immortal Will to the Golden Core Level. Even if he didn't do so, the "Soul Core" was already a superior-grade Spirit Treasure.

    "But before that, you need to tell me everything. Why did the world change? Why did you suddenly come here? What's the treasure hidden inside the Earth's core?" Chen Fan said coldly.

    "I will never tell you!"

    Edlin sneered.

    He was like a ball of blue electric light and his Soul Energy had turned into mist. Deep inside was a six-faceted crystal that was hard like a diamond, which was the Soul Core.

    Once Soul Cultivators like Edlin formed a Soul Core, they could travel across the universe with their Divine Soul, even if their body was destroyed. His Soul Core was as hard as a Golden Core, and it was impossible to search the soul of such a Soul Energy Master.


    Chen Fan snickered and a glint of golden light appeared in his eyes. Looking closely, it was a golden dagger.

    The Blade Of Divine Essence could destroy all souls.

    It could go deep inside a Divine Soul and rip it off. Edlin was anxious and terrified.

    "That is the God-slaying Art, and only our supreme leader knows it. It's a Divine Art passed down for generations. Where did you learn this? Who are you, Chen Beixuan?"

    "Ask in Hell."

    Chen Fan ignored him.

    In the next few months…

    Chen Fan found a hidden crater, which had the shape of a funnel and was the place where the energy of the moon gathered. He could also get the power of stars there, so it was a suitable location for him to cultivate.

    He collected the power of the sun and the energy of the planets to heal his injuries, while he interrogated Edlin at the same time.

    After all, Edlin was a Soul Energy Master and an Overlord of the alien race. He was stubborn and would rather die than yield. He hid his entire soul inside the Soul Core.

    But how sharp was the Blade Of Divine Essence?

    This secret art could leave a crack on the Soul Core and tear it apart bit by bit each day. Three months later, it finally broke.

    Edlin's soul wanted to self-explode, but Chen Fan immediately stopped it with the Soul Restricting Art.

    "Strange. He didn't know it was also an order from the elders?"

    When Chen Fan used the Soul Searching Art to look at Edlin's memories, he found that Edlin didn't know the elders had ordered the first fleet to head to Earth, as their supreme leader received an oracle, saying that the treasure was about to come out.

    "There's an Entity among the Mayans? How powerful is it? Nascent Soul or Soul Formation?"

    Unfortunately, there wasn't much information about the Entity in Edlin's memories. The supreme leader could hear messages voiced by the Entity and leaving Earth was the Entity's decision.

    The Mayans had done a lot of research on the treasure at the Earth's core.

    The elders guessed that it had to be a super weapon. Once they got it, they would be able to kill Heavenly Lords and Gods of alien races. Whoever had it would dominate the universe!

    "However, Edlin isn't the most superior member of the Mayans, so he doesn't know much. Well, at least this Soul Core is comparable to a Golden Core."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Then, he kept cultivating.

    If someone went to the back of the moon, they would see a thousand-meter Kun Peng standing in the crater, absorbing energy from the universe. The True Fire of the sun and the power of the planets were being swallowed by Chen Fan.

    Once cultivators reached the Golden Core Level, they could get rid of Essence Qi and absorb the power of the planets, but Chen Fan was so powerful that he could even suck in rocks when he used the Swallowing Divine Power.

    In the fifth month.

    He was completely recovered and his Essence Core also became more powerful.

    Inside the sea of energy, there was an azure Essence Core as large as a pigeon egg spinning. Every time it spun, it absorbed endless energy and it was growing all the time.

    When it grew to the maximum level, Chen Fan's Golden Core would be formed.

    "Now, it's time for me to think about what level of Golden Core I should form."

    The difference between a superior-grade and inferior-grade Golden Core was like that between a Maserati and a tractor, let alone a divine-grade or a sacred-grade Golden Core. Someone used the Golden Core to make a peerless Heavenly Sword that could defeat a Nascent Soul Cultivator, some made the Golden Core into a fetus of Apollo to burn everything, while others even raised a True Dragon in their dantian.

    "The nine grades of the Golden Core are only the beginning. What the Saints of the large sects have is a super-grade Golden Core! Without it, I wouldn't be able to fight against them. I only cultivated a superior grade core in my previous life. I must not make the same mistake again."

    Chen Fan looked into the far distance.

    But this wasn't urgent. The resources on Earth weren't enough for him to form a superior-grade Golden Core, so Chen Fan had to place all his hope in the Realm of Cultivation.

    "I'm completely healed. Let's go back to Earth."

    Chen Fan got up and turned into the Kun Peng again, flying towards Earth with the remains of the Titan.

    Five months.

    It was like the blink of an eye for Chen Fan, but a totally new era for billions of people on Earth.

    Humans had never been so united before. All the countries around the world worked together to establish a world government to end all the quarrels and resist the beasts together. The North Qiong Sect and the young man behind them were the ones who led people to do so.

    Someone once said, "No matter how long Chen Beixuan disappears, the entire Earth will still be at his feet as long as he exists. His enemies and opponents will never make any moves."

    The Mermen ran away, the Devil's Cave hid, the Mayans had been exterminated…

    Chen Fan ruled the world and even the superpowers had to respect him.

    Many people called him "Captain Chen" and "Lord Chen" on the Internet, meaning that he was the leader of the Earth! However, most of them liked to call him "Perfected Cultivator Chen!"


    When the Kun Peng Dharma Form appeared in the satellites' range again…

    This news was spread around in a flash; all the people on Earth knew about it. Their hero had reappeared. Everyone was looking forward to seeing him and those of the North Qiong Sect were thrilled.

    Chen Beixuan was back!