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Chapter 316 - The Old Lady that Burns Joss Paper!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 316: The Old Lady that Burns Joss Paper!

    Old Shen inhaled and said slowly while facing Ye Chen’s stare, “The 30th parallel north is a mysterious yet strange latitude. It’s a disaster area with tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions happening frequently.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point, then he proceeded, “What’s even stranger is that the Bermuda Triangle that’s known as the Devil’s Triangle, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Mount Everest, the Earth’s highest mountain above sea level, the Great Sphinx of Giza, the Yangtze, the Nile, and the Mississippi River are accurately situated on this latitude.”

    Di Jing could not help but interrupt, “I’ve seen an explanation from a myth-busting novel. It said that the aliens built the Great Pyramid of Giza while the latitude is the door that’s connected to another dimension, in which so many wonders are created.”

    “Don’t believe in everything from the novel, but you can’t deny all of the explanations,” Old Shen shook his head lightly and said, “No matter what, there are still many things that are waiting for us to explore and uncover. This is our mission as the geographical expedition team, but I guess we won’t be able to see that in this life.”

    “Old Shen, have you ever thought you’d realize one day that the world that you’re in is actually really small?” Ye Chen suddenly said, “For example, humans can develop more talents and move mountains and seas, as well as being immortal.”

    “That’s just too much.” Dai Wei smirked. “If humans could really move mountains and seas, wouldn’t the world with billions of people turn upside down? Moreover, if everyone lives forever, can the Earth even take it?”

    “Old Shen is discussing the truth with you, yet you’re dragging this nonsense in.” Di Jing shook her head.

    Ye Chen smiled calmly, not bothering to explain himself.

    Old Shen, on the other hand, said while seeming to be in deep thought, “What you said is possible too, but it’s just too far-fetched, Mr. Ye. I heard about the Kunlun rumors in the past. It said that Kunlun is the Queen Mother of the West’s bedroom. Many mysterious incidents have happened in recent years such as someone witnessing a man filled with fire flying out of the jungle. Also, a Tibetan antelope defeated a lion, a monkey gave birth to a baby boy who speaks…”

    “Old Shen, you’re getting silly like someone else,” Dai Wei said while hinting at someone else, “The Kunlun rumors are just rumors. The reason why there are so many rumors is purely caused by the locals’ foolishness as well as the media hyping it up. Nobody has ever proved that those happened.”

    “Perhaps I’m really silly!” Old Shen laughed out loud and stopped dwelling on the topic.

    Ye Chen’s expression changed slightly. His interest in Kunlun was now piqued. When he had returned to Earth back then, he landed on the ancient altar on Mount Tai. In other words, it was the ancient altar that had led him to this world.

    Mount Tai was named the Five Great Mountains of China. Throughout the thousands of years, there were just too many rumors. Confucius claimed that the world looked small from the top of Mount Tai. Secondly, emperors from the past dynasties and generations always wished to have sacrificial rituals on Mount Tai. The three emperors and five sovereigns had such a wish too.

    Naturally, the ancient altar had been passed down since ancient times.

    Since Mount Tai was mysterious, Kunlun which was named the No. 1 mountain in China would naturally be no less mysterious.

    The sky was turning dark as he was thinking to himself. They drove into a small town.

    Dai Wei pulled over and turned his head to say, “Old Shen, it’s dark now and we’re running out of gas. Should we stay a night and proceed with our journey tomorrow?”

    “But is there even any hotel here?” Di Jing raised her sharp brows and looked around. It was a small town, after all, so she did not feel safe.

    Dai Wei smiled in confidence after sensing his concern. “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. If something really were to happen, I’m here, aren’t I?” He glanced at Ye Chen and Iron Tower wryly as he spoke to this point. He said in a sarcastic manner, “Moreover, we have Mr. Ye and his bodyguard with us.”

    “Alright, Xiaodai. You’ve been driving for a few hours. Let’s just rest for the night.” Old Shen nodded and eventually decided.

    Later on, they went to a couple of hotels and found out that all of them were fully booked. In the end, they found a small hotel close to the suburbs.

    There seemed to be a wake going on at the entrance. There was a black and white picture hanging on the first floor. It was a pretty lady in the picture, and she did not look a day over 30 when she passed away.

    The hotel owner was a middle-aged man with yellow teeth and a birthmark on his face. After Dai Wei told him about their situation, the man looked at them and hesitated before speaking, “You guys can stay, but we’re only left with three guest rooms.”

    Di Jing’s expression changed as soon as she heard that. There were a total of five of them, and there was a single lady like her among them. How could they stay in three rooms?

    The owner left them alone to consider, and he walked away after saying that.

    “It’s simple!” Dai Wei smiled “I’ll stay in a room. Di Jing and Old Shen will take one room each. Meanwhile, Brother Ye and your bodyguard will sleep in my car if you don’t mind.”

    Di Jing also thought it was a great suggestion, but she thought it was mean though she said nothing at the moment.

    Ye Chen took a good look at the hotel. Just when he was going to speak, Old Shen said, “What about this? Xiaodai and Xiaodi will stay in a room each while I’ll squeeze in a room with Mr. Ye and his bodyguard. I’ll just sleep on the floor.”

    Since Old Shen said that, Dai Wei was in agreement with that. Just when he was going to speak, Ye Chen suddenly said, “Are you guys sure you want to stay here? If you are willing to believe me, it’s best that we don’t. I’ll drive and we’ll proceed our way north.”

    “What do you mean by that?” Dai Wei thought he was complaining that the hotel was not good enough. He said with a grim expression, “Don’t you see that we’ve only found this place after searching through the entire town?”

    “Dai Wei, I think Mr. Ye is right. Why don’t we drive a little more? We’ll get to the county.” It was odd for Di Jing to be on Ye Chen’s side. She could not help but peer into the mourning hall when she was speaking. She looked rather terrible. “Moreover, they’re mourning in there…”

    “So, that’s what you’re afraid of?” Dai Wei scoffed, “Isn’t that just a dead person? What is there to be afraid of? When I was in the military, I saw so many dead people. It makes sense that Di Jing is scared since she’s a lady, but Mr. Ye, you’re a man. Aren’t you too timid to be scared of that?”

    Ye Chen frowned.

    “Alright, Mr. Ye, Xiaodi, we’ll just stay here for the night. We’ll depart in the morning.” Old Shen was decisive on staying.

    Later on, they found the owner and paid up. Then, they got the keys from the owner and went to the second floor after asking for some hot water.

    There were not many rooms on the second floor with approximately ten rooms. When they walked along the corridor, they noticed that there was an old lady squatting at the door of the room with a window at the end.

    The old lady had an iron basin before her. She could not stop tossing joss paper inside, making the entire corridor smoky.

    Dai Wei’s expression changed because their rooms happened to be the three rooms across the old lady. He rushed over immediately and screamed fiercely, “Who are you? Who allowed you to burn joss paper here?”

    He alarmed the old lady who fell onto the ground and said while stammering, “I-I’m burning joss paper for my eldest granddaughter. She died in this room.”